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Amazon Verified Purchaser Sharon R Brusie March 8, 2014
I am 46 yr old cyclist/ice skater. A 62 yr old woman on my team told me about Sportlegs, and several other teammates also used it.
I was surprised at how reliably it gives you that extra boost to get going and stay going longer. I feel stronger in my workouts and am going to continue to use the product.

Really seems to work

Amazon Verified Customer DerekT January 12, 2014
I have been using SportLegs for the past few months for cycling and hockey. It was recommended in a cycling book so I thought I'd give it a try. I took it before a ride which includes a fairly big hill. I found my normally burning quads felt a lot stronger. I also tried it for a hockey game and also felt that the normal burn of sprinting up the ice was reduced. I was skeptical as to whether it was real or psychological, so I have been trying cycling and hockey with and without, and I have convinced myself that it really does help. Recommend trying it. I have not experienced any stomach issues some other reviewers have mentioned.

Ice Hockey

Amazon Puchaser George August 20, 2009
I am 62 years old and play ice hockey. Ever since I started using Sportlegs, my legs do not get tired during the game. On the rare occasions that I forget to take the pills before a game, I notice the difference in my performance. I highly recommend it.

Won the tournament!

email from Tim Brokaw, Cleveland, Ohio April 25, 2001
When my college hockey team members called me to play in a weekend-long tournament with them, I didn’t really want to go.  Five games in 36 hours?  It’s been too many years since college.  But a friend told me I could do it, if I took SportLegs.  I thought, “What the heck.” After the first game, I was surprised at how much stamina I had.  Some of my teammates noticed, and I shared the secret.  By the third game, the whole team was taking SportLegs.  We went the distance, and outplayed everybody.  We won the whole tournament!  I want to play more often, now that I don’t have as much pain.