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Great if you understand the expectations

Amazon Verified Purchaser biochemken January 16, 2012
As a triathlete, I go between swimming, cycling, running, and strength training in various degrees throughout the season. I use Sport Legs for every cycling and strength training workout. The product does exactly what it claims to, but understand what that is.
Sport Legs will:
  • help to buffer the buildup of lactic acid so you can go do more reps on the weights or climb stronger on the bike
  • help flush the lactic acid buildup after a strong effort so that you can get back to your normal cadence and power output faster after climbing (or a hard interval) or help you recover more quickly between sets in the gym.
  • Sport Legs will not:
  • completely eliminate lactic acid burn, but you will have a higher threshold and recover quickly after the effort
  • turn you into Craig Alexander or Lance Armstrong. During sprint triathlons, I picked up roughly 0.5 mph on my average due to the ability to hold the effort longer. During long training rides (50 - 75 miles) I picked up a similar amount, but where I found the most benefit is on hilly rides where I picked up close to 1 mph thanks to the ability to recover faster after climbing.
Bottom line is to understand what the product is designed to do, and it does it well. Especially when you are training 5 - 7 days a week, flushing the lactic acid out of your muscles quickly will help you recover faster so your next workout is a quality one.




First time EVER without cramps

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jessica Simpson July 5, 2018
Bought this to use with BASE electrolyte salts, and for the first time ever, I've raced 2 Obstacle Course Races without a single cramp! That is unheard of for me, so I know it's these products. Since I used them together, it's hard to say which did the magic exactly, but no cramping was a miracle for me, so I'll continue to buy both!

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer June 23, 2018
Love them as a triathlete. Thank you.

During an Olympic Length Triathlon was very happy with how I felt

Amazon Verified Purchaser Brad G March 22, 2018
I used this both prior to and during an Olympic Length Triathlon and was very happy with how I felt, my legs never burned or got heavy even in the last miles of the run.

Still working like it did 8 years ago!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Hassan S. Peterson May 13, 2018
The first time I tried SportLegs, it was the first time I was able to successfully transition from the bike to the run in a triathlon and feel strong. I will never forget it! I wasn’t sure if it was in my head but I kept using it with awesome results! I started training for triathlons again (7 years since my last Ironman) and was having a difficult time recovering. I didn’t really have soreness in my legs but a burning fatigue sensation. I decided to try SportLegs again. I was honestly happy to see it was still around! Maybe it wasn’t placebo I thought...I am so amazed! I seriously doubt now it is placebo. I have increased mileage on my bike days without the lingering “lactic burn” feeling on the days following. This has help me feel stronger on my run days which usually follow my bike days...I am so excited about this product! Not sure if it helps while running but I also take it on my run days. Also wanted to add I’ve used this product for three Ironmans and multiple half Ironmans without any issue. See you at the finish line! Ironman Florida, Ironman Cozumel x2

Olympic Length Triathlon; very happy with how I felt

Amazon Verified Purchaser Brad G March 22, 2018
I used this both prior to and during an Olympic Length Triathlon and was very happy with how I felt, my legs never burned or got heavy even in the last miles of the run.

Works as advertised!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Chris November 1, 2017
I’m not a big supplement user but took the advice of an older friend who is in awesome shape for his age. Glad I took the advice because this stuff allows me to bounce back after some brutal training sessions. I’ve used it for CrossFit, rucking, and long mountain bike rides all with great results.

As a crossfitter I love this product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser robert fitzpatrick March 17, 2017
Once I started taking this I noticed I was able to go and push out a few more reps during a CrossFit workout. I will be buying this again!

They're amazing.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Find Jason Edmond June 9, 2017
Husband discovered these when he received a sample at a cycling race, and we both use these prior to workouts now. They're amazing. I jog and husband is training for a triathlon, and we can't imagine living without these anymore.

Great stuff to have for endurance athletes

Amazon Verified Purchaser Derek March 7, 2017
After a couple of hours of effort, my leg muscles will begin to cramp. For me, this is by far the easiest and quickest way to stave off cramping muscles when taken at regular intervals during intense exercise. I've tried other supplements and drinks that are supposed to put back the electrolytes you lost during exercise and SportLegs has given me the best results.
Dosage should be in proportion to your weight.I only weigh 125 lbs so 3 pills at 30 - 45 minute intervals works for me. YMMV.

Highly recommend!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michele Gula December 20, 2016
I can't say enough good things about this product. I initially received them in a sample pack when I ordered triathlon suits for my daughters. My daughter actually took them after the tri and then headed to a week of volleyball camp. Needless to say...No soreness!!
I then tried them before my first half marathon and both my cousin and I took them & out other friend did not...our friend was sore???? So worth it & recommend for pre and post workouts. Even use them for tennis.

These seem to help stop dead legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Stephanie M. July 26, 2016
These seem to help. You take 1 capsule per 50 lbs approx before exercise and every 2 hrs and after for recovery. I only take them before and during marathons, bicycle rally stops and triathlons. they seem to help with all of the above.

This has helped immensely for my IM training

Amazon Verified Purchaser Cassandra E. Giese May 18, 2016
This has helped immensely for my IM training to keep my legs fresh and ready for each hard workout that continues to push me!

Awesome supplement. Helps block lactic acid build up

Amazon Verified Purchaser Scott P. May 13, 2016
Awesome supplement. Helps block lactic acid build up. Great for hard CrossFit Metcons, hard body weight grinder workouts, sprint intervals and even long runs/rucks.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser The White Puma February 24, 2016
If you're a runner, tri guy/gal or a cyclist you need this in your life.

Skeptical but Very impressed

Amazon Verified Purchaser RC January 22, 2016
I originally was skeptical of taking this product. However, after training at crossfit 5-6 days a week, this product has fed my legs with just the right mix to ensure a strong performance day in and out. Great product.

Great product.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer December 1, 2015
These helped me get through a full Ironman, including training. Great product.

Sport Legs Do Help!!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Karen Sissons August 17, 2015
We use this product before every run, event, Triathlon we do and we are definitely less sore because of them. Love the product.

This is a great product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer July 26, 2015
This got my through my first Olympic triathlon!

Great product for triathletes

Amazon Verified Purchaser Busy Gal! October 13, 2014
My husband loves this. He is the triathlete. It does help his legs.


Amazon Verified Purchaser soccer mom May 10, 2014
Really helped my legs recover after a long bike and or long run. Would recommend to endurance athletes or triathletes.

lactate endurance pills

Amazon Verified Purchaser Wayne April 16, 2014
I’ve used Sportlegs on long training rides and an Olympic as well as 70.3 distance races and have been happy with results. If nothing else it definitely aids with the recovery after. I noticed a significant amount of reduction in the amount of fatigue and soreness following the races.