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26 marathons 3:02 PR these work!!!!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser cassandra April 23, 2016
I'm not one who ventures out much in the land of pills and supplements, so when I decided to try SportLegs I wasn't sure what to expect- they were recommended to me at a marathon expo during my search for salt pills to help with severe cramping I'd had in past races. I decided I would give them a go. I've used them now in my last five marathons and PR'd each time. The biggest thing I've noticed is the soreness post race is almost non existent- and my legs seem to never hit a wall. Try- you won't be disappointed. And I never go out of my way to write a review... so there you have it. Happy Running.

Great product.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Charles Nadler April 30, 2013
Ran my best 5K time after getting this. A week later, ran my fastest 5K again and the course was loaded with challenging hills!


Keeps my legs fresh like I’m 18 years old

Amazon Verified Purchaser Mholzknecht June 26, 2017
Magic pills. I am 34, I run long distance, and this vitamin cocktail keeps my legs fresh like I’m 18 years old. The recovery keeps my runs fun so I don’t need to worry about soreness.

Another five star review!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Carmen M. Spangler May 20, 2017
I was a bit skeptical, after seeing the positive reviews, but decided to give Sportlegs a try. I'm a 55 year old runner and organ donor, I've taken up running four years ago, lost 30 pounds but I struggled with fatigue after hitting 7 miles.
I tried Sportlegs today, and bam, I cut 30 seconds off each mile, did 8:15 no problem.
I took the dose afterwards for recovery, and then, went on and worked on my yard for three hours and I've gotta say, I feel great!!!

Five stars for me!

I've gotta get me another bottle of the stuff!!!
So I heartily recommend it!!!


I'm getting back into shape, and SportLegs has really helped.  I hadn't run since the Eighties, but I am now, and it's more fun than ever.  SportLegs just feels like the right thing to be taking.  I heard about it from a bike shop owner in Cave Creek.  The guy was kind of grouchy, didn't have much much good to say about anything, but he did have good things to say about these pills.  Now I know why.  Sign me up for your 3-bottle deal.
-email from Chris Beirne, Scottsdale, Arizona

What a difference!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Helen of Trout September 14, 2014
Sportlegs are amazing! My sister and I ran a half marathon together. Since I'm not much of a re-fueler when I exercise we decided we would conduct an experiment. She took the Sportlegs and I didn't. The last 3 miles of the race were torture for me and she was running just fine. 30 minutes after the run I could barely walk and she was walking around just fine. My next half marathon I took them and had no problems - in fact, the run was easy to me.
My sister and I also raced in a half Ironman together. She took the Sportlegs and I didn't. By mile 30 in the bike, my legs were DYING! The run wasn't bad but I could really tell on the bike that my legs were struggling up the hills. She, on the other hand, did just fine. We were both tired of course at the end, but my legs were SO incredibly achy and sore that I could barely stand it. Someone gave me some ibuprofen because the pain was so bad.
My sister and I just finished another half ironman and this time I took the Sportlegs. 3 before the swim, 3 just before the run, and 3 toward the end of the run. What a difference!!! My legs were not achy, I could walk around just fine (they were definitely fatigued though and my knees ached just cause of the long workout).
I don't take the Sportlegs all the time, only on really long, hard brick WODs. I'm a crossfitter so I like to let my body perform and recover naturally with the foods I naturally eat. That way my performance is really increased when I give my body stuff like Sportlegs - I definitely feel the difference!

Skeptic Turned Into Advocate

Amazon Verified Purchaser John V. Doan May 20, 2014
I'm a relatively new runner and came across this product in training for my first marathon a couple of years ago. At first I took these intermittently for long training runs. Having no ill effects, I figured "why not take them as a placebo if nothing else." Fast forward to today and I whole-heartedly believe that taking these during long distance runs and races I have less muscle fatigue and recover faster than not taking them. I take the recommended dosage (4 tablets) 1 hour prior to long runs and then continue taking every hour during events. Most recently I did a 24 hour endurance run and reduced the dosage to 2 tablets every hour for the entire duration of the race. I managed to complete 62 miles and my recovery was 2 days! The evening of race completion, I was walking albeit a little stiff and sore. The following day, I was able to walk and slow jog with only moderate pain. Day 2 after the event, I was no longer taking NSAIDs completely with no soreness at all. This product should be part of every endurance athlete's gear bag.


I bought some of your stuff recently. I've just tried them out for the first time. I must say that I am amazed at the result.
I just did my 30 mile mountain run, which includes 1500m of climbing. I have never ended this workout with such fresh legs that - given the time, I feel like I could do it all again! Fantastic product - Highly recommend!! Email from David Yelland, North Wales, UK May 1, 2008



My "go to" for high mileage days

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kimberlee July 7, 2019
If I am running for than 10 miles, I am popping a few of these babies. Don't think they will give you a shot of energy, but they do help keep your legs fresh. I also have less abdominal cramping, and by less I mean none. And I am one of those lucky people that seems to get side stitches when running downhill. Easy to take along on race day, great value for the money, and most importantly...THEY WORK!

Great product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Samantha J. Wright May 17, 2019
Been using for years. Great product. Use for lower body day and running long distances or sprints.

Better Than Expected!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jenny L. May 4, 2019
I came across this product from a marathon trainer on YouTube. I do quite a bit of running and always have cramping in my legs. I started taking SportLegs before and after running as stated in the instructions, and I have noticed a huge difference. I have higher quality runs with little to no cramping. I recently took this before my Spartan race in April and had zero cramping! Fantastic product.

Add to my sports drink

Amazon Verified Purchaser John Fralick April 29, 2019
I tried take the capsules with water during a run but now I just empty them into my water bottle before the run. I have been using this product for a few years and it seems to help more than just salt tablets alone. I also put it in my hydration pack and it hasn't left behind any residue that I can see.

Great investment !

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kemaers April 24, 2019
These definitely work!!! At first I was skeptical due to some of the reviews. But I am on my 2nd bottle to make sure I really see a difference & I do! I no longer feel tired. I make sure to follow directions when taking the appropriate dosage,1 pill per 50 lbs. I’m so glad I invested in these because running is definitely my least favorite exercise but this definitely helps with my legs not feeling tired and heavy!! Highly recommend!!

Game changer for long runs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Cynthia February 4, 2019
I love this product. It has been a game changer when I go on long runs. My legs feel great during and after my runs. I highly recommend this product!

Noticeable improvement for my old lady legs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser CareBear January 26, 2019
I inadvertently heard of SportLegs while reading reviews for other running gear. Intrigued, I ordered a bottle as, since I passed the 54-years-old mark, I've noticed my legs pooping out when going for runs of over 9 miles or so. My first "field test" was actually a bike ride. It was only about 15 miles, but featured some decent climbs and I'd gone for a 5-mile run a couple of hours earlier, so my legs were already a bit depleted. Legs felt great the whole ride, even throughout The Big Hill. I have since gone for a couple of runs of about 11 miles each after taking SportLegs. Both runs included areas of thick snow to fight through, further working my legs. All good, though, and pace was nice. I read a few other reviews that stated SportLegs didn't help, or actually made the reviewer feel worse, but I'm happy to report that they clearly work for me.

Works great!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Scott Traverso January 20, 2019
Amazing product. Has gotten me through several marathons.

No leg problems during half marathon

Amazon Verified Purchaser Paula Nevius November 28, 2018
I ordered these at the suggestion of my friend who does Ironmans. I took 2 of them 30 mins before half marathon and 1 30 mins into the run. I did not have any weakness, wobbly legs, hurting legs during race. First time I used it, I beat my last half marathon time by 15 minutes. Great product!

Good stuff

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michael C. November 27, 2018
Gives your legs stamina, reduces fatigue and keeps the ride or run going beyond expectations.

No heavy legs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser jun November 25, 2018
Did a hard tempo run in a hot tropical climate and didn’t get heavy legs even towards the end. Impressed! It won’t solve fatigue though, just prevent onset of cramps/tightness/soreness. I still have to fuel and hydrate well.

I love my Sport Legs!!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Matt KTop October 30, 2018
I’m usually a skeptic when it comes to supplements like this, thinking it’s mainly a placebo effect. However a friend gave me a few before a 14 mile trail run with about 1,200 feet of elevation. I knew I would be dead tired afterwards and I was. But to my surprise my legs were not as tired and sore as I expected they would be. I figured I was just feeling good and it was in my head. The next day I was surprised to find that it didn’t feel like I had run that distance. Now I’m a believer and I take them (when I can remember) for any endurance sports. I’ve also referred a number of others to them as well. Give them a shot!

It helped me.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Diana October 18, 2018
Wouldn't run without it!

Helps with lactic acid

Amazon Verified Purchaser Charles Osborne October 16, 2018
It really helped with lactic acid build up and made my legs cramp less through my runs.

As a runner I highly recommend this product

Amazon Verified Purchaser stan simmons September 17, 2018
This is an outstanding product that I have used for several years. It lives up to the advertisements regarding its benefits. As a runner I highly recommend this product. If you try it I am certain you will continue using it.

A friend let me use some

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jumada September 15, 2018
A friend let me use some when I ran a half marathon. Noticed a difference and now they are part for my running supplies.

Outstanding product.

Amazon Verified Purchaser L. Hankins July 4, 2018
I have used this for years. As a cyclist it makes a difference; especially on back to back long rides. My running friends use it as well.

100% effective for these old knees

Amazon Verified Purchaser Lana March 8, 2018
I take these as a post-workout recovery supplement after long runs (for me, 8-13 miles) and this product definitely cuts my recovery time in half. I am much less sore the next day. It mostly helps relieve the soreness in my knees, which is exactly what I need after going thru knee surgeries. I highly recommend this product to those who want to recover and heal quickly after an intense lower body workout.

It actually works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Honeys Owner January 12, 2018
This stuff works! Used it during longer runs and it made a difference. No side effects (at least for me). I can only recommend it!

Love this stuff

Amazon Verified Purchaser Nick December 29, 2017
Love this stuff. If you bike or run long distances this stuff works miracles. Lives up to it's promise to reduce lactic acid buildup and speed recovery.

These are so great!

Amazon Verified Purchaser MTB Biker December 7, 2017
These are so great! I take them before I know I am going to have a big leg day at the gym, mountain biking, long run, etc. I have recommended this product to so many people!!

Amazing how quickly this helps recovery

Amazon Verified Purchaser Bryce Hopkinson November 28, 2017
I run half marathons and usually around mile 11 or 12 my legs felt like I had strapped on cement blocks. A friend of mine recommended this product and it has made all the difference in the world. Last week I took it before I ran 13.1 miles and felt great. Also that night my legs were not sore like normal. Even the next day I still felt great. I’m a believer in this product and it saves my legs for sure!

Magic Pills

Amazon Verified Purchaser Max A October 10, 2017
Magic Pills before riding my Bike or Running on the treadmill...My Legs don't feel tired when taking these pills...Great!

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer August 16, 2017
These are great for race and recovery. A real game changer.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser DMorris June 29, 2017
I use SportLegs for running & biking


Must have.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Consumer in CT June 4, 2017
For long runs

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser JDS May 15, 2017
This stuff is great, I feel like running is a breeze


felt great throughout my run and felt absolutely great afterwards

Amazon Verified Purchaser jenn March 13, 2017
Wow. Used this for a half marathon yesterday, felt great throughout my run and felt absolutely great afterwards. No. Soreness. Whatsoever. I kept doing lunges around town to show my husband how awesome I felt. 

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Mar Maxim February 12, 2017
Oh my gosh love these for running and cycling! takes away all my pain.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser L. E. Johnson December 28, 2016
Has saved me on long rides and runs many times


Highly recommend!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michele Gula December 20, 2016
I can't say enough good things about this product. I initially received them in a sample pack when I ordered triathlon suits for my daughters. My daughter actually took them after the tri and then headed to a week of volleyball camp. Needless to say... No soreness!!
I then tried them before my first half marathon and both my cousin and I took them & out other friend did not...our friend was sore. So worth it & recommend for pre and post workouts. Even use them for tennis.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Sandy Blackard December 4, 2016
Really feel like it works to stop leg pain on hilly runs.

I recommend this product to every track athlete

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer November 16, 2016
I recommend this product to every track athlete. Use it and I bet you will roll up like a monster. My teammates think I’m an animal since I started using this product...


Great stuff!

Amazon Verified Purchaser mm September 29, 2016
I swear by these for endurance exercise- biking, running- been using them for years. I feel like they help me go longer and less muscle soreness.

Helps me run faster

Amazon Verified Purchaser R Smith September 24, 2016
Love this stuff!


I've used these for biking for years with no cramps ...

Amazon Verified Purchaser Outdoor Momma September 12, 2016
I've used these for biking for years with no cramps. My son was cramping with his runs and started with them, now he swears by it!

Definitely able to jog further

Amazon Verified Purchaser Larry N. September 4, 2016
Usually I jog around 4-5 a week, averaging about 4 miles a day. This product seems to help with cramps and soreness in muscles, mainly legs obviously. Which of course has led to improved endurance. I am definitely able to jog further and longer after taking this product.


After reading the plethora of great reviews I decided to get some

Amazon Verified Purchaser Mjolnir August 20, 2016
This item popped up as something Amazon thought I would be interested in. After reading the plethora of great reviews on the product I decided to get a bottle for myself, always need something to keep the wheels going for my races. From the first time I took them before a long training session on the trail they worked; fatigue was delayed and I felt that I could go longer and harder. Even taking them after my workout minimized the soreness in my legs. I do downhill and uphill lunges for 100 yards so usually my quads and glutes are fried the next day and quite sore but it was very reduced. They don't take away the fatigue completely so you still know not to go crazy and really hurt your muscles but they are a huge help. I have continued using them and am still not disappointed.


Amazon Verified Purchaser SCHLOCKLT August 19, 2016
One of the best endurance products you can buy... take the required dosage an hour before a run and then 1-2 pills every other mile and I PR'd my marathon time on a training run!!!!

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser imagine August 3, 2016
use this regularly on long runs.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser R395 August 3, 2016
Great supplement for any runner or cyclist.

These seem to help stop dead legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Stephanie M. July 26, 2016
These seem to help. You take 1 capsule per 50 lbs approx before exercise and every 2 hrs and after for recovery. I only take them before and during marathons, bicycle rally stops and triathlons. They seem to help with all of the above.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Claude Uehara July 23, 2016
Great product, use it for running and biking, keeps the burn away.

Surprised, actually!

Amazon Verified Purchaser SFG June 28, 2016
Works as advertised! First time I've tried any supplement of the sort, but it does help. First time using, had markedly less 'burn' (after 2 miles which is when it generally starts kicking in for me) and was able to finish my run much stronger. Very pleased.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Diana Grandeen June 16, 2016
Seemed to be effective and felt no soreness whatsoever after my 10 mile run!

No deadlegs with Sportlegs

Amazon Verified Purchaser Julie June 15, 2016
I purchase this product repeatedly for running. It cuts down on the lactic acid buildup. It served me well on 30K mountain trail race as well as a road marathon.

Pleasantly surprised. Helps me run better.

Amazon Verified Purchaser TJ Landon June 4, 2016
Been running better since I started taking this supplement. I used to run when I was in my 20s. Now I'm 48 and gradually getting back into running for my health. From being overweight and barely able to walk for 20 minutes about 2+ years ago, I've gradually been able to run 5+ miles in an hour 3 times a week. Progress was slow but steady. My legs felt so heavy and would hurt every time I ran. Even when I took prescription pain medication for my tennis elbow, I'd feel pain in my leg muscles when I ran.
I found out about this product from a friend who is a physical therapist and triathlete. This supplement works for him so I wanted to try it for myself. So far I've been satisfied with this product. I've been taking them before heading out to run. Now I no longer feel the same heaviness and pain in my legs when I'm running. This supplement has made it easier for me to run. I can sustain a faster pace much longer than before. Most important for me, my legs don't feel like logs anymore so running feels like fun again. I am pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone who's in a similar boat.

Swear by Sportlegs customer May 13, 2016
I'm a runner always looking to improve my abilities. I've run a few marathons and I swear by taking this product before each race. I bought these as a suggestion from friends and the idea is that they help with the lactic acid in your legs during long bouts of cardio. For me, this keeps my legs feeling fresh for longer as I'm pounding the pavement. I also believe that this product helps with recovery and soreness.

Works as advertised

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer May 9, 2016
I used it for the first time today and it really works. I beat my usual run time and with less effort.

Never do a cardio workout without Sportlegs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Lance R May 9, 2016
I hope I never find myself at race morning without any Sportlegs! It's my secret weapon!

I would highly recommend this product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer May 1, 2016
Was introduced to this product while in Hawaii running. My husband is a cyclist and we both use the product to help prevent the build up of lactic acid in our legs after a hard workout. I would highly recommend this product.

Feeling Serious Gains in Muscle Endurance and a Reduction in Post-Run Soreness.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Craig Marsh April 4, 2016
Only having used this product for a week now, I am very impressed with the level of improvement thus far. I am able to endure longer and faster runs with very little lactic acid build-up during or residual following my runs. Being out in Afghanistan, dealing with the heat and other distractions are enough without having to worry about hitting the lactic acid wall - which I am confident is now behind me.


Amazon Verified Purchaser Mrs. March 26, 2016
My cute niece introduced this to me and I have to tell you it is truly a MIRACLE pill! I can finally ride my road bike long distances without cramping and being miserable. I rode 60 miles without training and did amazingly well! Believe me I was out of shape! I use this product for running and biking all the time now! I wish I would have only known about it LONG ago! Exercise is not miserable anymore!!!

Glad I finally found Sportlegs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser V. McDonald-Hobbs March 9, 2016
I am 56 and a runner. I've tried them 3 times for runs varying from 4-8 miles and I like Sportlegs. I no longer have the soreness and aches that typically follow my runs, especially when doing hills. I'm preparing for a few half marathons this year and plan to use Sportlegs when training. I'm not an elite athlete and didn't expect to be faster, but they work for me! I just want to run without the side effects. I still foam roll, stretch and strength train as I should though. Oh yeah, they don't upset my stomach at all. Just remember to drink plenty of water and continue to replenish electrolytes.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Blessed20 March 7, 2016
Works great! I use it every time I go running!

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser The White Puma February 24, 2016
If you're a runner, tri guy/gal or a cyclist you need this in your life.

The Best!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Glenn Robinson December 12, 2015
The Best!!! Will not ski, run or hike without them!


Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser ByAmazon Customer December 12, 2015
Great for running

 Four Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Lori Ann Boan November 29, 2015
This is great supplement to help recover, especially those who run.

Works for long runs.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Steve W. Moore November 20, 2015
Great and effective product!

My brother recommended this and my husband bought them for me

Amazon Verified Purchaser Target Shopper November 18, 2015
WORKS WONDERS!!! I had a side cramp EVERY time I ran that I could not get rid of. I adjusted what I drank, how much, what I ate and when I ate but nothing helped! My brother recommended this and my husband bought them for me. It helped the very first run and I thought it was a fluke but has helped ever since! I have some yoga students of mine who cramp up during class and this has made a HUGE difference! One client even takes it at night before bed and it's helped him with night leg cramps! LOVE THIS PRODUCT, life saver!

I’m sold.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer November 12, 2015
I'm an avid runner and work long hours on my feet. I realized this stuff was working the day after the first time I took it. I took the suggested dosage before and after a 10 mile run. The next day I ran up a flight of steps (which usually causes immediate burning) and I felt fine! I now take a dose halfway through my long days and it helps A LOT! I'm sold.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michaelj2377 October 27, 2015
Was very skeptical but I really think they work. Would definitely recommend for distance runners who get leg cramps. I ran a marathon pain free, usually I cramp up pretty bad towards the end or right after.


Great for workouts, running, or riding

Amazon Verified Purchaser Phil Cooper September 28, 2015
Great stuff...use it often


Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Emem September 17, 2015
Love this product. Helps a lot with recovery after your long runs.

It seems it really does work.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kai Griebenow August 29, 2015
I used this on occasion before and wasn't sure whether it was a placebo effect that made me feel better. However, today I ran 13.4 miles in the morning without taking SportLegs - and my legs felt very tired. I rested up and later during the day ran 6.7 miles again after taking 3 capsules of SportLegs. My legs felt great and I ran a very good time on my local hill climb and even practiced some strides later in the run. Either I have amazing recovery capabilities or this stuff works. I think it is the second. I just ordered more.

I love Sportlegs. Permanent for me. customer August 28, 2015
I took Sportlegs and am fascinated. This is the product I have been looking for for years. I have trouble jogging long distances and Sportlegs has reduced my difficulty by a great deal. I would recommend this to anyone who has trouble with endurance sports.

Sport Legs Do Help!!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Karen Sissons August 17, 2015
We use this product before every run, event, Triathlon we do and we are definitely less sore because of them. Love the product.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser M. Vair August 10, 2015
Definitely seem to help me on my long runs, and keeping my legs from cramping.

Results may vary....

Amazon Verified Purchaser Caroline July 27, 2015
I was skeptical when I ordered these pills, but since I am training for a hilly half marathon, I figured it couldn't hurt. So far, I am really enjoying these pills. I have used them for post-run and before long runs... I prefer to use them for recovery but they're pretty good when running too. I definitely notice that my legs feel fresh if I use them after a run. I can't say that I have the same results if I take them before a run... I do feel like I can go harder on hills with less burn though. I had no problems when taking these on an empty stomach - I took two pills with water before a run and was fine. These may not be right for everyone, but I am satisfied with the purchase so far. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to try them.

Four Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser KimO. July 24, 2015
Great for running

Great product.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Laydown for a Sale July 17, 2015
Great product. I purchased it two nights ago. Took the first few pills before my AM run today, and finished the run 2.5mi without any cramping.


a MUST for hard courses and hot weather

Amazon Verified Purchaser EP July 10, 2015
A friend recommended these, and (admittedly) I'm a bit of a purist when it comes to supplements in athletic activity. But I am 100% converted. These are UNREAL. I take them only AFTER activity (trail running/hiking/running mainly), not during as is also allowed. Still, there is significant (if not total) reduction in my soreness. Super strenuous activities used to put me out of commission for days due to soreness. But now with Sportlegs, I can maintain my active lifestyle - even the day after a 35 mile trail run!

I use before running and it's amazing how good my legs feel

Amazon Verified Purchaser Estab0n May 28, 2015
My legs have been cramping at night and with SportLegs the problem has been solved. I also use before running and it's amazing how good my legs feel - I highly recommend.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Susan C. Friederich May 9, 2015
Used it during running and biking events. Did what it said it would do! Will buy it again.

Four Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Tommy R Garrison April 21, 2015
I could tell a difference on my long runs and recovery.


The best product on the market customer Jacques Cheatham April 1, 2015
By far the best product I've ordered for running. Tried numerous products. Nothing can compare to Sportlegs. Thank you!

Use before and after run to greatly decrease soreness

Amazon Verified Purchaser D. Weston April 8, 2015
I used this before several of my longer runs (10 miles or more) and noticed some difference in both "dead legs" during the run and a slight lack of soreness after the run. Where it REALLY shines (for me at least) is when I took the same dosage after my run that I did before. The best example is when I went for 20 miles (which normally leaves me creaky and slow-moving for a couple of days after) and had almost no soreness the next day after using Sportlegs before and after the run.



Amazon Verified Purchaser M. Wolfe March 18, 2015
I've just started using this product. Last Sunday, I ran my 10th full marathon. Never ever has my recovery been so quick. Usually, the next few days after the race, I am limping - really hardly walking the day after. This time around, I trained with and used this product during the race. Took 3 before, two after two hours and another one after the race with my recovery drink. I limped to my car after the finish but I was walking almost normal the very next day with little discomfort. And today, I have resumed working out (Crossfit) and did OK. Maybe I'll be back up and running again tomorrow. REALLY AWESOME PRODUCT WHICH I'M SURE HELPED WITH MY RECOVERY AND PERFORMANCE.

Five stars.  

Amazon Verified Purchaser SIMON D FLORES JR March 10, 2015
Sportlegs capsules work well to help reduce fatigue during long runs or walks. After running, I have experienced less time to recover from long runs and events. Did San Diego Half Marathon on March 8, 2015. I find that Sportlegs also reduced the occurrence of muscle cramping for me. Two days later, going off for recovery run and I will take my Sportlegs before the workout.

Worked great for my full marathons

Amazon Verified Purchaser Christopher E. Scott March 9, 2015
I used this product twice for recent marathons and the product worked for me as described. My legs felt great throughout both races with tons of energy. I am a 46 year old female and ran PR's in both races (3:34:00 and 3:28:55). My legs also felt very good the next day with minimal soreness. I will use this product for every half marathon and marathon I run now.

They work for me !!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Alejandra February 26, 2015
They helped me a lot ... I take 2 after my long runs 18 to 26 miles, and the next day my legs are like brand new !!! This product works great for me.

works well!

Amazon Verified Purchaser robin January 5, 2015
These work. They've been my staple through a lot of long hard rides and runs.....very long rides and runs. Most importantly, you don't get the lactic acid after race problems.


Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Adrienne M Bruemmer January 2, 2015
For a runner, this stuff rocks!


Use it for long runs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser J/D. December 8, 2014
Great stuff. Helped me power through a Spartan Beast (12+ miles) and Tough Mudders on back to back days.

It really works

Amazon Verified Purchaser mm November 10, 2014
i normally dont buy into supplements..but I got a sample in a race goodie bag -did a little research and found nothing but good remarks -I really feel better after long runs and races. it really minimizes muscle soreness post hard exercise My son even started using them before his varsity games. ive been using sport legs for a couple years now.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser healthygirl November 9, 2014
I take these before long runs and I really think they help reduce the soreness in my legs.

Helps prevent the burning in your legs and back!

Amazon Verified Purchaser CL November 2, 2014
Helps prevent the burn! Great for running!



Amazon Verified Purchaser Derek August 31, 2014

Fantastic for running. I for one hate running but know it's value as cardio. this stuff helps me run longer and faster. Shaved 47 seconds off my 2 mile run time with it, also reduces my soreness after distance runs a lot.


Great product! my husband used these when he was...

Amazon Verified Purchaser Frances Eary July 14, 2014
Great product! my husband used these when he was mountain bike racing and when I started running for my half marathon I used to complain that my legs were sore after my long training runs, so I started using them before and during my training. This product really helped. I took it before my half and after I finished and I hardly felt any soreness the next day.

Get this!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Paulie May 25, 2014
This increases the time I can run comfortably by about 25 percent. You feel it when you forget to take it.

they really work

Amazon Verified Purchaser Go Joe Go May 7, 2014
I have been using Sportlegs for a few years and they really work. I just finished my 103rd marathon and I had absolutely NO lactate buildup with very minimal soreness in my quads and hamstrings. I coach long distance runners and I highly recommend this product.

Trust me, I'm a scientist customer Todd April 29, 2014
I found out about Sportlegs because my mother who runs long distances every weekend and races every other month swears by these. It seems to make the difference between being able to do a long run or bike with less pain and without (as much of) the feeling of wanting to stop after several miles because your legs just don't want to go any more. If you're wanting to try something new to take your workout to the next level, it's a small price to pay to find out for yourself. You don't have to take it every time you run or bike, just when you know you're wanting to go the extra mile. Because you're not taking it all the time you probably don't have to worry about your body doing something weird with it.


Amazon Verified Purchaser RUNNER VB April 1, 2014
As a runner who gets frustrated by pain around mile 8, I find taking Sport Legs only an hour before long runs really helps me push through pain to reach my goals of 13.1 miles. I love Sport Legs!



Amazon Verified Purchaser Jasper Peralta March 5, 2014
I really really like this product. I have been training for full marathon and Sportlegs does work, lessening the soreness.


Just tried them and noticed a difference.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Lee Smith February 9, 2014
I've been running for a couple of years and longs runs (anything over 6 miles) always kill my legs. On 2/2/14, I ran the Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon in New Orleans as I'd done the year before. This year I was hurting by mile 5 and had to walk several times throughout the race. I took 4 (recommended 1 pill per 50 lbs) Sportlegs one hour before I went for my 4:30 AM run and my splits stayed the same for most of the 6.5 miles and improved on a couple miles. Took 4 more upon returning as directed. Maybe it's a physiological or placebo effect, but either way I'll continue out the bottle and update this after that.


Great product for runners!

Amazon Verified Purchaser JunBug December 17, 2013
I tried this based on the reviews by other users and I would say this really works, most notably it helps me push my limits further! I highly recommend this for runners!

Helped me cross the finish line!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jill Angeles December 16, 2013
I was a bit skeptical buying this capsule because no one I know has taken this product before. I haven't been good at training for my races, so every time I do a long run, my legs always feel tired during the run and super sore after the run. Scared at the prospect of running the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco with sub-par training, I decided to purchase this product and hope for the best.
Was I glad I did! I took the pills as instructed and I really believe it helped me finish the race. Those hills in San Francisco are killers, but I didn't feel as tired and didn’t feel like giving up. It helped me push through those hills, and helped me cross the finish line.
I would recommend SportLegs to all my runner friends.

Can't train without it...

Amazon Verified Purchaser V. Chen November 4, 2013
I wish I had a scientific explanation for why this stuff works (for me) but I don't. All I know is that this product does wonders for the endurance athlete.
I use this extensively during my marathon training and it helps me feel fresher, longer. The additional benefit is that after my long runs of 17-20 miles, I still feel energetic enough to do things afterwards. There was a period of 2 weeks where I ran out and forgot to place an order of extra pills. I was essentially useless after my long runs where I was completely drained afterwards. Once my new shipment arrived, my training rebounded.

Works to Keep Lactic Acid away and speed recovery

Amazon Verified Purchaser R Maxfield October 30, 2013
Marathon runner - love this supplement. Take an hour before a long run and after to reduce any resulting lactic acid build up and consequent soreness.

Pretty good

Amazon Verified Purchaser KIM AALTONEN October 30, 2013
I definitely think this helped me in recovering. I am not a professional runner and training for my first marathon. Started using SportLegs a couple of weeks ago and can feel the difference. And no side effects at all.

Good Supplement

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kevin October 21, 2013

First heard of this product many years ago when I was a cyclist. Now that I am a distance runner, I continue to use it in my training and always on race day. Seems to do as advertised...delay the onset of lactic acid fatigue in the muscles. Seems as though I can run longer and at a slightly faster rate. I would recommend this product to runners and cyclists.

My husband's holy grail

Amazon Verified Purchaser Raquel Perez October 20, 2013
This is another of my husband's holy grail supplement products. As a marathoner, he truly believes that Sportlegs helps build his endurance. He says that when he takes his Sportlegs, he's less prone to Charlie horses.


Great for those long training runs

Amazon Verified Purchaser TO runner October 18, 2013
I take these before, during and after my long runs. They help with soreness and recovery--I notice the difference if I don't take them!


OK, it works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer October 13, 2013
There is so much junk out there and so many of these dumb reviews by people who I wonder if even purchased the product. I have purchased and used SportLegs. I cannot explain it, but the stuff works. I notice less fatigue in my legs during a run. They are just generally more comfortable. This does not mean I turned into the bionic man. However, there is noticeably more capacity for my legs to work without the same level of lactic acid build up. I have not used the product for post-run recovery yet, so I cannot comment on that. Could it be all in my head? Perhaps, but it would be lonely as there is not much else up there. I take a lot of supplements and I really think I am a fair judge. If the stuff did not work, I would know. I am very comfortable recommending this product to runners. I feel I got benefit from it that was worth the cost. I hope you find this helpful. Now... go out and run and quit fooling around on Amazon!