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Sport Legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michelle Lambert April 10, 2019
SportLegs were introduced to me when I was skiing in Colorado. They have not only helped me on the slopes, but also when I spin and do weight classes.

Works great for whole body. You can go all day and all night.

Amazon Verified Purchaser jay c livingstone April 8, 2019
This stuff is the best! I skied 6 days in a row all day long and never got sore. Worth 3 times the price.

Works great!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer February 11, 2019
Works great. Helps with muscle soreness both before and after skiing.

Great for skiing!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Marvin January 17, 2019
Great ski product.


Emily Jenson, Certified Gearhead January 31, 2017
These totally work. End of story.
I tested them myself and with friends and everyone reported very little fatigue, even after a day of heavy skinning and skiing. Some pain is good, obviously, to prevent overuse of your muscles, but these made it far more manageable.
Use as directed and stock up!

Extreme skiing legend Glen Plake, 2003:
My wife Kimberly tried some Sportlegs samples I got before she went out to ski bumps with a bunch of her girl friends.  At the end of her day, she said, “Glen, have you tried these things?”  So the next day I get a bunch of guys together, we all take some, and we have this unbelievable day. We’re just hitting ‘em hard, back-to-back nonstops for hours, and it’s just hilarious.  I mean, this sport’s fun in spite of the “burn”, but it's a whole lot more fun without it.  So last April I called the company to get some more FedExed to me before I spent five days performing for Warren Miller's "Storm" film crews.  I’ve been seeing young racers and extreme skiers with these giant bags of Advil® in their toolboxes, and they have no idea how bad that much can be for their kidneys.  These SportLegs capsules work better on the “burn”, plus they’re good for you.  People need to find out about this stuff. -Glen Plake, Nevada

thanx for the fast delivering from sportlegs. i meet glenn plake last weekend in st. moritz and i go skiing for two days with him, he givs me some sportlegs pills. today recive my order from you and i try it out. it works great. thank you -Rainer Feldner, Team Manager, Salomon Freeski Team, Elm, Switzerland
PhotoCredit: Ace Kvale
It's time I thanked you guys for helping me stay sporty!  I've been a customer since Jackson Hole extreme skiing legend Doug Coombs turned me onto SportLegs back in 2003.  I'm 38 now, and not slowing down at all.  I use SportLegs year-round for windsurfing Lake Michigan, mountain biking, road biking, and of course skiing.  I get in at least thirty days a season.  With SportLegs, the benefits are there.  If you forget to take it before your sport, you regret it. -John Lynch, Watseka, Illinois
Keeping up with steeps legend Doug Coombs

Email from customer Jim DiTosto April 15, 2003
I just finished an epic week of guided skiing with legendary steep skier Doug Coombs.  What a difference SportLegs made for the biggest ski week of my life!
I trained hard for 8 months for this one week of skiing.  Constantly going to the gym, riding my mountain bike, playing racquetball...and trying to figure out how I could work out hard on my legs and make a quick recovery for the next day.  Well about 4 weeks before my epic trip I discovered Glen Plake's testimonial about SportLegs.  I took a dose an hour before some intense racquetball.  Usually my legs start to tire after 1 1/2 hours and my game would decline, but not with the SportLegs.  I was able to beat my regular racquetball partners and keep playing hard for over 3 hours.
So, as my ski week with Doug approached, I purchased a bottle of SportLegs for the big trip.  I had a dose every morning before skiing and one every afternoon.  Then, as a recovery, I had one at the end of the day with dinner.
The ski days were long and since I'm 37, and only ski a few times a year, I didn't think I could ski for 7 days in a row, let alone keep up with Doug.
The end result.... I was almost, key word is almost, able to keep up with Doug and I skied for 7 days in a row.  Keeping up with Doug is totally impossible for most people, but thanks to SportLegs I came close to keeping up with the best steep skier in the World.
The SportLegs pills helped me recover for the next day’s skiing and allowed me to perform at my peak level.  When skiing 45 degree plus slopes, with rocks and cliffs below you, you need all the leg strength and endurance you can get.  If you have leg burn on a steep slope, things can get ugly fast.
SportLegs made all the difference for me. I recommend these to anyone that is serious about avoiding lactic acid build up and leg burn.  Best of all.... I had no side effects since they are all natural. They allow you to perform at your normal level for a much longer period of time and recover quickly for the next day.

Former U. S. Ski Team Coach: 

Last Spring, I was feeling whipped after a day testing new skis.  By mid-afternoon, after fourteen runs, my legs felt on fire and I was just exhausted.  That evening, I remembered the SportLegs samples I’d gotten at the recent SIA show. When I picked them up, I’d thought, “Well, they probably don’t work, but it's worth a try.”  So I took some the next morning, and what a difference:  Seventeen or eighteen runs, and I felt cheated when they shut down the lifts at the end of the day.  I didn’t want to stop.  But was it really the SportLegs?  To find out, the next day, I didn’t take them, and sure enough, my third day was just like the first:  Painful and frustrating.  Now I sell SportLegs to my favorite customers at my new shop at the base of Aspen Highlands. – Dave Durrance, owner, Durrance Sports, Aspen, Colorado; former coach, Dartmouth College Ski Team and U. S. National Ski Team
Extreme skiing legend Scot Schmidt endorses SportLegs.

Takes twenty years off your legs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser NewOwner March 5, 2012
This product is amazing! When the old legs just don't want to cooperate any more, whether it be running, walking, or in my case skiing, a dose of Sportlegs takes the pain out of whatever it is you do. On a recent ski trip to Switzerland, even the combination of long ski days and high thin air didn't result in any thigh burn after using Sportlegs. And if it works this well for us older folk, a young pup should be able to run all day. A great find that I've been using for years.

My legs felt 20 years younger!

email from Paul Engeln, Rancho Palos Verdes, California 4/30/2003
Skiing 18,000 vertical feet of steeps, chutes, and bumps all before lunch never felt so good!  I Just got back from 3 great days at Mammoth, April 26-29th.  Finally, a product that lives up to its guarantee! Thank you!! My legs felt 20 years younger!  Now I can keep up with my buddy that is blessed with legs of steel.  I passed a sample along to a sales rep from Footloose, I expect they will be wanting to offer it at their store as soon as he tries it out. (Note: Footloose has sold SportLegs ever since.) I'll be heading back up to Mammoth in a few weeks, so I’m placing a reorder now, you won't catch me on the slopes without it!

All Day

Amazon Verified Purchaser AT June 30, 2015
Miracle pills. I can shred all day with these.

These things just flat out work.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Tony Unander July 15, 2014
For really big or hard days these things just flat out work. I don't use them all the time but if doing multiple intense days in a row the difference is very noticeable.

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Sportlegs lets flatlander keeps up with Vail locals
How awesome SportLegs worked on my trip to Vail in February:  I pounded the slopes for 5-6 hours of hard skiing (not sipping cappuccino in the lodge in a fur coat) every day for a week without any soreness whatsoever.  I am from Northwest PA and we ski short runs that aren't very steep.  So going to the vastness of Vail and not getting sore was impressive to say the least.  I stayed with a guy that lives there full-time and my friend that was living with him for the winter as a Vail ski instructor.  They both told me that I was going to be crippled by skiing that hard for that long on the first day.  About two days into the trip, they said, "If you aren't sore aren't going to get sore."  I never did.  I had told them on Day 1 that I had my "Glen Plake pills" with me...which turned into an immediate joke.  But that joke only lasted a few days.  They were asking me where I bought them by the end of the week.  I am sold on your product...and I think I made a few customers for you at the same time. -Tim Waterhouse, Waterford, PA April 5, 2003

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4 Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser snow bunny May 17, 2018
Helps not having legs cramping skiing all day.

great stuff.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Leah R. April 15, 2018
Use it to snowboard and MTB, great stuff.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Thomas N. March 26, 2018
Awesome product for skiing or cycling.

Great for skiing

Amazon Verified Purchaser klearphoto March 19, 2018
This stuff does work, but you do need to take it several times throughout the day per instructions. Great for skiing and will try it with cycling this year when the weather breaks.

Incredible stuff

Amazon Verified Purchaser Foxy Pullet March 14, 2018
I've been using this for years for pre-, during and post-skiing and hiking muscle fatigue and soreness. I've tried to understand the mechanics of how it works but the explanation is beyond my comprehension. All I can say is that it makes a huge difference for me so I don't rely on NSAIDS. My husband just used it for post training workout soreness and really liked it. He wanted to know if it worked for his arthritic back pain, too. :) It may not cure everything, but it really helps reduce muscle soreness.

I buy this for my husband

Amazon Verified Purchaser Cathline Verlinde March 10, 2018
My husband uses this for snow skiing. He is able to ski longer and not have his legs tiring too soon.

Been using for skiing for 15 years

Amazon Verified Purchaser W. LEE February 25, 2018
I don't believe in supplements, but these seem to work. I was given some by a friend for skiing tried them about 15 yrs ago and have been using when I can.

They work!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jake Kowalski January 5, 2018
We use these for skiing and mountain biking (racing) and they do help keep the legs from burning as advertised. Hey, we need all the help we can get at age 60+!

This stuff works like magic!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Yahya Dawood August 22, 2017
Refuse to snowboard without it!

Works as advertised.

Amazon Verified Purchaser No Name March 10, 2017
I've used these for the last several years skiing. It works as advertised.

Wonder pill

Amazon Verified Purchaser Richard S. Hughes March 1, 2017
Have used this product for several years. If you suffer, as I do from leg burn from snow skiing, give this product a try. It truly works wonders!!!!


Amazon Verified Purchaser Matthew Brooke Jones February 7, 2017
These were awesome. Skied a week with no real issues on the legs. Amazing!

Double Diamonds all day long

Amazon Verified Purchaser Mountainside January 30, 2017
Been using them for years to reduce the lactic burn during sports; mostly skiing. Definitely try a small amount first 'cause not everyone handles vitamins well, but for me they are necessary to ski the Double Diamonds all day long.

Perfect for snow skiing

Amazon Verified Purchaser joe hancock January 27, 2017
Love this supplement for snow skiing!! Wouldn't ski without it.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jeff Parriott January 4, 2017
Great for a day of skiing or a long bike ride.

Won't ski a day without them.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer December 13, 2016
I buy this product a few times a year for our ski trips. The soreness in our legs is much less when we use the sport legs. We are all able to get about 5 more runs in per day. Won't ski a day without them. 

I bought this stuff because I was going on a Colorado ski trip

Amazon Verified Purchaser DD August 15, 2016
I bought this stuff because I was going on a Colorado ski trip and I hadn't done much skiing before the trip so I knew my legs would be out of shape. I took per the instructions and I was able to do 3 days of black diamond level skiing and my legs held up. I was very surprised how well it worked.

No more painful legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Pat May 17, 2016
Legs feel much better snow skiing.

Ski like a kid!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ross E. January 15, 2016
I take an hour before skiing and my legs last all day. If you take it too late, then the lactic acid will still build up and you'll feel the pain. I give it to all my friends who visit and they all love it too. I can't say enough how great this product is!!

The Best!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Glenn Robinson December 12, 2015
The Best!!! Will not ski, run or hike without them!

Great product

Amazon Verified Purchase chris kaufman November 17, 2015
I live in PA and try to take a few big ski trips a year, usually out west. Going from skiing small local "hills" to the western mountains for multi-day trips can be exhausting. Usually, my legs would be really sore by day 3-4, but with SportLegs, I am able to minimize the soreness and shred hard for the duration of the trip. I also use SportLegs in the summer when Stand Up Paddle boarding. Last year was my first year competing in races and SportLegs really helped me train longer and harder for the long distance paddles.

Worked great for me.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Donovan March 31, 2015
A friend recommended these to me for soreness while skiing and biking. I was skeptical at first but now, after using them, I can say they worked great for me. Just back from a multi-day snow ski trip. I took 1/2 the recommended dosage the first day before hitting the slopes and found my legs held up well. On the following 5 days I took 3/4 dosage and my legs were the best they have ever felt on a ski trip. Definitely worth a try.

Works!!! customer March 6, 2015
Went skiing in Colorado. Was concerned because I hadn't been skiing in years and I was going to a high elevation. After doing some research, I came across this product recommendation. It came through. I used as directed and I didn't have any muscle soreness at all even after skiing for the third day. I did get some of the elevation "muscle burn" while on the slopes but it didn't last and it was only while really working my legs on the slopes. I would Highly recommend this product to anyone going to a high elevation concerned with the common problem of muscle burn.

Great Stuff!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer March 1, 2015
I use this when I go snow skiing once a year. Definitely helps muscle recovery time & minimizes lactic acid = soreness in my legs. This is very important to me as a 53 year old female who is NOT in as good physical condition as I used to be. SportLegs definitely helps this old gal keep up on the slopes!

Worth every penny! customer February 10, 2015
This stuff really works! I'm 48 years old and 15 pounds overweight. The burning in my thighs used to cut my ski days short. Taking this I can ski open to close without suffering. Recovery is better too. The day after, I can go up stairs without wincing in pain.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser CMon January 15, 2015
Perfect for ski season.

Sportlegs works great for skiing and…

Amazon Verified Purchaser Judy Dumond January 12, 2015
Sportlegs works great and we are glad to have it. It not only works great for sport activities like skiing but it works great for work as well as days when you climb the ladder several times.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Bill T January 10, 2015
This product really relieves quad pain on long snow ski vacations.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Happy Camper November 5, 2014
Works great for this 40-something skier!

Really helpful customer James Pramick May 21, 2015
I use these for longer rides or really hot rides, or if I'm doing a lot of riding over a few days and I need my legs to keep up with me. Same goes for a big ski trip. Take a few of these before heading out, and my legs feel fresher a lot longer.

Worked great for me.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Donovan March 31, 2015
A friend recommended these to me for soreness while skiing and biking. I was skeptical at first but now, after using them, I can say they worked great for me. Just back from a multi-day snow ski trip. I took 1/2 the recommended dosage the first day before hitting the slopes and found my legs held up well. On the following 5 days I took 3/4 dosage and my legs were the best they have ever felt on a ski trip. Definitely worth a try.

No brainer!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser William Corbett May 13, 2014
Sportlegs do exactly what they say. They won't build your muscles, but they'll take the sting out of the process of the work it takes to build your legs. They are the ideal packed item for ski trips, bike trips and even Disney trips (for those of us that aren't excellent walkers.)

Great day skiing!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Richard Derby April 26, 2014
Made the day enjoyable without the burning legs. We rely on these to help us through the day without pain.

Great Product.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Joe Mullen April 2, 2014
I've been using this product for over two years. I use it before going out to ski. It's great and really works. I recommend this product to all of my friends. Also great to use when cycling.

Great product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Patricia A. Christiana March 5, 2014
Have been using SportLegs for a couple of years. If I am planning a full day of skiing, my legs feel much fresher, all day long, when I have taken SportLegs.


Amazon Verified Purchaser RD Wicker February 16, 2014
These work. You go hard. You get cramps from lactic acid accumulating inside your "called upon" muscles. This helps flush that acid from your muscles. Buy it. ESPECIALLY if you need to go hard again the next day... And you’re over 40.

SportLegs delivers!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ronny February 12, 2014
After skiing Telluride, CO for four days I must say that Sportlegs definitely allowed me to ski longer and stronger than I did during last year’s ski vacation. Although I did experience some "quad burn" late in the day it was nowhere near the discomfort I used to have. I followed the dosage exactly as recommended. Perhaps, if I increased the dosage a bit, I would have eliminated the "burn" altogether but I didn't...... there is always next year’s ski holiday!

they do help

Amazon Verified Purchaser Carolyn Lundberg January 1, 2014
Runners and bikers were keeping this item a secret; I use them specifically for snow skiing; they keep me on the slopes!

It Works

Amazon Verified Purchaser Spike July 18, 2013
I've used this product while aggressively cycling and skiing over multiple days. I'm convinced it helped me through the lactic acid and gave me enhanced ability to maintain performance.

Ski legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jeff Parriott April 29, 2013
This product allows me to ski consecutive days on at least 8 day trips. No leg burn, no down days. Excellent product. Good for biking and running also.

Amazing product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Daniel M. Katlein March 3, 2013
Sportlegs is amazing. I tried it during a week of helicopter skiing. No more lactic acid build up in the legs at the end of the day. Sportlegs is like the "fountain of youth" for legs.

Big help for the Sports Geezer!

Amazon Verified Purchaser cycleze January 9, 2013
After some weeks of use, I definitely approve of how these help my skiing. I tried them this past weekend at Mammoth and again 1 big thumbs up! 3 tabs in the morning and then again 2 tabs at lunch lets me go bell to bell with almost none of the 'muscle pump' I usually get when on steeps and bumped-out terrain.
Doesn't really make me stronger but allows me to use what feeble power I do still possess!

Greatly Reduces Post Skiing Quad Burn

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer December 25, 2012
I'm in my mid 40's. Extra 10% of body weight, but fit otherwise. I use this when skiing powder days off trail. Diamond and Double black territory. If I ski a full day off trail(25-30,000 vertical feet) it becomes a real quad burner, especially the day after no matter how much I get into ski shape, stretch, eat protein post skiing or sit in the hot tub. The build up of lactic acidosis due to anaerobic process in the muscles is unavoidable for anyone short of a full time professional skier. This product greatly reduces quad burn and makes the next day much, much more compatible with life. My best formula for success has been to take the first dose just prior to hitting the parking lot (= solid 30 min prior to making the first downhill run) and repeat every 3 hours during the activity. The last dose should overlap with at least an hour of post activity rest where the muscles are still going through recovery from lactic acidosis buildup. There is no need to take the product between activity.


Amazon Verified Purchaser thisisme November 26, 2012
Great training and race product, highly recommended. Decreased pain and discomfort after events to nearly minimal. Used with biking, running, snowboarding- it works with all sports.

Great product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Snow April 23, 2012
This product is great! I use it before snow skiing, bicycle riding and slalom water skiing.
It helps so much not feeling the burn during the exercise, taking me to the next level. And, taking after exercising it makes me feel ready for next day. Love not feeling the pains the following day.

Stops the burn

Amazon Verified Purchaser Mountainside March 7, 2012
I ski hard and long. I don't care to feel burned out before the lifts close. These supplements almost always prevent quad burn, even when I've done 25 runs and over 30k feet of vertical. Worth every penny.

Shreddin’ the mountain

Amazon Verified Purchaser Wannabe March 6, 2012
Discovered these little gems while snowboarding in WY. Never go without them now. Take them after lunch to get thru that afternoon burn...

I Ski

Amazon Verified Purchaser Berky February 2, 2011
I am a repeat customer of Sportlegs supplement. I use it when I ski. I am not always in the best of physical shape at the beginning of each winter season and therefore Sportlegs supplement helps me to not only push my body some but eliminates the muscle burning or cramping sensation. I consume two capsules one hour before I get onto the slopes and another two at the half day. Sometimes, I also take two at bedtime which helps eliminate the morning after soreness. I am 62 years old and continue to enjoy myself on the slopes with the help of sportlegs supplement.

These pills work!!

Amazon Customer Amazon Customer July 25, 2010
I tried these on a long ski day in Tahoe. I always ski pretty hard, but in the last 7 years or so, my legs just can't keep up.. With Sportlegs, I lasted the whole day with out being tired. No soreness. I'm 43, so not a young buck here.

Great help for older legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser M. Wright January 6, 2009
I'm an active 60-year-old skier. Unfortunately, I don't get in shape for ski season as well as I used to, and the last couple of years I've had trouble with thigh burn to the point it shortened my hours on the slopes. I used this product for the first time last week and it really works. I skied until my muscles were fatigued, not burning. I also took it as recommended after skiing and it certainly lessened the soreness the following day.

Skiing buddies’ jaws dropped at how much it helped them 

email from Brandon Fischer, Vail, Colorado 4/22/2003
I'm doing what I can for Sportlegs because of how much they've done for me and my skiing.  When I first saw the ad/website for Sportlegs, I figured that I'd wasted money in the past on gimmicks and that if their product really worked, what I was spending was a minor investment in happiness.  They had a money back guarantee if it didn't decrease my leg burn by at least half, so what did I have to lose I figured.  The day after it arrived I got on the mountain and charged with my friends all day.  I was in shock!  We were skiing wet heavy snow a few days after a storm during a warm spell.  At four o'clock, I could have skied another 8 hours.  We don't just tool around either. (I'm an ex-slalom racer and have been skiing for twenty five years.)  I was truly tripping out at how my legs didn't burn.  Three days later I was on a trip to Berthoud Pass for some cat skiing.  I let four of my friends check it out.  All of their jaws dropped at how much it helped them too.  I have nothing but praise for Sportlegs, bottom line.  No longer am I done on a powder day by noon. 

Takes at least 5 years out of my legs

email from customer Tod Smith, March 24, 2003
I found that my recovery after a full day of skiing was almost complete that night, and the bike ride that I use to test my fitness (25 mi, last mile 1200' of climbing) didn't destroy my quads like usual.  I'm 44, and this stuff takes at least 5 years out of my legs. My wife found that she was much less sore after skiing too! The remarkable thing about it, was that because I wasn't tensing up as much from lactic buildup, I was able to breathe more efficiently and work harder. Really good stuff!

I'm in physical therapy school right now and gave some to my exercise physiology professor to check out. He claimed that the science behind it makes sense and after the sample I gave him he turned into a regular user of the stuff. Seems to work well for me, especially in the early season when I'm out of shape.
–“taoslcl”, Teton Gravity Research forums
Just got my order yesterday.......took 3 caps and got on the hill today.....all I can say is that Sportlegs is SICK.  I can't believe that it works so well.  THANKS A MILLION.
-Brandon Fischer, Denver, Colorado
A couple of my customers tested samples they received at the Las Vegas SIA show. They took 'em heliskiing, and reported "SportLegs is the Viagra of skiing." They had never racked up 50,000 vertical foot days before.  How fast can we get a display rack of SportLegs on our counter?
-John Klotz, McU Sports, Boise, Idaho
When we arrived at Breckenridge last week, the bellboy unloading our luggage overheard my Southern accent.  He suggested we'd have more fun if we bought some SportLegs at Ski Country Sports next door.  He said he'd been taking them, and if they worked for him, living up there, they'd surely work for us flatlanders.  Darned if he wasn't right.  We've never skied all six days of our once-a-year ski week before.  We had so much more fun with SportLegs, starting this year, it's going to be two weeks.  But we bought all the SportLegs the store had.  So I've just ordered my own bottle.
-Ronnie Fields, Kathleen, Georgia
A friend shared a SportLegs sample he got at an on-snow demo in Aspen last week.  I tried them before skiing double-blacks at Taos yesterday, and I was just stunned.  I typically get bad leg cramping on the tops of my legs, but not yesterday.  Your product is going to change my life.  I won't have to quit after lunch any more.  You've given me an extra three hours of skiing every day- and they're three more enjoyable hours.  I can see why racers like SportLegs.  It's a real unfair competitive advantage.
-Jody Radzik, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I first got some SportLegs samples at Jay Peak, Vermont about four years ago.  I had to try them two or three times before I could believe how well they work.  I’ve been using them ever since.  I'm just a weekend warrior, but I average 45 days of skiing a season.  I’m 40 now, and I can stay on the hill way longer and really enjoy myself.  With the cost of a lift ticket these days, SportLegs helps me really get my money’s worth, and that makes all the difference. 
I ski hard alpine with my friends who don't know about SportLegs until mid-day, when they’re exhausted.  Then I put on my tele gear and go back up and really enjoy myself. For me, the extra endurance SportLegs gives me makes all the difference.  Skiing is a psychological sport.  When you’re skiing bumps, it’s do or die.  If your legs fatigue and you get into the back seat, you’re going to get hurt.  With SportLegs, I feel confident knowing I can count on my legs to do what my brain is asking them to do.  It’s almost like my Salomon Scream Xtra Hots are skiing themselves!

What's funny is my skiing buddies run marathons.   Compared to them, I feel like I have no business out-skiing them hours longer than they can.  Especially since I’m forty pounds overweight.  But I’m so glad I can.  Thank you for making such a great product so people like me can get out there and do ridiculous things!
Jennifer Adams, Granby, Connecticut

I’ve been a customer for four years, but thanks to SportLegs, my 70-year-old stepfather is still a skier.  Last week, I met him in Sun Valley for our annual ski week.  200 yards into his first run, his legs cramped up so badly he couldn’t continue.  When I got him down the mountain, he could barely walk.  I insisted he take some of my SportLegs.  An hour later, he could walk again.  He smiled and said, “I feel good enough to give it another try with your pills tomorrow.”  The next day, he took SportLegs beforehand.  He enjoyed a solid half-day of skiing, and not easy runs, either.
- Kevin Ekerson, Jacksonville, Oregon

You are right, skiing without SportLegs is the pits.  At 51 years of age they make it so much easier to ski hard for a full day.  A dose in the morning followed by one at lunch for the afternoon and it's ski hard all day.
-Gary Poulson, Waterville, Washington

Worked for me, bro and friend on 9 day trip to CO/WY. Skied 3 then 4 full days in a row (travel day in between) and we were coming from sea level and not as in shape as we should have been. It really helped us hit the full days with minimal soreness. Compared to 3 days in Utah two weeks before without Sportlegs, the difference in fatigue and burn was night and day. Personally I think it's a solid product.
-"spinx15", forums

SportLegs is just the best thing!  I read a product review in one of the Skiing magazines in my doctor’s waiting room, and ordered a bottle over the phone.  I just had the best ski trip ever!  We go to Lake Tahoe every year.  Usually I’m in whining with pain from Day One.  Not this year!  Day One was great, and I wasn’t sore the next morning.  Or any morning.  Plus, for the first time I was able to keep up with my teenage kids.
Cathy Maurice, Holtsville, New York

Leg "burn" has kept me from skiing the last couple of years.  And it bothers a lot of our customers.  After a couple of days, they bring back their rental gear.  They say, "I have to take a day off.  I'm just too sore to go.  I'm too tired."  I tried the SportLegs, and it was just amazing.  It was like night and day.  It gave me back the confidence I could go ski anytime, anywhere, with anybody, and not worry about the leg ache.  And I wasn't sore either, afterwards.  I'm sold.  It's definitely been one of the best things that I've come across.  To find a product like this, and be able to stand behind it, and know that it really works, is a real plus.
-Wendy Christensen, Owner, Winter Park Sports Shop, Ltd., Winter Park, Colorado
Three ski buddies and I tried some samples for skiing last weekend at Stowe.  That's a demanding mountain, and we still compete against each other.  Usually by noon, we're on our hands and knees, crying with pain.  Not this time.  We skied hard 'til day's end, just laughing our heads off.  You've got a real gold mine here.
- Ronald McClements, Springfield, Massachusetts
When my wife discovered Sportlegs at the Boston showing of the Warren Miller movie this season and saw that it was promoted by Glen Plake she grabbed several samples that we have used on day trips.  Personally, I'm a little more cynical than my wife is so when she showed me the Glen Plake testimonial I assured her that Glen would advocate just about anything for a fee and that although we are similar in age that he was in much better ski condition than we are.  But when I tried it and felt better after my first ski day this year (usually a most painful day) I began to think how even Glen Plake could use this when one puts in as many ski days as he does.  I figured even his legs must get fatigued especially when bumping up and down Heavenly's Gunbarrel mogul run.  I am 6'3" and about 290, I stick to the more groomed runs regardless of their difficulty level just as long as they cruise not bump.  Sportlegs has helped me keep up with my football and track star nephew a little better during our first several ski days so far this season. 
-Larry LaFontaine, Milton, Massachusetts

Just purchased 3-bottle order after purchasing a trial order first... I was quite skeptical of your claims, but I am open minded and willing to take a chance if the price is right! Your company is one of the ONLY ones willing to sell "trial sizes", I think that told me you guys were not "fly by night" or just routine "snake oil salesmen", but willing to put your money where your mouth is.
Well, after just a couple trials, I found my stamina had increased significantly when weight training my legs for the upcoming ski season. I could do many more leg presses, and in fact went up to 530 lbs on the machine!!! My girlfriend is an amateur body builder, and I had her try some. The next day she took the rest of my trial packs!
Ski season is here, and I intend to really use your product the way it was meant to be!
-Mark Mueller, 37, Alexandria, Virginia, Skier, Mountain Biker, Hiker, Runner, SCUBA Diver...
SportLegs is our new secret weapon for heli-skiing.  It's no secret that most heli-skiers are fiercely competitive "Type A" personalities.  After a continuous week of skiing at CMH Revelstoke this Spring, my wife and I felt as fresh as Day 1.  We'll buy the 3-bottle deal this time.  And honestly, we kind of hope the other guys don't find out about SportLegs anytime soon.
-Brad and Dorothy Nichols, Woodstock, Vermont
With SportLegs, I'm skiing more this season.  I bought some trial-sizes at Formula Sports for Sun Valley's closing weekend.  And boy, do they work!  I had so much more funthat I don't want to hang up my skis yet.  After I get some more SportLegs (at McU Sports in Boise), I'm heading for Mt. Hood this weekend!
-Dave Lloyd, Boise, Idaho

I'm a mountain boy trapped in the midwest so my ski trips usually consist of 4-5 day drive-by shootings out west.  Typically, by day three, the quads are so blown I can't get my 46 year old ass out of bed.  I tried Sportlegs on a trip to Salt Lake in December and after yo-yo laps in 20" of fresh pow day three was a pretty painless affair.  I'm now on trip number 4 to Aspen and I've got the whole crew using your product.  It seems to work great in keeping the burn down and keeping the recovery less painful.
-Kent Owens, Cambridge, Wisconsin
Just got back from our first test of SportLegs in Colorado spring snow.  The first thing my girlfriend noticed was she wasn't complaining any more!  She says with SportLegs, she felt as strong her first day as she used to feel on day 8 of previous trips.  She had zero leg pain!  I wasn't as lucky.  After reading your testimonials, I was a little disappointed SportLegs only cut my leg "burn" by 75%.  But considering I don't work out, my results were excellent.  I had no aftereffects, no soreness the next day.  I felt as if I hadn't done anything athletic at all.
-Les Saito, New York, New York
I am a 58-year-old downhill skier and on my recent trip to Vail for some spring skiing I was told about Sportlegs by a younger local skier in a restaurant who experienced the same leg burning problem I was experiencing. She highly recommended your product and I am not a big herbal guy, but I found Sportlegs in a local Vail ski shop and tried some. I can’t tell you the difference it made. Being from Miami, Florida (flat land) I still experience a little shortness of breath, but my legs were unbelievable. I told everybody I rode up on the chair lift with about this product and how well it works. I even told a doctor from Nashville, Tennessee about this product and he went right down to town to purchase some. It’s almost magic.
-Jeff Brown, Miami, Florida

SportLegs has greatly reduced the aches and pains of those multi-ripping days on the slopes.  It not only eliminates all or most all of the leg burn caused by lactic acid one gets on those long top to bottom runs but also makes the next days recovery a breeze.  I used to have to pop about 800mg of ibuprofen the next morning just to get started that day and now don't even bother with it.  Almost all of the discomfort and pain from the previous day was gone because the level of lactic acid was so much reduced in my muscles.  Being in good shape is the most important thing in any activity and I still get tired, I just don't get the burn which, by the way, is the thing that usually stops me for a breather before my muscles give up.  All said I think SportLegs is worth a looking into for anyone in any high-rep high-strength activity.  For a couple of dollars a day when it allows me to get more vertical feet in and enjoy it a lot more, especially when traveling and paying $50.00 and up for a lift ticket, I think it is more than a bargain and worth sharing.  My friends that I have shared SportLegs with would say the same.
- Ken Tower, Boise, Idaho
I found that my recovery after a full day of skiing was almost complete that night, and the bike ride that I use to test my fitness (25 mi, last mile 1200' of climbing) didn't destroy my quads like usual.  I'm 44, and this stuff takes at least 5 years off how my legs work.  My wife found that she was much less sore after skiing too!  The remarkable thing about it, was that because I wasn't tensing up as much from lactic buildup, I was able to breathe more efficiently and work harder. Really good stuff!
-Tod Smith, La Crescenta, California
Great help for older legs. I'm an active 60-year-old skier. Unfortunately, I don't get in shape for ski season as well as I used to, and the last couple of years I've had trouble with thigh burn to the point it shortened my hours on the slopes. I used this product for the first time last week and it really works. I skied until my muscles were fatigued, not burning. I also took it as recommended after skiing and it certainly lessened the soreness the following day.
-M. Wright, Texas product review on
This stuff is nothing short of a miracle.  Last week we put it to the test at an airline ski/snowboard race week at Sun Valley.  We were staying at a condo with eight people and everyone used it and was loving it.  I never thought it possible to do top to bottom runs on Warm Springs or a long GS race without legburn.  The stuff really works and we won't leave home without it.  SportLegs has a permanent home in our snowgear bag.
-Jeanne & Jay Henry, New Meadows, Idaho
What an awesome and amazing product "SportLegs" is!  I discovered it at Chateau Drug in Sun Valley.  I took it twice a day and boarded pain-free a record 6 days in a row!!   I used to take 3 Advil®, 3 times a day, and I still couldn't board more than 4 days in a row.  I forgot to take SportLegs one day, and I had to use Advil® instead.  It didn't work half as well, and I was sore the next morning.   SportLegs works so much better than Advil, and it's certainly better for you.  I've been telling EVERYONE about SportLegs!
- Emily Mueller, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Sportlegs work great for everything from racing to nonstop top-to-bottom runs all day long. They are very gentle on your stomach, you can eat them without food. I have taken them for years at 24 hour races and never had any side effects... Other than lots of trips to the podium and top 5 finishes. They are cheap enough to take every time you go skiing.
–“MarkoInTheBoat”, Teton Gravity Research forums
SportLegs works for girls too... I've found it makes a big difference with fatigue and also w/residual pain the day following a big trek.
–“valleygirl”, Teton Gravity Research forums
I ordered some FedExed to me right after I read the review in this month's Skiing magazine. Skied my ass off at Vail for 3 days last week and Sportlegs let me keep up with guys far faster than me. I skied faster and longer than ever before and felt great the whole time. It's a joy to find a product that really lives up to expectations. Thank you!
-Mitch Baum, San Francisco, California
I have used Sportlegs 2 weekends in a row skiing Sat. and Sun. averaging 17,000' plus of vertical each day at Arapahoe Basin. I can tell the difference, they do what you claim. I will buy more when these are gone.
-Mark Tollefson, Littleton, Colorado
Just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your product.  At 42, I still lead a pretty active lifestyle.  It is nice to have a product that helps me maximize my performance and not “pay the price” after really big days.  In the mountains, often times speed equals safety and “bonking” is often not an option.  My first test of Sport Legs was back in June 2004 when my wife and I traveled to Greenland to climb Mt Forel and then circumnavigate the mountain range on skis, pulling sleds.  You could really tell the difference in distance covered and how much energy you had when it came time to set up camp.  I now take Sportlegs for all my long training rides, any time I put on my skis and all my big days in the mountains.
-Arthur Kearns, Mountain Trails Sport Shop, Winchester, Virginia
Your stuff definitely works.  I recently placed 2nd in the NASTAR National Championship Snowboard/Tele finals race definitely with the help of Sportlegs.  I had been racing and training 4 days before the final, and my legs were killing me by the night before the final.  I took 3 pills and went to inspect the course, and could actually feel when Sportlegs kicked in.  I think the results say it best.
-Ross Johnson, 15, Winnetka, Illinois

I love your product and use it for more than just skiing. I wish I'd known about this stuff years ago.
-Gary Smith, Waddell, Arizona
Tom had EXCELLENT results from the trial packages of Sportlegs.  Tom is a die hard skier- skis even when most people wouldn't go outside let alone to the top of a mountain!!!!  He took the capsules before skiing each day on his escapade to Vermont and found he had more durability, stamina and endurance during his three day stay there.  He always complains how bad his legs are "screaming".  How great he felt when the screaming didn't happen!
I am a Nurse, working two jobs in two different cities.  My one- full-time job is on an oncology floor where the Nurse Manager boasts is longer than the length of a football field, so you gotta know there is a lot of  miles covered in the course of one twelve hour shift!  So when we get our three bottle supply of Sportlegs, I am anxious to give it a try.  I am eager to put them to the test.
The next testimonial you can look forward to is from one tired old nurse.  But this great skier guy is one happy camper-looking forward to the arrival of the next shipment of Sportlegs.
-Sherry(Sharon) and Tom Creegan, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Here's some evidence for you: I am now on my third bottle of Sports Legs. I am very skeptical of supplements since the supplement market is unregulated. These things work, but they aren't a magic no pain ever pill. If you take them will you simply NOT get quad burn? NO, but I have found when taking them that quad burn is significantly delayed and that I can recover better on the lift ride back up. When riding bikes, I can go harder longer when on SportLegs and if I take more post ride, I am not nearly as sore the next day.
–“snow slider”, Teton Gravity Research forums
I've been using it for about three or four years and I think it works. The most obvious time for me is if I'm hiking, skiing, touring what ever and I start to get a hint of leg pain/muscle ache I take a dose and it alleviates that initial feeling and gives a couple of more hours of feeling good. Last year at JH I rode up Sublette with a woman that was a professional mountain biker and she had SportLegs stickers on her gear. She had been using it for quite a while and swore by it also. It is pretty cheap, I say give it a try.
–“H-man”, Teton Gravity Research forums
My boyfriend and I decided in mid-January to spend Presidents' week helicopter skiing in BC, and I was trying to get myself back into shape in a hurry after months of not doing much exercise.  I think the Sportlegs helped a lot.  The heli-skiing guides put us in a group of 10 advanced skiers and I kept up just fine as we skied all kinds of terrain--20,000 to 30,000 vertical feet of it every day.  Most of it was in the trees.  Sometimes we'd do 2000 feet of vertical without stopping.  I'd feel thigh burn at the end of the longer runs and as lunchtime was approaching, but it always faded quickly and never got as incapacitating as it was before I started taking the Sportlegs. Considering how out-of-shape I was a month before and that I was skiing with people who had devoted months to training for their heli-skiing trip, I thought I did amazingly well.  I'm ordering more because my boyfriend has started taking them too, and we just canceled our planned March trip to Whistler and booked another week of heli-skiing instead!
- Gemini Saada, Bellevue, Washington

I tried a sample of Sportlegs after a half day of skiing, having not skied this year and not exercised at all in 15 days. I expected to be in pain the following two days. On a whim I popped half of the recommended number of pills from Sportlegs. I did so to prove them wrong. The next day I got up and half way through the day realized I was not in pain. It seemed like I had no lactic acid in my body. OK, I thought, day two it will hit, (age delays some things). Again nothing. Hmm, I'm in better shape than I thought! Two days later I went skiing with some younger friends. We skied top to bottom at Keystone every 15 minutes including the gondola ride back up. We were hauling on a cold clear day burning everything. By halfway down the run, my quads were burning to the point I had to stop to keep the tears from freezing. I knew I would be hurting the next days. I skied so I would hurt the next day. I was hurting the day I skied, so I had to hurt the next day. I took half the recommended Sportlegs again and felt no pain, not the next day or anytime after that.
I really don't believe it. The ingredients make no sense. The problem is I've seen so much snake oil before. Yet it works for me.
-James H. Moss, JD, Editor, Outdoor Recreation & Fitness Law Review
I just wanted to thank you for having such a great product.  I just used it on a three day ski trip, before and after skiing, and it works great.  I ski hard but not often enough to really stay in shape, but after taking Sportlegs I feel like I could ski the circuit.  After the first day I felt almost no burn or pain, after the second even less and by the third day my legs felt like I had hardly been skiing at all.  My friend who did not use it was complaining of leg pain during the day and cramps at night, and he works out on a regular basis whereas I do not. I will be using
Just got back from our first test of SportLegs in Colorado spring snow.  The first thing my girlfriend noticed was she wasn't complaining any more!  She says with SportLegs, she felt as strong her first day as she used to feel on day 8 of previous trips.  She had zero leg pain!  I wasn't as lucky.  After reading your testimonials, I was a little disappointed SportLegs only cut my leg "burn" by 75%.  But considering I don't work out, my results were excellent.  I had no aftereffects, no soreness the next day.  I felt as if I hadn't done anything athletic at all. -Les Saito, New York, New York

Ski racing coach:

I just ordered more of your Sportlegs product.  I finished the first batch today and even though it's April 9th my season isn't over.  I've been using your product every time I anticipate a full day of skiing that will require the full tilt boogie.
I really got to put them to the test last month in Vail / Beaver Creek.  Four days of skiing "Sans Family". I was on the first lift each morning and I did nonstop runs all day until 4 pm.  Coming from sea level in New Hampshire I thought I'd have to dub around in the afternoon and take it easy.  Au Contraire!
Two days after Vail I was back at Mt. Cranmore NH for three day at the USSA Eastern High School Ski Racing Championships coaching some of the racers on the NH team. To get their speed up I like to ski them hard and have them chase me down the hill.  I'm 48 years old and the young bucks couldn't catch me.
SportLegs works.
We have a few more weeks of skiing here in the East then I'm off to Mt.Hood and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon for a week at the end of April and beginning of May. With the soft spring snow I wouldn't think of leaving home with out my SportLegs.
-Tim Farrell, Wilton, New Hampshire
When I’m between ski days I stay in shape by rollerblading and bike-riding.  Last weekend I went on a metric century (62+ miles) which included a steep 9.5-mile hill climb into 15-20 mph winds, among others.  A friend had given me some Sport Legs to take before and after the ride, but a last-minute switch in cars to the event left the Sport Legs in the wrong car.  I experienced moderate leg cramping (quads and calves) towards the end of the big climb and I dreaded that lactic acid induced pain I expected the next day.  But as soon as I got back to my car, I took the 3 capsules (recommended dosage) and prayed.  30 hours then 36 hours passed and I escaped pain-free.  Nada.  Zip.  Nothing.  I was quite skeptical of any natural remedies (my mother having preached the virtues of herbs and vitamins for 30 years), but this first experience will definitely have me taking some Sport Legs before and after my next ski day.  I just wish I’d heard of it before my last attempt to “ski Everest” (i.e., 29,000 vertical in a day). 
-Dana Nitz, Las Vegas, Nevada
How awesome SportLegs worked on my trip to Vail in February:   I pounded the slopes for 5-6 hours of hard skiing (not sipping cappuccino in the lodge in a fur coat) every day for a week without any soreness whatsoever.   I am from Northwest PA and we ski short runs that aren't very steep.   So going to the vastness of Vail and not getting sore was impressive to say the least.   I stayed with a guy that lives there full-time and my friend that was living with him for the winter as a Vail ski instructor.   They both told me that I was going to be crippled by skiing that hard for that long on the first day.   About two days into the trip, they said, "If you aren't sore aren't going to get sore."   I never did.   I had told them on Day 1 that I had my "Glen Plake pills" with me...which turned into an immediate joke.   But that joke only lasted a few days.   They were asking me where I bought them by the end of the week.   I am sold on your product...and I think I made a few customers for you at the same time.
-Tim Waterhouse, Waterville, Pennsylvania
I just returned from Sun Valley where I tried SportLegs for the first time.  I was out on the mountain skiing with some pretty awsome snowboarders and skiiers.  This was my first ski trip of the year and I was able to keep up by using SportLegs.  It is a great product.  Jay and Jeanne Henry introduced me, and several others, to the product.  I plan to use it running and biking here in Hawaii.
-Marsha Lewis, Kaneohe, Hawaii
With SportLegs:  I started using SportLegs at Copper Mountain on Friday, January 17.  I took the recommended dosage (3 capsules) just prior to getting on the Super B lift.  My first run was down Resolution Bowl and I got to the bottom feeling as I normally do after starting a ski day with steep bumps (pretty exhausted).  The second run I noticed that after skiing about half way down, my legs started to get that burning sensation that I have come to associate with bump skiing.  I stopped and thought that I just wasted $27 on snake oil.  However, after about 30 seconds had past, the burning went away.  I skied hard the rest of the day (Patrol Chutes, trees below, etc) without any more burning or discomfort.  I was with some friends who had also taken SportLegs and they were reporting similar results.
Without SportLegs:  The next two days I was skiing at Monarch and I did not take the supplement on Saturday morning. My experience that day was what I normally expect for a second day of skiing however I didn't start out the day feeling sore because I had taken SportLegs the day before.  It wasn't until my third or fourth run that I started noticing the leg burn, however this time it wasn't going away in 30 seconds.  I had to adjust my ski runs so that I could pace myself and make it through the day.
With SportLegs:  On Sunday I woke up feeling a bit stiff and sore, but figured I would try the SportLegs again and see if they would help.  I wasn't disappointed.  I was able to ski hard the entire day and felt like I could have skied bumps from dawn till dusk.  From that day on, I have made taking SportLegs an essential beginning of every ski day.  I am convinced that whatever is in those capsules has made a difference in my endurance and has also minimized and in most cases eliminated any leg burn.  In addition, I haven't noted any side effects.  I should also note that I used to take 3-4 ibuprofen tablets after a day of skiing so that I wouldn't be as sore.  I don't care to do this because of stomach upset and since using SportLegs, my ibuprofen has gone unused.  I plan to continue using SportLegs throughout the year before I undertake any strenuous physical activity."
-Jim Becia, Englewood, Colorado

I started taking Sportlegs about mid-season this year and noticed after a few days that I was able to work through the day with less fatigue and my recovery time was vastly reduced.  I am an alpine coach in the mornings and then switch hats to patrol in the afternoon and patrol twice a week, after eight to ten hours in my boots my thighs are raising the white flag.  I was skeptical at first but then amazed that I was really feeling an improvement and the confidence that I'd lost years ago it seems.  I was really considering that I may have to curtail the coaching next season and focus only on patrol in order to make it through the week, I'm very pleased to say that I won't due to Sportlegs.  This certainly does not discount normal diet, rest and exercise but as an athlete you are constantly looking for the edge and I most certainly have found mine.  At least I can say that I can give my kids a run for their money in the gates and still come back to out ski my fellow patrollers at the end of the day without worrying how I'm going to feel tomorrow.
-Chris Carruthers, Clear Spring, Maryland
I do not work for this company and I was as skeptical as the next person prior to trying this product.  I am a normal hard working firefighter/paramedic from the West coast who has been skiing/racing since I was young and just trying to stay in one piece at this point.  This product does work.  It will help extend the ski day with reducing the lactic acid build up in your legs.
-Bill Wood, Pleasanton, California
I wanted to confirm the benefits that Sportlegs delivers for any type of physical exercise, especially snowboarding in my experience.  A friend of mine bought SportLegs from a print advertisement, as an experiment for our once-a-year three-day snowboarding trip to Vermont.  Three tablets after breakfast, three at lunch and three when the day ends provided a three day experience that I have not experienced over the last 8 years!!!  We all rode strong and closed Stratton Vermont with a last ride ending after 4pm on day three.  The lack of soreness compared to prior years is unbelievable.  SportLegs really do work and I have ordered more to take when mountain biking starts up again in April.  Give them a try and you too will agree.
-Marc Provencher, Chalfont, Pennsylvania
I learned about your product from a client who does backcountry skiing. I tested out a trial packet last weekend during an intensive Aikido seminar (lots of falling down and getting up) and was really impressed.  I'd welcome a batch of trial sample sizes to share with my clients, many of whom are Aikido buddies.
-Robert Murray, certified Rolfer, Helena, Montana
We take SportLegs before downhill skiing and find that we are much less sore.  We have tried calcium citrate vitamin supplements and have found they do not work well to relieve the soreness.  We ski a lot - this year we spent a week in Utah and a week at Lake Tahoe besides all the skiing we do in Colorado.  We have found that taking a couple of SportLegs supplements before skiing helps prevent the soreness in our legs (and the rest of our body).  I still feel somewhat tired after skiing, but not nearly as sore.  We plan to take SportLegs this summer before hiking in Colorado.
-Anne & Arlen Warta, Golden, Colorado
Keeps up with younger guys:  At 51, I'm the oldest member of the group I ski with, and they don't slow down for anyone!  We tend to ski expert terrain from lift open to close, and leg pain was starting to hamper my efforts.  Your product has noticeably cut down on the ever-familiar "burn."  Until I discovered SportLegs, I've had to woof down handfuls of ibuprofen, during and after my ski day.  No more!  SportLegs has shown me noticeable results from Day 1.  Even when we ski stretches long enough to cause the burn to occur, it goes away almost immediately as soon as I stop.  And, it is a big help on multi-day trips, when having "fresh legs" every morning is a must.  I've shared my SportLegs with many of my ski companions (so now I need MORE), and every single one of them has noticed the benefits.  Most have since purchased their own supplies.  Your product is definitely one I feel comfortable recommending to my friends.  Thank you for your fine product.
-Dan Ruedy, Morrison, Colorado
I need to reorder some more SportLegs.  I can't live without them!  SportLegs has made a HUGE difference.  I definitely don't "burn" any more.  At 52, I'm getting after it better than ever!
-Steve Winter, Boulder, Colorado
Just returned from Tahoe!  The Sportleg pills worked great!  I was not in the best of shape and was worried about skiing with the group I went with.  They are the type that go to the top and ski non-stop and fast all day.  I took three pills each day, just before leaving the lodge.  I skied with the best of them all day, each day and never once had leg burn.  I was amazed.  Only after the third straight day of Heavenly, Alpine Meadows with 20 inches of new snow, and Squaw Valley did I begin to feel burn in mid afternoon.  I don't know the shelf life of the pills, but I will certainly use them again.  Thanks for helping make a great week of skiing.
- Fred Bussard, West Carrollton, Ohio
I'm a fairly serious non-professional 38 year-old athlete. My main lactic acid generators are mountain biking and telemark skiing.  As anyone who really pushes themselves physically knows, lactic acid build up is a problem.  It causes an assortment of unpleasantries: pain, suffering, cramps, decreased performance, increased recovery time, soreness- to name a few.  I've recently used Sportlegs while skiing and cycling, and it seems to really cut down on the lactic acid build up.  Taking a couple before, during and after activity worked for me.  I just started to get a feel of how many capsules to take.  The help in recovery after activity is where Sportlegs is most beneficial to me.  Now I have another arrow in my quiver to increase performance and recovery.  I'm not a big believer in "silver bullets," but the lactic acid decreasing chemical reaction that takes place in your body when Sportlegs is introduced is not magic.  It makes sense that it works.  Thanks for making a good product.  
-Brad Nichols, South Pomfret, Vermont
On a buddy's suggestion I tried your product. I seemed to be getting good results but you always wonder if it is the placebo effect, the power of suggestion. However I'm now 100% convinced. During a recent vacation I skied Tahoe (Homewood and Northstar) on Saturday and Sunday. Monday morning I flew to Salt Lake City and was skiing Brightonby noon. I skied and skied hard at either Alta or Brighton everyday for five days. On the seventh day of skiing my legs finally started to wear out. I flew back to Tahoe, took one day off and then skied Sunday after a big dump of unusually heavy Sierra cement. My legs gave out after three hours, but they were not sore. After all that skiing I should have been in agony. Not bad for a 42-year-old weekend warrior.  What a great product!
-Kirk Graebe, Fremont, California
I tried Sportlegs on a snowboarding trip in Colorado.The trip was with a large group of hardboot carving/racing snowboarders. The first day of the trip I was getting the typical legburn about a third of the way down a run and would have to stop and rest. The second day someone gave me some Sportlegs to try. Wow! I forgot about my legs. I continued to use Sportlegs the next two days and forgot on the last day. What a mistake. Right then I decided that Sportlegs was going to become part of my gearbag from now on. Thanks!
-Jay Henry, New Meadows, Idaho

Congratulations on having such a cool product!  A friend shared his SportLegs with me during a blizzard at Loveland Basin.  When they kicked in, my legs felt like rocks.  I just felt unstoppable, as if my legs were saying, "Bring it on- I'm ready!"  The science makes perfect sense, when you think about it.  My friend and I think you should change the name to S(up)portLegs.  But whatever you call them, they're going to be a success.
-Dr. John Rifkin, Boulder, Colorado
When I got to Jackson Hole in Jan. they had just received about 48 inches of heavy wet snow in 3 days, and it snowed the whole time we were there. Without Sportlegs I probably would have lasted for half the day, but with Sportlegs I was able to ski all day for 4 days straight (and without the burn)!
-Tyler Wells, Denver, Colorado
I tested SportLegs on my favorite bump run, and I still had to stop to catch my breath, but my legs weren't on fire.  Skiing feels as much fun as it did in my teens again!  WooHoo!  SportLegs rocks!
-Peter Lewis, Hotronic Boot Heaters Rep, Stowe, Vermont
I was given several samples of your SportLegs supplements at the SIA show last week.  I took a dose two days ago before a 3 hour skate-ski workout and was quite impressed with how much less my legs were fatigued.
-Andrey Yarbrough, Brian Head, Utah
SportLegs is by far the most interesting new product I've seen at this year's Las Vegas SnowSports convention.
-attendee Mark Lemmons
I purchased your product prior to a ski trip to Mammoth Mountain in December, 2002.  I read about the product in Powder magazine, which led me to your web site, and I was able to have a bottle shipped overnight in time for my trip.  After reading the raves, I was hopeful that your product would reduce or eliminate the leg burn that I have suffered for over 10 years.  Previously, no matter what shape I was in, after the morning runs, my legs would literally lock up, leaving me lying on the snow unable to move from the leg burn.  My first day on Sportlegs felt like I was in the best shape of my life, and my leg burn was completely eliminated.  The next day brought 18” of fresh powder, and again I was able to ski all day without locking up.  Sportlegs allowed me to ski all day for several days in a row, something I have not been able to do for years.  I have recommended your product to anyone who will listen.  I even used it on a recent dirt bike outing.  I had no problems with my legs, and the arm pump usually suffered by motocross riders was virtually eliminated.  You have earned a life long customer.  Thank you Sportlegs.
-Mike Stoberski, Las Vegas, Nevada

Last December, I decided to try SportLegs for my first day out, and I just burned my buddies to the ground.  It was a lot of fun! I didn’t tell them what the secret was ‘til afterward.  If all my customers took SportLegs, they wouldn’t get as tired. They would ski longer, and have a lot more control on the hill.  We all tend to get fatigued, especially on tougher terrain, or later in the day, and with SportLegs, you’re just in better control, ‘cause you’re not as fatigued.
-Greg Maguire, Owner, Little Mountain Ltd., Mentor, Ohio
If any of you guys feel your thighs burning up at mid-day, check out the site - - for all the info.  I bought these pills before a 3-day trip to Stratton, and couldn't believe how well they work.  I used to get a ton of leg burn, and would take a long time to recover, but this Calcium Lactate and Magnesium Lactate supplement completely eliminated it.  I shared the stuff with the rest of my 40-year old friends and they couldn't believe it either.  I'm not sure if it's OK to promote the product on the site, but I have no affiliation with the stuff and it did a lot to help my riding.  Check the site, try the stuff, and you'll be amazed.  Even at the end of the 3rd day I was feeling as fresh as the first morning. I wonder if Bob Dole would do a commercial for it...a la Viagra?  Think Snow!
-Mike Tokar, Yardley, Pennsylvania at
I just tried your stuff, and WOW.  I had the best day of skiing I've ever had since I started at 18, and I'm 50 now.  I skied a solid day nonstop, and had the energy to really work on and improve my technique.  It wasn't 'til the end of the day I realized that I ought to be on fire by now- and I just wasn't.  SportLegs really does what they say.  EVERYBODY needs to know about these!
-Greg Beierwaltes, Fontana, Wisconsin
So far I have three converts...  my husband, my daughter, and a friend.  SportLegs really makes a difference in how I feel after subjecting my limbs to a hard (but AWESOME) day on the slopes...  and I reload at lunch, too.  I don't usually take the time to "get in condition" before ski season (I'm sure I'm not alone).  I just go do it.  Since I've been using SportLegs I last longer on the hill, and, I have almost no soreness.
-Yori Hallock, Daly City, California

I ordered a bottle last year based on a small write-up in SKI magazine.  I am 43 years old and have always had a problem with major thigh-burn even though I keep myself in excellent physical condition.  I thought it was just a hereditary condition.  Anyway, I am shocked with the results of your product.  I can ski all day, which is something I could never do.  The year before I required 1-2 days between outings just to recover!  I am ordering more right now, I don't want to run out!
-Eric Armenat, Lancaster, New York

I found a package of these capsules (their last) in a ski shop in Vail after 5 full days of skiing lift open to close in heavy spring snow in the back bowls.  My quads were aching even in my sleep that night, and I thought I would have to take an "easy day" for sure the next day.  But no such thing.  I took these pills and felt great all day, run after run.  As a triathlete, lactic build up is a constant issue for me as I train in one or more sports almost every day.   Even on the bike, these work like magic!  The hills are where I can tell the most difference, my legs don't seem to give out as fast.  I have been using them a lot, training hard for a 56 mile race, I definitely felt they helped me keep going - both as I was building up the mileage and intensity in my training workouts and - best still - on race day itself where it really counts.
-Nancy Schutt, Mt. Kisco, New York

At 62, it’s great to be able to enjoy skiing nonstop bump runs again.
-Carl Mueller, Southington, Connecticut

I bought a sample at a shop in Salt Lake City, and I couldn’t believe the difference I felt on the mountain.  I ordered a bottle when I got home.  Now, I don’t ski without ‘em.  And I made sure my buddies have ‘em, too, so they can keep up with me.  These pills have turned back the clock ten years for my legs.
-Paul Dreesen, Troy, New York

Last winter was my first with SportLegs.  You've got a winning product!!!  I passed along some sample packets to a few pals at my local ski area and now they can go a few more hours before the beer bell rings.
-Blair Looney, Fresno, California

Great product works for seasonal skiing, my morning run or our weekend bike rides.
-Roger Myers, Niceville, Florida

I really look forward to skiing Telluride with my oldest daughter and a longtime friend who lives there.  I’ve always been athletic, but it seems the closer I get to forty, the tougher it is to enjoy keeping up with my friend and daughter in the thin air up there.  So when I saw your ad in SKI magazine, I decided to try SportLegs last year.  WOW, what a difference!  You may not believe this, but for the first time since my mid-twenties, I was in line when the lifts opened, and keeping up with my girlfriends and skiing like crazy until the lifts closed, every day!  I’ve never had so much fun!  Thank you for helping turn back the clock and helping me have a week like I’ve just had.  I don’t know why anybody would want to ski without SportLegs!
-Kelly Helfinstine, Phoenix, Arizona

I live in Mammoth, and I tried SportLegs a couple of days after the mountain opened and I seriously needed relief from thigh burn.  I have been skiing for about 20 years (pretty experienced).  Your product seriously works and pushed me through the early season burn out to get my legs back in decent shape without having to stop in the middle of any run to re-coop.   I think its a fantastic product to keep at home for major powder days when you really need it!!
-Verena Sandstede, Mammoth Lakes, California

“I forgot to take your pills…”  I got a fantastic chance to take my teenage daughter on a ski trip to Austria.  A friend gave me some SportLegs to take along.  I took some every morning, and I had a really great time skiing.  My legs didn’t “burn” very much at all and I had no problem keeping up with my daughter.  But it wasn’t until the day I forgot to take your pills in the morning that I really found out how well they worked.  After the first hour, I was in AGONY!  I won’t forget to take SportLegs every morning before I ski again, that’s for sure.
-Hope Shiverick Lomas, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

I use SportLegs for skiing, riding motocross and playing soccer on weekends.  It works great for all three sports.
-David Caspillo, Tracy, California

Besides using your product for skiing I have used it several times for long distance biking.  In fact I just used your product for a high altitude bike ride I did this weekend in the Sierras called the "Deathride" (129 miles and 16,000 vertical feet of climbing) and it seemed to really help the lactic acid pain/buildup.
-Steve McPherson, Campbell, California

I really like your product.  I first tried it while I was skiing.  However, recently I started using it for sprint-distance triathlons.
-Deborah Blackburn, Austin, Texas

I used SportLegs this past ski season and it really works great.  I was able to ski all day without pain.  I also use it when I play racquet ball three times a week.  I don't have that leg pain after playing for two hours.  By the way, I am 69 years old.
-Bob Pepe, Littleton, Colorado