“Three times on the podium as the fastest Masters Time Trialist in the world. Thank you. I could not have done it without SportLegs.” -Mike Olheiser, Huntsville, Alabama
UCI World Champion, Masters Time Trial 2006, 2007, 2009.
US National Champion, Masters Time Trial 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2017, 2018

Why do muscles hurt during exercise?

Why does exercise pain get worse with age?

Lactic acid muscle "burn" is now optional.

Muscles make their own lactate fuel to perform until your lungs can catch up. But they can make too much, decaying into lactic acid and hurting performance. Set yourself up for success with SportLegs. SportLegs' lactate compounds raise blood lactate early, signaling muscles to back off and make only as much lactate as muscles actually need to perform better without lactic acid. 

Bicycling magazine writes, "SportLegs is a clever way to raise your lactate threshold and boost performance. It really works. You just don't get sore."

Take SportLegs before exercise. Help prevent lactic acid. Outperform your age.™

Extreme skiing legend Glen Plake
Extreme skiing star Scot Schmidt
Olympian, 6-time National mogul champion Nelson Carmichael
Lanny and Tracy Barnes, US Olympic biathletes 2006-2014.

Americans love a winner. Tour de Georgia podium 2008.

"I have used SportLegs before every race for the past 5 years, advancing from mountain biking to the Tour de France. There is no question SportLegs has helped me ride faster, something legal and healthy that works surprisingly well. – Trent Lowe, Garmin Slipstream pro cycling team"


5 stars  No brainer!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser William Corbett May 13, 2014

Sportlegs do exactly what they say. They'll take the sting out of the work it takes to build your legs.

5 stars  Miracle PILLS- LOVE IT

Amazon Verified Purchaser Mrs. March 26, 2016

A MIRACLE pill! I wish I would have known about it LONG ago! Exercise is not miserable anymore!!!

5 stars  Pushes you through

Amazon Verified Purchaser Laura Operhall June 22, 2014

You push harder & faster than ever before AND you're not sore . . . I'm a believer! There is NO lactic acid build up which means no after soreness & lets you push, push, push.

5 stars  These Really do Work

jensonusa.com customer November 22, 2017

I read in Bicycling Magazine that many of their staff use SportLegs as a "secret weapon." My first Functional Threshold Power test using these produced my highest wattage numbers ever.

5 stars  Awesome product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Angel M. Gutierrez August 13, 2015

I am hitting new PR's with each session. I recommend this product to anyone wanting to up the ante in their personal fitness.

5 stars  Definitely recommend these. Been using them for years.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Janice July 3, 2014

Even in my late 50s I can ride up and down mountains like someone much younger. If you demand a lot out of your body, these are must-haves.

5 stars  Amazing product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Daniel M. Katlein March 3, 2013

Sportlegs is like the "fountain of youth" for legs.

5 stars  Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Doug Straub March 4, 2016

Sportlegs makes your legs feel 20 years younger.

What makes SportLegs different?

  • Unlike most vitamins, SportLegs makes a noticeable difference you can feel.
  • FDA “Generally Recognized As Safe” healthy European natural-source ingredients.
  • Works within half an hour. No weeks-long “loading phase” before you feel results.
  • It’s patented. SportLegs works differently from anything else on the market.
  • Fully legal for Olympic, WADA, USADA and NCAA competition.
  • Inexpensive. Take only before and during exercise. No need to take every day.


Read how SportLegs works for your sport.

(Think your workout is tough? Check out the Military reviews.)

SportLegs bottles will be available in early March.

We apologize for running out. International customers have discovered SportLegs, and they bought all we had for ski season. In the meantime, 5-capsule single-dose packets are available on this site for $2.49 each.

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