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As a Pro team coach, it's my job to know which sport supplements really work. SportLegs is the first sport supplement I've personally tested that does exactly what it promises." -Derin Stockton, Team Manager, Santa Cruz Bicycles/Intense Tire Systems NORBA race team, Temecula, California


VitaminShoppe customer LD, Sacramento April 6, 2014
60 year old cyclist. I have been using SportLegs for 5 years. Great results on long hard rides. On big climbs the difference is remarkable. Great for recovery. I only share this “secret” with my friends. It is worth a try for you.


Where's the burn? 

Amazon customer Byrtoplak50 March 11, 2016
I usually start to get lactate build up in my legs around 18 miles when I am riding my road bike. I took the recommended dosage based on my weight. I expected to start feeling the burn in my legs around the 18 mile mark but nothing. I continued to ride. At around 22 miles I expected anytime now would feel the burn. Nothing. I continued to ride expecting at any movement to start feeling the burn. 30 miles, no. 32, no. 35, just started to feel a little burn and at 37 miles I ended my ride with just a little burn from the build up. I will say the directions say at 2 hours of heavy exercise
to re-dose so for me I should have done that at around 25 or 30 miles. I think had I done that I would have ridden the entire time with no burn at all. I will be riding a 75 mile charity ride next week and will try to repost after that ride. Right now I give this product a great big two thumbs up. It is an excellent product.

Super awesome product

Performance Bicycle Verified Buyer Alien Josh, Downieville, CA June, 2018
I use this product prior to my bike rides. I was amazed to realize I had ridden 10 more miles than normal. No cramps. Way less fatigue. If you are not using SportLegs you are missing out on that extra mile. I find zero issues with this product.


These work, plain and simple

Amazon Verified Purchaser JDS March 28, 2018
Have been ramping up my bike training and these have really made a difference on my hard days. Longer to fatigue and less post-exercise discomfort. I am racing a 100 mile MTB race in August and these will be part of my nutrition and supplement plan. These are no joke.

“SportLegs was my secret weapon.” Email 10/31/07

I wanted to let you know I won the Masters World Track Cycling Championship in the women 50-54 Pursuit in Sydney.  I am one very happy camper. SportLegs was my secret weapon.  Once again I used SportLegs one hour before my chance at the rainbow jersey. At first the lactate sting was palpable. SportLegs helped me hold on and not drop off one iota. The result is a World Championship. -Ann Marie Love, Fort Worth, Texas

This stuff FLAT OUT WORKS!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer February 6, 2017
This stuff FLAT OUT WORKS! I have tried many many vitamins, supplements, proteins etc.. If it claimed it would make you lose weight, gain muscle, go faster, go longer I probably tried it. And some of them probably - kinda worked to some degree or another but many did not.

I originally was looking for something that would reduce soreness after a work out. I am 53 years old and my recovery is not what it used to be. After a hard cycling ride I would be so sore the next day that it was effecting my riding. Often I'd have to take the day off and only riding every other day.
SportLegs has changed all that. Not only is the soreness greatly reduced. I can now ride harder for longer without the lactic burn we all are familiar with. My Functional Threshold Power has improved almost 20 percent almost immediately and my average speed on longer rides has increased significantly.

Be sure and follow the instruction exactly. Once I took the pills just a few minutes before a ride and it upset my stomach and the effects did not kick in until the end of the ride and did not seem as good.
Unlike many products you will know this product is working on your first ride and the soreness the next day will be greatly reduced.
If you are doing any endurance activity Sportlegs will help improve performance and recovery.


Must-have for cycling and hard workouts!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ellenoor May 24, 2016
Great product as recommended in an article in Bicycling magazine. I can really tell the difference in the fatigue factor. I'm impressed.

Reordered, so yeah they work for me

Amazon Verified Purchaser Glacier72 March 24, 2017
I was skeptical but the science seemed reasonable: Preload lactate so your muscles produce less. Whatever. I'm a believer. Finished first bottle and reordered. Going with loading dose on label: 1 cap per 50 lbs. body weight. These work so well for me that I hesitated about writing a review and there's no way I'm telling my riding buddies. (Pro tip: don't take for recovery rides or you risk going too hard.)

Best racing tool out there!

Amazon Verified Purchaser DS Maxon October 10, 2014
These are more clutch than Michael Jordan in the NBA finals. I don't race without these since I can avoid post race soreness the next day with taking just 4 of these ( I'm ~160 lbs). I was skeptical at first when a cyclist friend told me about these, but now I am a believer. I haven't noticed any side effects besides lack of soreness the next day after my triathlons and will continue using this product every chance I get. It's nice to wake up in the morning and feel like a million bucks ready for another training session the day after a race.

Heartily Endorse SportLegs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Manny Rosenkrantz August 5, 2015
I definitely feel the benefits of SportLegs. To test them, I rode a very hilly ride using them just a few days after doing the same ride. The difference was noticeable. The next week I did another difficult hill ride without them and then waited a few days to do the same ride. Again, there was a big difference. In addition to less of a burn up the hills, the usual soreness from these rides was not as bad the next day. I have to attribute the better rides to SportLegs- my conditioning couldn't have improved that much in just a few days.

Performs better than advertised

Amazon Verified Purchaser Christopher Bozzuto July 31, 2015
This product is one of the very few cycling supplements that actually works as advertised. It is really amazing how well it works. I am fully impressed with the price and effectiveness of Sport Legs.

After you've defeated cancer, you get really particular about what you put in your body.  You don't want to trigger a relapse.  SportLegs' simple, healthy ingredients make the cut.  And so does the performance.  I'd been trying to win a triathlon for four years.  This year, I added SportLegs to my training regimen.  And here I am on the way to my first victory in the Charleston Sprint Triathlon on July 10, 2005. -email from Charles Blackmon, 55, Kershaw, South Carolina


SportLegs delivers

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ra Brown October 14, 2015
SportLegs actually delivers on its promises. The stuff works. It allows me, a slow guy, to keep up with my friends on long (100 miles) rides. It's like the commercials for another product: I won't leave home without it.

Great help for long distance events!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Derwinator March 29, 2015
Very pleased so far with my use of Sportlegs. I have noticed a marked difference with my overall power and endurance during my rides. My latest ride I was up against plenty of elevation and strong winds and found that I could keep pushing on without feeling leg burn or fatigue. I came back and still felt strong as if I had ridden a much easier route with less miles. Keep in mind this product doesn't replace your training - you need to put in the miles to get in shape before you compete but it will help you feel stronger while you're doing it. Use EXACTLY as directed with regard to timing and dosage and you should see results. I'm sold!

Best supplement

Amazon Verified Purchaser Roman November 10, 2015
Best supplement you can take with you on long rides or training.
It's amazing how this product removes muscle fatigue, cramps and keeps you going for many miles. 
When I take it before ride I can increase number of miles ridden by a lot, I would say I can add at least any extra 10 miles to most of my rides. That product is very safe as well. Ingredients are nothing more than some essential minerals, but for some reason that product really does the wonders. I'm now convinced that this product is a must-use product for any avid and pro cyclists. It's safe, cheap and gives excellent results.


Very recommended for any kind of hard physical activity

Amazon Verified Purchaser Andy Top Contributor: Cycling April 9, 2016
No more sore legs after bicycling, nor crappy feeling after hard work journeys (I work in the Service Industry and commute/run errands on bicycle).
Follow the instructions to the letter- first dosage 1/2 hour before workout, then every 2 hours throughout the journey.
Dosage is 1 capsule for every 50 lbs of body weight; round it up. I.E., weigh between 186 and 191 lbs, take four capsules.
No noticeable side effects on digestive system or interference with my BP medication, even after several days taking the supplement. (In any case consult your physician and take precautions if you are on some medication!).
Being now 57, my natural recovery from intense physical activity is not what it used to be, so much that I considered changing my professional activity, and dreaded longer bikes rides. Not anymore since I take this supplement. It really works!
Highly recommended.

Great For High Intensity Training

Amazon Verified Purchaser John McNulty February 7, 2014
As a bicycle racer, I've been using Sport Legs for over 2 years now. For doing lactate threshold (FTP) workouts, sprint or VO2-max intervals, I make sure to take these an hour or so before the workout. They do work at both reducing the pain associated with the acid buildup in the legs and also with the between interval recovery so that I can usually get in my next interval at about the same average power each time. Before using Sport Legs, I would have real difficulty even finishing my third VO2 max interval before my legs would be toast. I do train with an SRM power meter, so I can see the interval to interval difference in my power and I can say that my power is much more consistent across each interval. In addition, I can put out maybe a little more power using these caps, but I think the greater benefit is that I can keep a given power level a little longer and with less pain.

“Are you sure this stuff is legal?”

Email from Chadd Biehler, Atlanta, Georgia June 24, 2011
Bought SportLegs for the first time yesterday, tried it for the first time today.  Are you sure this stuff is legal? 
I broke my best time on a short sprint hill that averages 11.2% grade the first time I used SportLegs.  I climbed that same hill two more times in the same ride and put up similar times.  My legs are usually on fire up that climb, this time they almost felt...numb.  It was a strange feeling to *not* feel my legs.  I usually push as hard as I can up that hill until my legs say "no more" then I sit back down and spin up the last segment.  Yesterday I was out of the saddle and maintained a perfect cadence up the hill each time.  A friend even commented on how good I looked.  He actually said "you handled that hill perfectly today." 
Still amazed later that night I couldn't help but feel somewhat guilty, as if I had some new kind of unfair advantage.  One point that I didn't see mentioned on your site (I may have just missed it as I only read about 2/3 of the testimonials) is how SportLegs can help with your training.  I noticed on my very first ride that I was pushing harder because my legs felt so fresh, that can really accelerate both fitness and strength.

It won't make you an Olympian, but it will make hills less burn-y, and aid recovery.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Dan Lapoint March 30, 2016
This stuff is great. Like others have said, it's not a miracle magic pill, but it does make a big difference with muscles burning on hard efforts, particularly recovery time. I find that I am climbing hills on trails more quickly and with less burning, and able to return to full speed more quickly once I'm at the top. I have also noticed that my legs are less sore the day after an intense ride where I have taken SportLegs.
Works as advertised, which seems rare for athletic supplements. Happy to find a product that lives up to its claims.

Got me through a 500 mile 7 day bike ride!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jerry Lou Salem July 16, 2017
OK - so I take part in a 500 mile bike ride over seven days. I've done it before and usually muddle through the soreness which starts about mid-week. This year was particularly bad, but my roommate (“Dr. Feelgood”) gives me a bunch of Sportlegs to take before, during and after our ride time. Oh man - I felt great. The debilitating soreness fled my legs. I was able to truly enjoy my last three days as opposed to just pushing through. Great for multi-day events or stuff you do for long periods of time. I'll try it for skiing definitely.

Fastest “Longest Day” team

Email from Barkley Pooch July 19, 2005
A friend recommended your product for me to use for an endurance cycling event called "The Longest Day Ride".  It's a cycling event from the northern tip to the southern tip of New Jersey - 208 miles all in a single day!
 I trained for this event as best I could however I was very concerned about my ability to complete this ride.  The most I've ever biked in a single day prior to this was 100 miles, and I can honestly say that I didn't feel like turning around and pedaling back when I finished. 
 Well, I'm proud to say that not only did I finish the ride but our team was the first to finish!
12 hours in the saddle over 14 hours - it certainly was the Longest Day in my life.
I took SportLegs as directed, before, during and after the ride and I can't believe how good my legs felt the whole day and especially the days after the ride.
 Now if you can only come up with something for a sore butt! -

First win

Email from Ron Mingrelli, Killington, VT October 17, 2003
I race competitive downhill in the Northeast. I was introduced to your product at the Snowshoe Nationals, my first Downhill race. I took three pills one hour before my run, then I smoked the competition by 20+ seconds and got my first win. I felt like I could ride forever, there was no burning usually associated with pedaling flat out. Taking Sportlegs is now my pre-run ritual.


 Love these SportLegs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser fuel98rider July 8, 2019
I got into the Leadville Lottery, and have been training religiously since January. I started getting fatigued after multiple hours and days of riding. I was given a sample to try at a local ride, and was amazed that I didn't suffer as much as normally. The next race, I took them again an hour before the race, and then at the two hour mark, and finished with my best time, and wasn't feeling fatigued. I have been using them on all my rides since them, and am not having issues with dead legs like I used to. I highly recommend these. It’s 30 days until Leadville now, and I feel good about using these to help me finish in under 12 hours.

 Miracle pills for leg cramps.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Anthony J. Host July 2, 2019
A must-have for RAGBRAI riders. (Des Moines Register Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa)

 My Favorite Supplement

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ricky Justice June 18, 2019
This product isn't a replacement for hard work and time on the bike but it does aid in a faster recovery time. My long ride days of 65+ miles are still hard but I'm taking those hills much easier and the run off the bike is smoother because that burn doesn't stay as long did which helps me push harder. Personally I think it's great. I wish the number of pills needed per body weight was fewer but it's worth it to me.

 They work

Amazon Verified Purchaser IMG May 18, 2019
Didn't believe it, but they work great. I was not sore after a 50 mile bike ride with 3k feet of climbing. Try them out.

  No more cramps.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Rich K April 30, 2019
I swear by SportLegs to prevent leg cramping. I am a road cyclist. On long summer rides before taking SportLegs no matter what supplements I took I would always get painful leg cramps sometime after the ride. I always hydrate well. Since using SportLegs I have not cramped once. If I feel a cramp coming on during a ride I take a couple more and won’t get a cramp. Take as directed.

  Saved my legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Blackmoon1 April 5, 2019
I have had a real problem with my legs burning or hurting over the last couple of years. I gave these a try. Took 3 about 30 minutes before going out. In most cases it will stop the burning completely. It’s going to depend how hard the ride is. I take 3 more about 30 minutes after the ride and no soreness or stiffness the next day. Made me a true believer.

  The Stuff Works

Amazon Verified Purchaser Harry Druck November 9, 2018
Don't know why it works but it does and I'm a skeptic at heart. Legs just last longer on rides than without.

  Decreases/eliminates cramping

Amazon Verified Purchaser bargain hunter November 6, 2018
I wanted to limit my intake of sugary electrolyte drinks on long bike rides, so the idea of taking capsules was appealing. I noticed the first couple of times that I tried it that I could bike the same hilly routes, and my legs would feel a little tired, but there was no cramping. It wasn't foolproof, there was still a time or two when I did feel some cramps, but not as severe. It didn't help me go any faster, but I definitely felt a lot better at the end!

  They Work!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jennifer Curwick September 20, 2018
I use these before, during, and after a long bike ride or triathlon. Keeps me from getting cramps and soreness!!


Amazon Verified Purchaser simply swinging August 20, 2018
Use for cycling. Really helps with eliminating cramps in calves also eliminates muscle burn due to lactic acid buildup. Allows you to push yourself a bit harder.

Lactic Acid Away

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer August 7, 2018
I ride long distances and without Sportlegs I really feel it in my quads at 50 miles. Sportlegs kept me going strong for 200+ miles for Seattle to Portland (STP).

Standard supplement. A must for active lifestyles.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Lloyd Abigania July 18, 2018
So far so good. No complaints.

 It Works

Amazon Verified Customer Amazon Customer July 7, 2018
Prevents cramping a must have on long rides, especially on a hot day.

Outstanding product.

Amazon Verified Purchaser L. Hankins July 4, 2018
I have used this for years. As a cyclist it makes a difference; especially on back to back long rides. My running friends use it as well.

Stops cramps

Amazon Verified Purchaser bob landry June 24, 2018
This really works my legs would cramp up every time after bike riding, no cramps what so ever.

Works for me!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer June 6, 2018
Might be anecdotal, but they appear to do what they say. Seem to aid in reducing lactic acid buildup. Particularly if you're doing a lot of climbing, but help on long rides as well. I haven't noticed any side effects either.

Must Have Cycling supplement

Amazon Verified Purchaser Elvis May 18, 2018
Works great to stave off the burn.

great stuff.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Leah R. April 15, 2018
Use it to snowboard and MTB, great stuff.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Thomas N. March 26, 2018
Awesome product for skiing or cycling.

I take a diuretic and I easily cramp. This product has really helped.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Birdman March 13, 2018
A guy at a bike shop told me about this product. I take a diuretic and I easily cramp. This product has really helped with the cramping.

Do Sports? Have Legs? customer Josh R February 22, 2018
I normally don't need these until riding season starts and I know the first few longer rides are going to be brutal. Recently I took these on a fully loaded self supported bikepacking trip on the Black Canyon Trial (AZ). I didn't ride very much up until the trip and knew there would be some painful climbs, I took these with and they worked great. I took a few of these per hour on some gnarly climbs and was able to turn those cranks with ease. I also emptied the capsules into a water-bottle to help dissolve into my body quickly (had little to no taste) mixed with some Skratch Labs. No cramps at all on the trip!

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Rubysoho January 28, 2018
The only thing that works on long rides.

Good Stuff that has shown improvement on Strava Segments

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kyle H. January 25, 2018
I’ve been using these a few weeks now. My normal riding buddies started asking what changed, because I’m riding much stronger. These with jelly beans sport beans have been like rocket fuel for me.

I was able to ride 85 of the 103 mile ...

Amazon Verified Purchaser Raymond V. Patterson January 8, 2018
I was able to ride 85 of the 103 mile bike ride. Before the ride and before taking the Sportlegs supplement, I was cramping up at around 40 miles.

They work!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jake Kowalski January 5, 2018
We use these for skiing and mountain biking (racing) and they do help keep the legs from burning as advertised. Hey, we need all the help we can get at age 60+!

Love this stuff

Amazon Verified Purchaser Nick December 29, 2017
Love this stuff. If you bike or run long distances this stuff works miracles. Lives up to its promise to reduce lactic acid buildup and speed recovery.

So far so good

Amazon Verified Purchaser M.K December 22, 2017
So far so good they seem to work. I’ve had no cramping in my legs since using them.
I ride about 100-150 miles per week with about 5000-6000 in elevation.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Aunt Luci December 22, 2017
Using Sportlegs got me through a 100 mile bike ride that I didn't think I would get through.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser deacon34 December 18, 2017
Works great to prevent cramping on long rides

These are so great!

Amazon Verified Purchaser MTB Biker December 7, 2017
These are so great! I take them before I know I am going to have a big leg day at the gym, mountain biking, long run, etc. I have recommended this product to so many people!!

This stuff really works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser TreeDoc November 6, 2017
I've been using this for both road and mountain bike efforts, mostly the latter, and it really takes the initial burn out of the effort which makes it a lot easier to endure the early portions of output on those less than motivated days of riding.

Works as advertised !!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Chris November 1, 2017
I’m not a big supplement user but took the advice of an older friend who is in awesome shape for his age. Glad I took the advice because this stuff allows me to bounce back after some brutal training sessions. I’ve used it for CrossFit, rucking, and long mountain bike rides all with great results.

Highly recommended!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Linda Sulak October 19, 2017
My husband rides 60 miles on his bike and he says this helps his legs tremendously!!! Highly recommended !!!

Magic Pills

Amazon Verified Purchaser Max A October 10, 2017
Magic Pills before riding my Bike or Running on the treadmill...My Legs don't feel tired when taking these pills...Great!

Unbelievable customer October 9, 2017
These pills really work... I can’t believe how much better I feel after a tough ride.

No more cramps while cycling

Amazon Verified Purchaser Brad Wendling September 27, 2017
No cramps on long bike rides.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer September 11, 2017
Love this stuff! Saves me from cramping on long bike rides and hikes! Great stuff!!

Shocking results!

Performance Bicycle Verified Buyer Jeff Jones, Chicago, IL September, 2017
I have been a supporter of Salt Stick and Endurolytes for years but they didn’t match what this can do, say goodbye to cramps and fatigue as this is your solution!

Great Supplement

Amazon Verified Purchaser Junction3 September 3, 2017
Despite all the hype about cramping in cyclist's legs, it is really caused by improper warm-up, stretching and overall conditioning. Sportlegs is a great product for those who are moving toward better conditioning and don't want to experience cramping. I actually take it daily and then as directed on riding days so I can push harder than I ever have with no cramping. The product works superbly and the 3 pack is very reasonably priced considering the benefits. I have tripled my distances with no cramping.

It works, period

Amazon Verified Purchaser H L H August 5, 2017
I have used SLs for years with great consistent results. Rode across Iowa (RAGBRAI) 2 weeks ago, had adequate training but at age 60+ I wanted to avoid cramps if possible. I weigh 155 lbs, took 3 SLs every 1 1/2 hours and stayed hydrated. Presto, no cramps, not even twinges. Enough said!

I would recommend this to anyone

Amazon Verified Purchaser Shain Erickson August 4, 2017
This product did just what it said it would do. I rode a 100 mile race and didn't cramp up, not even once. I would recommend this to anyone.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser captjim July 20, 2017
Won't ride without my SportLegs.

If you have cramping issues, this could be your silver bullet

Amazon Verified Purchaser David Kerr July 18, 2017
I swear by Sportlegs. I was fighting cramping problems. Salt tablets kind of worked, but convinced me to keep looking. Once I started taking Sportlegs for longer rides cramping is a thing of the past. For extended rides be sure to re-dose every 2 hours and stay hydrated. I take also at the end of my long ride to help with recovery (along with good compression tights). Thanks for a great product!

I swear by this stuff.

Performance Bicycle Verified Buyer Willy, Santa Rosa CA July 2017
I use this before a ride, during and after. Plenty of gain with no pain!

No more post ride headaches

Amazon Verified Purchaser RaySal July 5, 2017
I would get post ride headaches 2-3 hours after long MTB rides. After taking SportLegs pre and post ride and the proper hydration my headaches have gone away. This stuff is great!

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Dee July 5, 2017
Great to take before you bike. No muscle burn while riding.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser DMorris June 29, 2017
I use SportLegs for running & biking

Use before every ride.

Amazon Verified Purchaser ANDRES MENDOZA June 18, 2017
Very pleased with how this product works. Cramping and build up of lactic acid was the reason I purchased this product. It was suggested to me by an employee at my local bike shop. I take this product now before every ride, and it has helped me be able to push harder and keep up with the fellas.

Does what it says it will do

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jim Provence April 10, 2017
One of the few products that does what it says it will. My wife and I ride about 2500 to 3000 miles annually on our tandem bicycle in Texas and since we have been using Sport Legs our leg cramps are a thing of the past.

Leg Saviour customer April 6, 2017
I've been using Sportlegs for years, many of those years as an avid mountain and road bike racer, and Sportlegs has helped my legs recover quicker and with less pain from lactic acid build up. I highly recommend this product to anyone whether you race or just want a boost to help your muscles recover with less pain and get you on to your next workout or race.

So far so good

Amazon Verified Purchaser christine m Arbogast March 26, 2017
Hard ride today in the wind. Legs became weary, but very little actual "burning". Hmmm... The next few rides will tell. All in all, I'm happy to have a supplement that is easy on my digestive system when riding hard, and just plain good, all around needed vitamins for health.

Great product

Amazon Verified Steve Jon March 16, 2017
Great product. I never ride without taking these first. I ride longer and stronger as a result.

Feels right to me.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Adam March 16, 2017
Love these pills. Notice an immediate difference. After using them on every ride for about a month I thought they weren't working anymore so I decided to not use them one day. During the ride I didn't feel much different but after is when I noticed a big difference. It would hurt more and recovery would take longer. I ride XC mountain biking and usually only about an hour at a time but push really hard. I started doing distance rides and noticed if I didn't take them with me I would start cramping really bad after about an hour and a half. So now I bring them with me on long rides.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jorge Farias February 21, 2017
Great product. Your riding will definitely improve.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Mar Maxim February 12, 2017
Oh my gosh love these for running and cycling! takes away all my pain.

 great product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Vincent Estes February 8, 2017
Works as advertised. This product has helped my endurance during my bike rides(60+miles) as well as helped reduce the pain/cramping afterwards.

This stuff actually works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser will January 29, 2017
Wasn't sure about this, but figured it was cheap enough to gamble on. It really does work. Did 89 miles with 4k elevation waaaaay easier than normal. Definitely have to adhere to the "every 2hrs" rule, if you don't take them on-time you'll definitely notice the reduction in output/energy. I lagged and went about 4hrs before taking my 2nd dose & it took maybe 45mins to feel fresher.

Highly recommended for long distance cyclists

Amazon Verified Purchaser David G January 16, 2017
I started taking SportLegs this year for some of my long distance rides ... it's REALLY made a difference. I take a couple before the ride, every few hours during the ride, and when I'm done with the ride. I'm able to complete century & double metric century rides with minimal pain during & after the event.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jeff Parriott January 4, 2017
Great for a day of skiing or a long bike ride.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser L. E. Johnson December 28, 2016
Has saved me on long rides and runs many times

The real go-to product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Xantippe November 8, 2016
I do not do long bicycle rides without SportLegs. My husband recommended it and it is a real go-to product to combat lactic acid buildup after strenuous activity.
Amazon Verified Purchaser Gary C November 6, 2016
These do seem to help in reducing fatigue and cramping from cycling.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Richard A. Snell, Sr. November 1, 2016
Excellent supplements. Provides the extra leg endurance when pulling the steep grades or fighting off attacks.

SportLegs Works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser J. E. Brown October 29, 2016
I have tried several products to prevent cramping when cycling. SportLegs works very well, every time. The price is reasonable and the capsules are easy to carry.
It's a great product.

Essential. (Helps with hangovers, too!)

Amazon Verified Purchaser SirDucky85 October 3, 2016
These are essential to any endurance athlete. I am a cyclist riding 50+ miles on the weekends and these get me through the rides without my legs cramping up. I just rode 67 miles with a good amount of elevation near the end of the ride and rode up the hills smoothly without any muscle issues. BUY ASAP and keep them around.
Also... you didn't hear this from me but they are also good for helping with hangovers ;)

Great stuff!

Amazon Verified Purchaser mm September 29, 2016
I swear by these for endurance exercise- biking, running- been using them for years. I feel like they help me go longer and less muscle soreness.

A real solution to cramping

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jeff Sannes September 19, 2016
I used to deal with cramps during and after my rides. Since using Sport Legs I've not had a cramping episode. Amazing stuff and it really works !!

Feeling stronger

Robert B. McMichael September 13, 2016
Good stuff. Only done 3 rides so far, but my legs are a lot stronger at the end of a long series of climbs.

I've used these for biking for years with no cramps ...

Amazon Verified Purchaser Outdoor Momma September 12, 2016
I've used these for biking for years with no cramps. My son was cramping with his runs and started with them, now he swears by it!

Should be a part of every serious cyclist's arsenal

Amazon Verified Purchaser Larry S. Vaughan September 3, 2016
No serious cyclist should leave this out of their arsenal in terms of training and performance. These supplements get the job done, and I would most definitely purchase again! They do keep the cramp threshold down.

My Leg Pills.

Amazon Verified Purchaser cone gobbler September 1, 2016
Last time I rode without these I felt that familiar stiffness in my legs about an hour into ride. Oh, right! forgot my leg pills.
I take these an hour before bike rides and they help me feel as if my legs are ready to go. No early ride stiffness and definitely no cramping.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Shawn B. August 23, 2016
Helped out a ton during my 3 day charity bicycle ride.

Good for biking

Amazon Verified Purchaser pasitalredy August 21, 2016
Great to keep you going. I do long rides and take it mid ride so they can kick in and take me home

Great product

Amazon Verified Purchaser sjlaszewski August 18, 2016
I take 5 before every cross country mountain bike race, almost zero lactic acid build up once I'm finished so very little pain except muscle soreness. It helps me with fast recovery!

Five stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser John F Britton August 7, 2016
It works. I don't really try for records as I am 58 but posted my 2 fastest times on two routes without trying too hard! Guess I was pausing to get lactic acid out but now don't have to. I am a believer. Between that and the electrolytes and or coconut water I don't have cramps either.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser R395 August 3, 2016
Great supplement for any runner or cyclist.

These seem to help stop dead legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Stephanie M. July 26, 2016
These seem to help. You take 1 capsule per 50 lbs approx before exercise and every 2 hrs and after for recovery. I only take them before and during marathons, bicycle rally stops and triathlons. they seem to help with all of the above.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Claude Uehara July 23, 2016
Great product, use it for running and biking, keeps the burn away.

Leg saver for sure!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Cat C. July 20, 2016
Used religiously on long hard bike rides (more than three hours) in heat. I have even put them in the water bottle with water to dissolve so I can use that bottle the next hour on the ride without have to swallow the capsules. When my season starts, I use them every hour. As time goes on and my body gets used to the heat of summer and the hills, I cut back to every two hours.

It does works for me.

Amazon Verified Purchaser A. Espinsa July 16, 2016
For me it works for rides longer than 2 hours. On those rides I discovered that is best to take the recommended dose one hour before the ride start and them 1.5 hrs into the ride. It does delay muscle fatigue and cramps. Note that I always drink plenty of water and electrolytes during the ride. I'm 45 years old.
For the not so young riders like myself, this supplement does help me keep up with stronger riders that otherwise will leave me a mile behind.
I also noticed than when taken after a long ride (50+ miles) it reduces chances of painful cramps and speeds up recovery.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Tommy North July 14, 2016
Wouldn't want to try a difficult ride without this.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer July 14, 2016
Works great! No more cramps on the bike....

If I forget, I pay the price!

Amazon Verified Purchaser mike July 6, 2016
I've been using Sportlegs for years as a mountain biker. They work and on the days I forget to take them before my ride I pay the price!

Science for the win customer Kyle Smith July 2, 2016
Upon first reading about this product I was not convinced that it would actually work... I was certainly wrong. I am a firm believer in these now and keep them around for long rides, backpacking trips, and peak baggin. A worthy item to keep around in your riding bag or to bring on every biking trip.

Great supplement!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Karen J Donegan June 25, 2016
Love Sportlegs. Will order again. Have passed the good word to riding friends....they have also ordered.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Scott June 12, 2016
These are great for those 4+ hour mountain bike rides. I take 4 every 2 hours and NO CRAMPS!!!

I use these when I ride my bike and run ...

Amazon Verified Purchaser CH June 11, 2016
I use these when I ride my bike and run. I tend to get a lot of lactic acid build up; especially on hills. I am able to go farther and perform stronger. This cuts down on the burn and helps me recover faster!

Most effective supplement on the market

Performance Bike Verified Buyer McG, Zanesville, OH 2016
As far as I can tell there is no downside to taking SportLegs. I had suffered from leg cramping on rides over 50 miles until taking SportLegs. Cramping is now under control. Take 1 hour before riding and every hour during the ride on events over 2 hours in duration. Take one capsule per 50 lbs of body weight. DRINK 1 bottle of water ever hour regardless of riding time.

I have pretty severe issues with cramping and legs fatiguing

Amazon Verified Purchaser Taylor June 8, 2016
I have pretty severe issues with cramping and legs fatiguing. These definitely help me out and I usually notice if I don't take them before a ride.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser sjcruiser36 May 30, 2016
Great for those long distance rides, and for recovery after the rides.

This product works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amanda Cox May 17, 2016
Used regularly for long-distance cycling. I take a dose just before beginning the ride and repeat about every hour; with a fin

Love these pills..

Amazon Verified Purchaser LeeAnne Mar
After blowing up on a 50 mile ride I found these pills and have never blown up since.. three pills before ride and 3 after and my legs have never failed since… Always in my riding routine… Highly recommend.

Believe the hype!

Amazon Verified Purchaser rarbelaez August 8, 2014
This stuff is amazing. I was very skeptical about it, but decided to try it because of all the positive reviews and to my surprise, it had a significant effect on performance, endurance and recuperation. I don't use it for every bike ride, I only use it for when I know I'm going to push myself very, very hard and I need my legs to be able to keep up, and it's very apparent to me the effect it has when I use it and when I don't. SportLegs simply works!

I live in a very hilly area, and when…

Amazon Verified Purchaser Daniel Kelly July 17, 2014
I live in a very hilly area, and when I started taking SportLegs before hilly rides it made a huge different in ability, and in how my legs felt after the ride. I haven't needed to have more during a ride, just 1/50lb body weight an hour before I start riding.

 Makes a difference

Bike Nashbar Verified Customer “Addicted to pedaling,” Texarkana, USA 2014
I tried it based on the reviews. Now I use it every time I ride. I get calf cramps BAD! I have ridden with and without these and I can tell the difference. I try to get the most out of my body and these are certainly a great addition to my supplement routine.

Strong legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jason S. June 26, 2014
Great stuff. First time I used it I rode my bike for 35 miles and my legs felt great like I could do it again.

Great for long bike rides

Amazon Verified Purchaser Julia - fw Texas June 23, 2014
This has worked wonderfully for me taken before long bike rides. I am able to go faster and longer without pain compared to not taking it. I've achieved several PR's for distance and speed since I started taking this. I was very skeptical that this would work so well. But yes it does!


Amazon Verified Purchaser alain tesillo May 31, 2014
This gives me the BIG help that I was looking for. This sends just what I need to my legs and my legs do not cramp any more and also I feel strong to continue my long rides.


Amazon Verified Purchaser MTB.fantoman May 30, 2014
I've been MTB'ing for over 4 years now & try to regularly ride at least 1-2 times per week (as time allows). However, anytime an MTB ride goes over 2.5 hours, I WILL ALWAYS CRAMP! It's frustrating to ride strong in the beginning & then have a cramp-attack! After an attack, you're pretty much done for the rest of the ride... just barely trying to keep up with the rest of the group. If I push too hard to try to catch up, another cramp is just creeping around the corner of that next pedal-stroke.
I always make sure to hydrate & take in lots of carbs the night before & then eat a low-fat hearty breakfast prior to a ride. I've tried everything from upping my salt intake, eating a banana prior to as well as another during a ride, Endurolytes, adding electrolytes to my hydration bladder, ensuring I'm taking in calories (via energy gels, Clif bars, etc.) every 1/2 hour or so. None of these helped to prevent the eventual cramping that's just around the 2.5 hour mark..
After the recommendation from a friend, I decided to try Sportlegs.
I can't believe how well they work! On rides, where I know I always get cramps, I no longer cramp on. Once in a while, I may feel a bit of a cramp try to creep up on me, but eventually subsides and never blossoms into a full-blown cramp. Riding w/ Sportlegs has allowed me to ride harder & push myself more, making me a stronger rider. At 154lbs, I'll take 3 capsules an hour prior and then another 3 within 2-3 hours. They recommend taking another dose post-ride, but these pills are kind of expensive so I usually don't follow that recommendation. However, after an intense ride (although I didn't cramp up during the ride), the post-ride muscle soreness took 3-4 days to subside. Now, I don't even notice muscle soreness the next day w/ the post-ride dosage.
I'm totally sold on this product & use it on all rides that are longer than an hour. My next order will be the 3-pack since I use it so much.

Great Product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Dennis Krall May 23, 2014
First heard about Sportlegs at last year’s Tour de Colorado stage in Steamboat Springs. Tried the sample packets given to me and have used them ever since about one hour before a long bike ride. I order the 3 packs from Amazon, which is a great deal.

Can't ride long distance without

Amazon Verified Purchaser Roland Kohr May 22, 2014
I suffer from bad cramps when riding more than 25 miles. On the Ride Across Indiana (160 miles in one day) it is the only way I can finish. I am 59, and last year finished in the top 1/3 of registrants.

I'm a believer

Amazon Verified Customer Carlos May 19, 2014
I'm a creature of habit. I was very skeptical about this product until it was recommended by a hardcore cyclist I know. I have done several century ride (100+ miles) and know what it feels like to do one without Sportlegs. I did one with and without the product and I felt much better with the Sportlegs. The same goes for half marathons and marathon. I tried it for soccer games since the environment and conditions could be controlled and I feel less burn with Sportlegs. I couldn't recommend this product more.

Awesome Product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Robert S Cleary May 17, 2014
Outstanding product!!!!! Used it for 4 day cycling event. Will definitely be using this in the future for all sports activities.

No brainer!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser William Corbett May 13, 2014
Sportlegs do exactly what they say. They won't build your muscles, but they'll take the sting out of the process of the work it takes to build your legs. They are the ideal packed item for ski trips, bike trips and even Disney trips (for those of us that aren't excellent walkers.)

This stuff works like a champ. customer “Spokebreaker,” Prospect, NC 2014
This stuff is great. I am an avid cyclist but have always had bouts with cramps at around 50 or so miles. Last year, I decided to take a longer ride of 100+ miles and I loaded up with SportLegs and I didn't have the first cramp for the duration of the ride........and most importantly, after the ride. I am a bigger guy, 200+ pounds and always had plenty of power for the ride, I was just hampered by thigh and calf cramps. With SportLegs, cramps are a thing of the past. Money well spent.

Trust me, I'm a scientist customer Todd April 29, 2014
I found out about Sportlegs because my mother who runs long distances every weekend and races every other month swears by these. It seems to make the difference between being able to do a long run or bike with less pain and without (as much of) the feeling of wanting to stop after several miles because your legs just don't want to go any more. If you're wanting to try something new to take your workout to the next level, it's a small price to pay to find out for yourself. You don't have to take it every time you run or bike, just when you know you're wanting to go the extra mile. Because you're not taking it all the time you probably don't have to worry about your body doing something weird with it.


Amazon Verified Purchaser Jenny April 7, 2014
I am prone to cramps on rides greater than 2.5 hours. I've been upping the training and training partners and was struggling to keep pace toward the end of rides when my legs, abs, everything would start cramping. I've been using these and haven't had any severe cramps yet. I've done about 15 or so rides greater than 2.5 hours now. I'm about 165 and have been using 2 pills prior and 2 after 2 hours and that has been enough. The bottle recommends a higher dose, but if this keeps working I'm sticking to it.
Definitely worth your money to try if cramping is an issue.

WORKS FOR ME, “LD”, Sacramento April 6, 2014
60 year old cyclist. I have been using Sportlegs for 5 years. Great results on long hard rides. On big climbs the difference is remarkable. Great for recovery. I only share this 'secret' with my friends. It is worth a try for you.

Works as it says it will

Amazon Verified Purchaser RickJP February 3, 2014
It's important to know that this product isn't the proverbial "miracle worker." In other words, don't expect it to work on you as spinach worked on Popeye; it won't. But, if you're aware of your limits, are in good physical condition and want a bit of an edge without suffering afterwards, I highly recommend this product.
Unlike EPO Boost and Optygen, this product is designed only to reduce the amount of lactic acid build-up, thus reducing muscle fatigue, allowing the athlete to perform at peak level, for longer. The more you use it, the quicker you'll improve your conditioning, because you'll be able to go for longer. Its effect is far more noticeable on rides that are either fast, or long, or a combination of both.
In short, if you normally average 18 mph on a 40 mile ride, you may find yourself averaging 18 on a 50+ mile ride, with your legs still capable of a respectable sprint at the end.
It's important, however, to use it as directed; one hour before the ride, repeating within 2 - 3 hours after commencing the ride, and then after to allow a faster recovery. Your legs won't punish you if you forget the latter, but they'll thank you if you do.

it works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Arturo Recinos January 26, 2014
This is not a magical pill, but if you do train these pills will make the difference to let you go harder with less pain! I love them!

Great for long rides

Amazon Verified Purchaser Dan Messina January 25, 2014
Got a free sample at the local bike shop and was impressed. Used SportLegs on a grueling 80 mile ride in the Rocky Mountains and was not sore...ever. No flavor, no aftertaste, no burping on hard efforts. Highly recommend....

Really works great!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser George P. Karahalios January 21, 2014
I tried a sample pack before one ride and really could not believe the difference it makes. Not just during the ride but the day after my legs feel so much better!! I highly recommend using these for exercise of any kind!!

Really works

Amazon Verified Purchaser Stephen D. Rappaport January 15, 2014
I was skeptical but thought I'd try when cycling in California mountains. I was surprised that my legs felt really fresh over a 50 mile ride with lots of climbing. Follow the advice to take one hour before cycling and to replenish after a few hours. Doesn't make one a super-person, but complements one's fitness level.

Appears to work

Amazon Verified Purchaser Eric Pearson December 31, 2013
Before using this product, I found it difficult to do 30+ miles on bicycle two days in a row. This is now easy. Hardest part is finding the time. I like product so much that I have ordered the 3-pack.

Works wonders

Amazon Verified Purchaser BonBon November 22, 2013
I ride outside almost everyday in the spring and summer. In colder months I do spin 6 days a week. This product helps my legs from cramping up.

Great for Cyclists

Amazon Verified Purchaser Champ November 21, 2013
My husband uses these for cycling long distances so he doesn't get leg cramps. He did a Century ride with LOTS of big hills and didn't have one single cramp when he got done or throughout the night like he sometimes will on 40 or 50 miles rides. This is a great price and excellent product.


Amazon Verified Purchaser Micycle November 14, 2013
It works. Pretty simple. Reduces soreness and speeds up recovery. I've used it about 5 times on some rides of 50-100 miles. Need to take it before , during, and after.

Blew me away!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Perry October 16, 2013
I really was pretty skeptical about these but a buddy swears by it, so I gave them a try. Wow, just wow! I cycled over 55 miles on a very hilly ride and afterwards, was raring to go. Last night I did an hour on the elliptical (hills at high resistance), ran fast for an hour on the human hamster wheel, and then swam a quick 800M. Today I don't feel like I even worked out yesterday, I'm sold, and will keep on using these!

Great Product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jim Laville October 10, 2013
Started using these many years ago on a ride around Tahoe. Now in the Texas heat. They still work well.

Made a HUGE difference!!!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Laura A McGinnis September 26, 2013
I recommend this for anyone who has leg cramping or calves that are tight or painful!!!! I've used it before and didn't realize how much it actually helped, until I ran out. I will never run out again!

Don't leave home without them

Amazon Verified Purchaser t murd September 22, 2013
As an avid mountain and road cyclist, I love sport legs. I hate when I get in the middle of a ride and realize I forgot to take them. Sportlegs were introduced to me by a friend and a great supplement for any activity.

Calms pains in legs at night too

Amazon Verified Purchaser PhotoGraffiti September 21, 2013
I used SportLegs when long distance cycling to help control the lactic acid. Recently I was experiencing traveling pains at night in my calves and quads. This was not cycling related since I do not do long distance cycling anymore. Taking a few SportLegs capsules got rid of the pain. Your mileage may vary.

Amazing in a pill!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Bikemom September 20, 2013
I have been very happy with I results I'm having when taking SportLegs. My legs don't fatigue while climbing and I seem to be able to continue to power up.

Cycling....a must

Amazon Verified Purchaser Twon423 September 19, 2013
I absolutely LOVE these pills. I don’t care what other reviewers say these things work!! There is no placebo effect going on here. Especially so if you are either getting back into the sport (as I am, after being out for two years after major lung surgery) or starting out brand new where you can make significant improvements really quickly in your abilities but don't have the legs yet to be a great rider. These knock the burn outta your legs just enough to get you through a hard ride.
I'm been using these for years and will continue on forever, unless something better comes along that buffers lactic acid better than sportlegs
Sidenote, I recently started using them before I play basketball and I can tell an even bigger difference in my legs than on the bike. But, the effect doesn't last as long. Maybe because you are always sprinting up and down the court so you get fatigued faster??
They work.


Amazon Verified Purchaser Joe K September 12, 2013
It works!!!
I am always skeptical of products. Metric century on Saturday and a century on Sunday... I could tell the difference for sure.

Works as advertised

Amazon Verified Purchaser Tom Duval August 31, 2013
This stuff works without any noticeable side effects. Great for long cycling days and other endurance sports. Try it and you won't regret it.

Sportlegs Works

Amazon Verified Purchaser William August 28, 2013
I use this product before, during and after long distance cycling rides and it really does reduce muscle pain and speeds recovery.


Amazon Verified Purchaser ByTc054 August 26, 2013
Used for the first time on 08/24/2013 at the HHH 100 K Road Race. I was able to stay in the Peloton the whole race and even took a few turns pulling. My legs have never felt better. Had my best race ever despite a 22nd place and was only 4 seconds off the winner.

Skeptical at 1st customer Ray Lynott 2013
Thought this product was just hype. After keeping up with the big boys with much less effort than past rides, I'm a believer! I have a history of leg cramping around the 50-60 mile point, I was happy to have strong/cramp free legs. This stuff really works. No cramping and strong legs. Don't ride without it now. Fantastic product!

This works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Randall Fuerston August 12, 2013
There are a lot of nutritional supplements all promising amazing results. Sportlegs has been very helpful in long rides with extensive climbing. In more than 9 hours of riding and 15,000+ feet of climbing, I had no cramping this year at the Death Ride. Last year, I had significant cramping that I really had to manage. This works.

Really Impressed

Amazon Verified Purchaser jbh August 11, 2013
I used SportLegs for the first time this week and came away really impressed. It reduced soreness and improved my endurance for back-to-back road and mountain biking. It is also a lot more affordable than Optygen HP (which I also like, but for different reasons) and is suitable to be used for every ride/run.


Amazon Verified Purchaser Robert E. Tripp August 9, 2013
Incredible! Friend recommended after cramping during a massive hill climb. Does as advertised plus help recovery. Highly recommend to anyone!

Best performance!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Santiago Fajardo C August 9, 2013
Want to perform better, then get this!! This is a great product!! Great product!! Just what I was waiting for and what I paid for. Hope to get some more in the future!!

 This really works

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ritt July 26, 2013
I road raced (bike) for 23 years, stopped 18 years ago, and wish SportLegs was available then. I would say 95% of the time a product never delivers but this works for me. My legs usually feel sluggish, because I only ride 3X per week or when I feel like it, and my legs will feel fresh after taking Sportlegs as directed. 

Works great! customer “Flying Fortress,” Santa Fe, NM 2013
Ever since I had a couple of bouts of hamstring tendonitis, my leg muscles have tended to cramp easily. They've just never been quite like they were before. I've tried dosing with electrolytes, magnesium, calcium, nothing has eliminated this. It got to be a real problem on long rides. So, I thought this was worth a try. VERY worthwhile! What this stuff does that is different is it gives you about a gram of lactate. I'm not sure of the physiology, but the thinking is that this prevents your muscles from producing too much lactic acid. The directions are to take 1 capsule for every 50lbs of body weight, about an hour before you ride. I did this, and immediately attacked some of the longest steepest hills in my area. Even after 40 miles, the dreaded quad cramps were under control! This stuff works WAY better than anything else I've tried! You need to use it in combination with a good hydration product of course. And if your ride is longer than 2-3 hrs, dose up again! It WORKS!! You can even take it post ride to reduce that next day soreness. I can't imagine any serious trainer being without this stuff. Highly recommended! It seems to be just the thing to have finally gotten my twitchy muscles under control. Just the stuff for centuries!

It Works

Amazon Verified Purchaser Spike July 18, 2013
I've used this product while aggressively cycling and skiing over multiple days. I'm convinced it helped me through the lactic acid and gave me enhanced ability to maintain performance.

Highly recommend

Amazon Verified Purchaser Janice July 8, 2013
My husband and I cycle a lot - century rides twice a month, lots of mountains and hills in Vermont and New Hampshire. Since we are in our 50s we are not the jackrabbits we once were but Sportlegs has definitely made a huge difference in our endurance and ability. I would not be without this supplement!

Super supplement!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ross Sexter July 12, 2013
 have been using this supplement for quite a while now and it seems to work extremely well for me. I don't go on a long ride or run without taking these. it really minimizes my lactic acid buildup as advertised. Well worth the cost for me.

A must if you train hard

Amazon Verified Purchaser Cycling Roberto July 8, 2013
I am a long distance cyclist. Sportlegs allows me to go longer without leg cramps. It's that simple. I won't do a ride over 40 miles without it. Helps with recovery too. Awesome product.

Works for me!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Robert M. July 2, 2013
I have been using Sport Legs for 4 years, since I started riding a road bike for 50+ miles daily. I was convinced to try Sport Legs when I had a bout of leg cramps after a 50 mile ride. Since using Sport Legs I have not had any issue with leg cramps. I take one capsule for every 50 pounds of body weight 30 minutes before I start my long run (one - four hours) or a long bike ride. I had a four hour (12+ mile) obstacle race in Utah this past weekend and took my Sport Legs prior to the start. Four hours later, no leg cramps. They work for me.

Awesome product !!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Richard Fischer July 1, 2013
I'm a somewhat long distance cyclist, this product works great for me on long rides, and also works great for recovery !

It works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Nina C. Allen June 17, 2013
Fantastic supplement that really does what it says it does! It assists my performance during cycling and running, my muscles maintain strength/endurance throughout...and afterward it improves my recovery- I rarely feel the effects of a strenuous workout-no muscle ache/stiffness...Great!!!

Really works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Alan D. Bengtson June 2, 2013
Sports legs really helps me get through long bike rides and races without cramping and lactic acid soreness. Highly recommended!

very effective

Amazon Verified Purchaser Melanie H. May 1, 2013
My husband uses it for running or cycling and he swears by it.
We introduced my step-father to it, because he rides a lot (bicycle) and was suffering from random cramping, it really helped him too.

 Cannot go without it.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Arthur Gousby, III March 15, 2013
I've ridden with Sportlegs and without and I definitely see a marked difference when I do not have it. I only get dropped when I'm not taking Sportlegs.

DON’T feel the burn! Verified Buyer Cycleops, San Diego, CA
Used this product the first time on the San Diego Century. With about 6k feet of climbing these helped me out. I took 2 right before a real big climb. I’ve done the climb before without the pills but not with a bunch of miles under my belt and felt the burning legs/cramping. With these pills and a dozen miles completed I didn’t feel a thing. I felt fresh legs powering through the climb. I liked them so much I bought my own bottle. Take some with you on your long demanding rides. No need to feel the burn with these guys.

Pleased, improved cyclist

Amazon Verified Purchaser Bob February 24, 2013
This is wonderful stuff. I bike tour... haul my motel, kitchen and eats. I notice a big improvement in my endurance and muscle recovery.

Good for Bicycling

Amazon Verified Purchaser Betsy W February 8, 2013
I use this when ride includes climbs. There's a noticeable difference in the amount of lactic acid build up. Legs are much happier with this.

Big help for the Sports Geezer!

Amazon Verified Purchaser cycleze January 9, 2013
After some weeks of use, I definitely approve of how these help my riding/cycling efforts and also my skiing. I get less 'lactic' burn over an extended ride (40+ mi.), especially if it's a hammerfest with a lot of much younger legs in the pack. 3 tabs, 90 min before, seems to work best for me. Helps me tenaciously hold the wheels of guys half my age (64).


Amazon Verified Purchaser thisisme November 26, 2012
Great training and race product, highly recommended. Decreased pain and discomfort after events to nearly minimal. Used with biking, running, snowboarding- it works with all sports.

Great Product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Douglas A. Jones November 16, 2012
Helpful on long rides when my legs start getting tired. Much less likelihood of cramping. Post ride recovery quicker. Does NOT make me stronger, faster or better looking...but works as intended. Well worth the price!

Best product

Amazon Verified Purchaser rfast3 November 3, 2012
I've been using Sportlegs for about 10 years now, and have yet to find a product that can produce the same results for the money. This stuff is great for long bike rides, competitive sports, endurance races, etc... It's a must have for any athlete that's serious about his/her performance and results

I use them for every strenuous ride

Amazon Verified Purchaser G-house October 17, 2012
These work. I don't know how else to say it. They help keep the cramps and the fatigue at bay. I take them religiously during hard effort rides and I know from personal use that they make a difference.
These are a 'must-have' for any ride where I know I'm going to be hammering.

Skeptical at first, but it really works

Amazon Verified Purchaser N/A August 21, 2012
After reading reviews and seeing an ad, still being skeptical I purchased a trial version direct, and they threw in a few extra. Convinced me on the very next ride. So I purchased three bottles on Amazon at a discount price. Have used this on a dozen rides since, and no ill-effects. Almost all the burning is gone from my legs; worked as advertised. Definitely try this if you are feeling high levels of the burn in your legs.

You want to stop leg cramps-this is it Verified Buyer BigBig, Brandon, MS 2012
Tried everything I could to prevent cramps in my quads. Nothing worked until I read about SportLegs supplement. It absolutely works, hands down the best fix for cramps I've found. In our hot and humid environment cramps would kick in at about 25 miles and kill me from there on out, not any more with SportLegs.

Does what it says Verified Buyer “Miami Cyclist, from Miami of course.”
Does exactly what it says. Take an hour before you start. You can also take more than recommended depending on your exertion level.

Highly Recommend

Amazon Customer Suzie In Orange March 7, 2012
Sportlegs is awesome! I use it mountain biking and take it an hour before my ride and then again right after. No problem with burning quads while climbing and NO soreness or stiffness afterwards. Highly recommend!

Thank you Amazon!

Amazon Customer Gina Jones October 28, 2011
I've been using Sportlegs for about a month to help with leg fatigue I experience when I do a long run one day and cycle 25 miles the next day. I'm 53 and, to be honest, don't recover from workouts like I did when I was 30...or 40. It really does help! I discovered the difference when I forgot to take them one day before a ride. My first bottle was purchased from the local bike shop but the owner didn't restock so I'm really thankful Amazon has them and can get them to me quickly...before my next ride!

Younger legs NOW

Amazon Verified Purchaser Karen M. Wenger September 12, 2011
In capsule form, this is an easy to swallow product. Ingested about one hour before riding bike, the SportLegs Supplement helps me maintain a vigorous effort for several hours of fast-paced, highly competitive group riding on the rolling hills of Southeast Pennsylvania. I'm very satisfied. There are no side effects, either, beyond the suffering of my riding companions as I jump from the saddle for another tough climb, smiling.


Amazon Verified Purchaser Gigas10 June 12, 2011
This is the first bottle I use of this product, I am about half way through it already. I used to suffer cramps at the end of every ride. Since I have been using this supplement (I use it after my rides), I am recovering faster and better from strong rides and not suffering cramps on my next ride. I plan to continue using this supplement.

Love this stuff customer September 12, 2010
A friend recommended Sportlegs for the 200-mile Seattle-to-Portland ride and wow, so glad she did. No cramps and wasn't sore at all after the ride. I have a history of cramping out after extended exercise no matter how many electrolyte drinks, v8s or cubes I ingest. This stuff worked great for me - now I use it before tough weight workouts, too, and no soreness and tightness there either.

These pills work!!

Amazon Customer Amazon Customer July 25, 2010
I just finished a 70 mile road bike ride at a fast pace. 3,000 vertical feet in total. So far, I have 'zero' soreness in my legs. It's pretty amazing what it can do for you both on the ride (longer sustained endurance) as well as afterwards with recovery. I've also tried these on a long ski day in Tahoe. I always ski pretty hard, but in the last 7 years or so, my legs just can't keep up.. With Sportlegs, I lasted the whole day with out being tired. Once again, no soreness. I'm 43, so not a young buck here.

Fantastic Verified Buyer Laxin50, New York 2010
Was skeptical at first, but once I tried them am a believer. Cuts down on the burn. Legs feel great using this product. Don't need to use on non riding days, only when riding.

Finished my first criterium

Amazon Customer Dwight Norris April 5, 2010
I took Sportlegs and was able to finish my first criterium this past weekend. I hit a point where I would usually blow up (lap 3) and just didn't feel the pain in my legs like I used to that used to cut my races super short. I have done over 30 criteriums and have never finished one without getting lapped. I was able to finish in the top 15 as well with a strong sprint at the end. It was truly amazing for me. I was just trying out a 5 pack to see if it work and now I have bought a 120 capsule pack and will remain a steady customer!

These things are awesome!

Amazon Customer Melster September 3, 2009
I just started mountain biking maybe 3 months ago. My buddy and I take a route that is roughly 8 miles, but has a total of 1350 feet in climbing elevation. I can definitely tell the difference between when I take the SportLegs and when I don't. With SL, burn only happens when I'm actively pushing with my legs. The instant I'm on the upstroke, no more burn. Even the burn is maybe 20% of what it normally is.
This morning I took our entire route and only had to pause one time for a rest. I probably didn't have to either.

Gives you extra miles!

REI customer May 8, 2009
I have a friend who volunteered at an MTB race last summer, and they passed out Sportlegs at the halfway point at his sag stop. He was inspired to order some for us when guys came up to him afterwards and wanted to know what he gave them because it made a huge difference. I have since used these on a 15 mile run and a couple of 100k bike rides and they really helped.

I'll try to keep it a secret

email from Kevin Beach, Scottsdale, AZ July 10, 2003
I'm a new fan of Sportlegs after a few trials.
The first trial was with my normal MTB group for our Sat morning ride. Most of the group are sport level and up and I'm probably the rookie with only a few years of riding. Well, I took the Sportlegs before the ride...didn't tell anyone of course... and not only felt great during the ride and had a little extra for the climbs; I had very little soreness the next day.
The next weekend our group did a 40 mile road ride into downtown Phoenix on a very hot morning.. My legs held up very well and the normal soreness I would have had wasn't there. So I figured, it must be the Sportlegs helping me during the rides as well as the recovery.  Great Stuff… I'll try to keep it a secret from the group so I can continue to push them.

“Where did those guys come from?”

email from Alan Miller, Walnut Shade, MO  June 29, 2007
I have to admit I was slightly skeptical.  Aren't we all when it comes to trying supplements?  This is by far the 1st supplement in my athletic career where I have not only seen immediate results, but dramatic as well. Now that we know what SportLegs can do for us we train harder and longer.  I can’t wait for our next couple races.  Passing other teams today, I actually heard one girl say, "Where did those guys come from?"  Meaning that we passed them rather quickly.  Rock on SportLegs!!!!!!

I don’t know how we rode without them

email from Kathy and Dave Herde, July 7, 2003
My husband and I were given some samples at the NORBA races at Mount Snow, Vermont.  I don't know how we rode without them.  This past weekend we used the last of our samples and my husband asked me to order some right away.  We enjoy coming home after a day of Mountain Biking and having the energy in our legs to walk the dog, mow the lawn and even wash the cars!  Before Sportlegs, after a ride we would have to rest when we came home because of the tiredness we felt in our legs.  We are both recovering much faster and ready to ride the next day!   Thanks!!

Takes at least 5 years out of my legs

email from customer Tod Smith, March 24, 2003
I found that my recovery after a full day of skiing was almost complete that night, and the bike ride that I use to test my fitness (25 mi, last mile 1200' of climbing) didn't destroy my quads like usual.  I'm 44, and this stuff takes at least 5 years out of my legs. My wife found that she was much less sore after skiing too! The remarkable thing about it, was that because I wasn't tensing up as much from lactic buildup, I was able to breathe more efficiently and work harder. Really good stuff!