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My secret weapon for sports training.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Sean Rutkowski May 16, 2018
I have been using SportLegs for 15 years as my secret weapon to out-ski/out-bike/out-hike my friends. What SportLegs does for me is reduce lactic acid in my muscles. This allows me to train longer and more often. If only I knew about SportLegs when I was in my 20's, But now as a 50 year old athlete I rely on SportLegs to keep up with the kids. It is made of 3 natural ingredients Calcium, Magnesium, and vitamin D. I first found out about SportLegs during the Heavenly Valley Gunbarrel 25, a mogul skiing marathon. I have been sold from that day on. There is only one drawback that SportLegs works so well that it is possible to overtrain because you feel so strong, so stick to scheduled days off. One bonus, when you have the flu your aches and pains are cut in half with SportLegs.

Feel a significant difference. Wow!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer November 14, 2012
My doctor, an avid cyclist, recommended Sportlegs when I was first getting back into the gym after years of not working out. My biggest problem in returning to the gym was very low endurance in my thighs (strength training, Stairmaster, treadmill, etc.) I was miserable just trying to finish the workouts assigned by my trainer. By adding SPORTLEGS to my pre-workout routine, I was able to significantly reduce the muscle burn that was keeping me from finishing strong. I'm buying a larger supply today.

This stuff FLAT OUT WORKS!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer February 6, 2017
This stuff FLAT OUT WORKS! I have tried many many vitamins, supplements, proteins etc.. If it claimed it would make you lose weight, gain muscle, go faster, go longer I probably tried it. And some of them probably - kinda worked to some degree or another but many did not.
I originally was looking for something that would reduce soreness after a work out. I am 53 years old and my recovery is not what it used to be. After a hard cycling ride I would be so sore the next day that it was effecting my riding. Often I'd have to take the day off and only riding every other day.
SportLegs has changed all that. Not only is the soreness greatly reduced. I can now ride harder for longer without the lactic burn we all are familiar with. My Functional Threshold Power has improved almost 20 percent almost immediately and my average speed on longer rides has increased significantly.
Be sure and follow the instructions exactly. Once I took the pills just a few minutes before a ride and it upset my stomach and the effects did not kick in until the end of the ride and did not seem as good.
Unlike many products you will know this product is working on your first ride and the soreness the next day will be greatly reduced.
If you are doing any endurance activity Sportlegs will help improve performance and recovery.

Betters his best day ever- by 29.5%:

I have done the Matt Furey Hindu squats for years and have maxed out at 475 reps at my best. I had a sample of the SportLegs and wanted to see what they would do for me.  As recommended, I took them (4) exactly 1 hour before I worked out. I was amazed and felt like the Lactate Threshold was delayed (maybe even tricked) and I was able to do an incredible 615 reps (a 29.5% improvement). The burn started much later than it had occurred in previous maxed-out sessions. I also feel that my legs don’t get as sore no matter how hard I work out, whether I do bodyweight exercises or intense intervals on the bike. The Sportlegs are 100% natural and have no side effects and you only take them as needed for your resistance or intense workouts.   You've got to give these things a try. -
Dr. Joe Sheppard, Amelia, Ohio

Another five star review!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Carmen M. Spangler May 20, 2017
I was a bit skeptical, after seeing the positive reviews, but decided to give Sportlegs a try. I'm a 55 year old runner and organ donor, I've taken up running four years ago, lost 30 pounds but I struggled with fatigue after hitting 7 miles.
I tried Sportlegs today, and bam, I cut 30 seconds off each mile, did 8:15 no problem.
I took the dose afterwards for recovery, and then, went on and worked on my yard for three hours and I've gotta say, I feel great!!!

I've gotta get me another bottle of the stuff!!!
So I heartily recommend it!!!
Five stars for me!

No more severe start-up muscle pain

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer May 16, 2017
I'm middle aged and work a lot of hours, so I tend to be off-again/on-again in the gym. This product consistently prevents severe muscle pain when I get back into the gym after a long time of being out. It has saved me a ton of pain and helped me get back into the gym more smoothly than in the past. I originally found it at a bicycle shop and am glad I decided to try it. Amazon has a good price and shipped it quickly. Great buy.




Amazon Verified Purchaser Jeanette Paulsen September 8, 2019
I am so impressed by these capsules!!! I started up at the gym, after a year absent, and I go pretty straight to the point. In the past, my muscles are killing me the first week.... but I tried these Sportlegs supplements (3 one hour before workout, and 3 after), and it is THE BEST.... the soreness goes from 100% to 10%. I keep pushing myself and take my capsules, now on week 3, and all I can say: If you work out, gym, running, bicycling or whatever you enjoy (and you like to push yourself to new levels), THIS IS IT. Highly, highly recommend these super capsules....

100% effective for these old knees

Amazon Verified Purchaser Lana March 8, 2018
I take these as a post-workout recovery supplement after long runs (for me, 8-13 miles) and this product definitely cuts my recovery time in half. I am much less sore the next day. It mostly helps relieve the soreness in my knees, which is exactly what I need after going thru knee surgeries. I highly recommend this product to those who want to recover and heal quickly after an intense lower body workout.

It actually works.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer February 19, 2018
It actually works. For extending workouts, gaining endurance, gaining power, it just works. Recovery is another added benefit as well. It’s just incredible.

They work!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Jake Kowalski January 5, 2018
We use these for skiing and mountain biking (racing) and they do help keep the legs from burning as advertised. Hey, we need all the help we can get at age 60+!

Love this stuff. customer December 27, 2017
I love Sportlegs. I take it before I go on hard workouts and also when I’m done. I feel much less soreness next day and I can go out again.

Works as advertised!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Chris November 1, 2017
I’m not a big supplement user but took the advice of an older friend who is in awesome shape for his age. Glad I took the advice because this stuff allows me to bounce back after some brutal training sessions. I’ve used it for CrossFit, rucking, and long mountain bike rides all with great results.

It works, period

Amazon Verified Purchaser H L H August 5, 2017
I have used SLs for years with great consistent results. Rode across Iowa (RAGBRAI) 2 weeks ago, had adequate training but at age 60+ I wanted to avoid cramps if possible. I weigh 155 lbs, took 3 SLs every 1 1/2 hours and stayed hydrated. Presto, no cramps, not even twinges. Enough said!

No more severe start-up muscle pain

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer May 16, 2017
I'm middle aged and work a lot of hours, so I tend to be off-again/on-again in the gym. This product consistently prevents severe muscle pain when I get back into the gym after a long time of being out. It has saved me a ton of pain and helped me get back into the gym more smoothly than in the past. I originally found it at a bicycle shop and am glad I decided to try it. Amazon has a good price and shipped it quickly. Great buy.

Even good for those night time leg cramps

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer September 29, 2016
This is the one thing that keeps cramps away and gives my 70 year old legs the power to pedal on and on. It is even good for those night time leg cramps when nothing the doc recommends works.

Five stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser John F Britton August 7, 2016
It works. I don't really try for records as I am 58 but posted my 2 fastest times on two routes without trying too hard! Guess I was pausing to get lactic acid out but now don't have to. I am a believer. Between that and the electrolytes and or coconut water I don't have cramps either.

It does work for me.

Amazon Verified Purchaser A. Espinsa July 16, 2016
For me it works for rides longer than 2 hours. On those rides I discovered that it’s best to take the recommended dose one hour before the ride start and them 1.5 hrs into the ride. It does delay muscle fatigue and cramps. Note that I always drink plenty of water and electrolytes during the ride. I'm 45 years old.
For the not so young riders like myself, this supplement does help me keep up with stronger riders that otherwise will leave me a mile behind.
I also noticed than when taken after a long ride (50+ miles) it reduces chances of painful cramps and speeds up recovery.

I like Sportlegs

Customer Bob June 14, 2016
I use Sportlegs regularly because it helps me go faster, longer, stronger in timed events. I'm 69 1/2 years old and my main sport is cycling. I have 2 bikes that I use, a $12K road bike and TT bike of similar value. I'm just an amateur but I ride hard and as fast as I can just to keep up with the 24-45 year olds I ride with on their "slow" rides cruising at 22-25 MPH. It's all I can do to draft these guys and I found Sportlegs makes a definite difference in my antique legs being able to keep up. I still get dropped when they pick up the speed to 26-30 but overall it's harder for them to shake the old guy off of the back than it used to be. I've ridden with the use of Sportlegs and without to see if it's just my imagination and discovered it's not just my imagination. I have a pretty high pain threshold but my legs feel much better when I use Sportlegs and I go much further and faster with a lot less pain than without using it. I've been beating times from 3-6 years ago and I'm not supposed to do that because I'm elderly according to whoever makes those statistical decisions. I'm not attributing all of my improvements to Sportlegs but my comfort level under the duress of trying to hang with a bunch of kids is much greater than without it. My bikes are about as good as you can get so I'm working on the engine more than ever and Sportlegs is a fuel additive works for me.

The magic bullet for cramps and soreness.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ronalb May 12, 2016
This product works for me. For many years I experienced strong cramps during all of my long road bike rides, 50+ miles. I was having a great ride aiming at 80 mi. averaging around 16+ mph when I started having typical cramps. A cycling buddy offered me a few. Taking them I didn't expect much though I had seen them promoted at big rides. Amazingly, in a few minutes the cramps were gone and I was feeling strong again. Oh, I forgot to say I am 67 years young. But, I'm a youngster compared to my 80+ riding buddies. I use SportLegs for every ride that will go past an hour, 15+ mi.
I've introduced my neighbor to them who is a marathoner. He likes them and he is usually in the top 3 in his age and offer placing in top 10 of male runners. He's in his mid 50's and going to Boston next year!
Sports Legs is the FOOD I have always needed to help me achieve my goals.

Very recommended for any kind of hard physical activity

Amazon Verified Purchaser Andy Top Contributor: Cycling April 9, 2016
No more sore legs after bicycling, nor crappy feeling after hard work journeys (I work in the Service Industry and commute/run errands on bicycle).
Follow the instructions to the letter- first dosage 1/2 hour before workout, then every 2 hours throughout the journey.
Dosage is 1 capsule for every 50 lbs of body weight; round it up. I.E., weigh between 186 and 191 lbs, take four capsules.
No noticeable side effects on digestive system or interference with my BP medication, even after several days taking the supplement. (In any case consult your physician and take precautions if you are on some medication!).
Being now 57, my natural recovery from intense physical activity is not what it used to be, so much that I considered changing my professional activity, and dreaded longer bikes rides. Not anymore since I take this supplement. It really works!
Highly recommended.

Would definitely recommend.

REI customer March 23, 2016
This product was recommended to by a triathlete to my son while my son played in his high school soccer state championship weekend. My son loved it. I started using it because I'm 51 and play basketball 3 times a week. My legs were starting to feel like spaghetti so I started using it. Night and day. My legs and overall energy are back to where I am happy playing sports again.

Glad I finally found Sportlegs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser V. McDonald-Hobbs March 9, 2016
I am 56 and a runner. I've tried them 3 times for runs varying from 4-8 miles and I like Sportlegs. I no longer have the soreness and aches that typically follow my runs, especially when doing hills. I'm preparing for a few half marathons this year and plan to use Sportlegs when training. I'm not an elite athlete and didn't expect to be faster, but they work for me! I just want to run without the side effects. I still foam roll, stretch and strength train as I should though. Oh yeah, they don't upset my stomach at all. Just remember to drink plenty of water and continue to replenish electrolytes.

At 72 I use all the help I can get

Amazon Verified Purchaser david dahlby March 9, 2016
At 72 I use all the help I can get. I take 3 before a ride then three more after 2 to 3 hrs, finish do another hour and never have sore legs the next day. A lot of stretching, some weight work, ice and heat facilitate the recovery.

Keeps 64-year-old riding and racing

Amazon Verified Purchaser Valerie Baker February 5, 2016
Got these for my husband who is a 64 year old who still rides his dirt bike for fun and competition! He swears by them and recommends them to our customers all the time (we own a bike shop).

Remarkable muscle recovery! Not sore the next day! customer October 14, 2015
My husband purchased this to help with his running routine, as he is just returning to the activity. I read the instructions and product information and realized that it would be beneficial for ANY extra physical activity. I have fibromyalgia and on days that I am performing an increased physical workload such as painting, exercise, or cleaning, I take a couple tabs before, during, and after my activity. At the end of my heavier days, I have been tired but not in pain. The next day, I am no worse than before! That is AMAZING! My husband has had similar results with no additional soreness from exercise or increased workload. We are extremely happy to have located this product and will continue to purchase and recommend!

Sportlegs capsules....

Amazon Verified Purchaser Peter Stanley September 4, 2015
After taking the product, I embarked upon a session of a very extreme sport to see if I could get through the session w/o legs cramping. I was able to complete the session w/o cramping, however, there was slight cramping during the subsequent night as I slept. I stress "slight cramping" which is an improvement. I feel most importantly that mitigation of the major cramping during the session was a complete success and I intend to use the capsules before every session from now on and would recommend the capsules to anyone suffering the same symptoms.

Awesome product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Angel M. Gutierrez August 13, 2015
This product is amazing. Initially I thought that my suffering endurance was due to age, injuries, and lack of oxygen, but lactic threshold never crossed my mind. After taking this product my recovery from training has improved greatly and I am hitting new PR's with each session. I recommend this product to anyone wanting to up the ante in their personal fitness.

Keeps 69-year-old riding

Amazon Verified Purchaser robert bitterlie July 24, 2015
The product was great on my bike rides. After about 4 before the ride and 2 every hour, no burn at all. I can really put out on my hard days. Last tues I rode 50 miles with 3000 climbing. Sat 65 miles hard and fast. Sept 14 I will be 70 yrs old. My bike is a custom Holland $ 11,000. I don't fool around. I am very driven about my workouts and I need something that works. Sportlegs does just that.......It works

My Secret Weapon

Amazon Verified Purchaser Durango Mountain Biker June 3, 2015
I call these my "old man legs." I am 53, and I stopped professional racing only 5 years ago. Without SportLegs I would not be able to pedal pain free. I use them prior to a ride, after 3 hours if I am still riding, and if it has been a "major" ride, I will take them afterwards as well.

No longer skeptical

Amazon Verified Purchaser kseaman44 May 28, 2015
I was skeptical about Sportlegs claims, but I read about it online and decided to give it a try. I'm training for a 100-mile bike ride in a few months after a layoff that's lasted for years, so I've been battling a lot of muscle soreness due to lactic acid buildup (I'm 57). The manufacturer's claim is that it will all but eliminate it so workouts can last longer and be more productive. I was already very sore from upping my weight workout intensity, but by an hour or so after taking three of these capsules the pain was almost completely gone. I've used it since by taking it within a few minutes after training, and I've had no more pain. None. I'm amazed at how well it's worked for me. I'll definitely be reordering.

This product is like magic.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Cynthia May 9, 2015
This product is like magic... pain in my legs after rigorous exercise was lessened by 90%. But you need to take this 1 hr. before exercise and the next day even if you don't have plans to exercise. Love it!

Worked great for my full marathons

Amazon Verified Purchaser Christopher E. Scott March 9, 2015
I used this product twice for recent marathons and the product worked for me as described. My legs felt great throughout both races with tons of energy. I am a 46 year old female and ran PR's in both races (3:34:00 and 3:28:55). My legs also felt very good the next day with minimal soreness. I will use this product for every half marathon and marathon I run now.

Great Stuff!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer March 1, 2015
I use this when I go snow skiing once a year. Definitely helps muscle recovery time & minimizes lactic acid = soreness in my legs. This is very important to me as a 53 year old female who is NOT in as good physical condition as I used to be. SportLegs definitely helps this old gal keep up on the slopes!

Great product for not acting your age

Amazon Verified Purchaser jack skaggs January 30, 2015
Great product. I use it before each bike ride. It’s allowed me to stay with the fast guys... and I'm 65.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Ranger63 December 31, 2014
I cannot speak for anyone else but this stuff works for we older cyclists.


Love my Sport Legs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kim Deardorff December 19, 2014
Great stuff!! I have 66-year old legs & it works for me. I play tennis 4 times a week. I not only have "sport legs", but also happy ones!

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Happy Camper November 5, 2014
Works great for this 40-something skier!

I think the stuff works!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Donald L. Paisley September 3, 2014
I think this stuff really works. At 64 I play a lot of softball, tennis, pickleball, and bicycle. Some of these activities make your quads scream with pain that can last for days. Taking four capsules an hour in advance really reduces the pain. I tried SportLegs on a lark. I keep buying them so I can keep playing my sports.

Can't ride long distance without it.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Roland Kohr May 22, 2014
I suffer from bad cramps when riding more than 25 miles. On the Ride Across Indiana (160 miles in one day) it is the only way I can finish. I am 59, and last year finished in the top 1/3 of registrants

No brainer!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser William Corbett May 13, 2014
Sportlegs do exactly what they say. They won't build your muscles, but they'll take the sting out of the process of the work it takes to build your legs. They are the ideal item for ski trips, bike trips and even Disney trips (for those of us that aren't excellent walkers).

seems to help

Amazon Verified Purchaser babasaurus April 22, 2014
I was skeptical at first. I was a division one athlete in college, and played for 4 years without any fancy aids. That's just what we all did at the time. Now that I am decades older, I need all the help I can get. This product does seem to really help. It seems like it has reduced cramping during vigorous exercise and seems to decrease soreness and stiffness on the day after. I already bought another bottle.

WORKS FOR ME “LD”, Sacramento April 6, 2014
60 year old cyclist. I have been using Sportlegs for 5 years. Great results on long hard rides. On big climbs the difference is remarkable. Great for recovery. I only share this 'secret' with my friends. It is worth a try for you.


Amazon Verified Purchaser RD Wicker February 16, 2014
These work. You go hard. You get cramps from lactic acid accumulating inside your "called upon" muscles. This helps flush that acid from your muscles. Buy it. ESPECIALLY if you need to go hard again the next day... And you’re over 40.

Works for Soccer and Hiking

Amazon Verified Purchaser Semoon Oh October 4, 2013
I am a 59 year old male playing in an over 57 soccer league in New England. I have been plagued with leg cramps all my life even back in College. Leg cramps most often affected me during the second half of the games. By taking Sportlegs, I am now able to play the entire 90 minutes without substitution, which is a huge feat at age 59. It was recommended to me by my older brother who had the same leg cramping issue and was affecting his beloved activity of hiking the Sierra of CA, until he discovered Sportlegs.

Great for old legs

Amazon Verified Purchaser T. Marshall October 2, 2013
I use Sportlegs for soccer and it pretty much eliminates the soreness after even a hard-fought game. No side effects that I've noticed.

It works

Amazon Verified Purchaser slothworld August 18, 2013
Totally works as promised. I felt a difference after the first time. Try the sample pack first, if that works then get the big bottle.

let me keep working out during grad school

Amazon Verified Purchaser Tim W. August 16, 2013
I discovered I loved cross fit but would be so sore I was non functional the next day many times. My husband found sport legs and I started taking it with this I am able to move and function the next day no matter how hard I work out! I was afraid full time grad school was going to put an end to my harder work outs but now I am able to do both.
I LOVE this stuff and highly recommend it to anyone who is no longer 20 something and loves to work out!

Great product

Amazon Verified Purchaser CapeCodMom July 25, 2013
Take one capsule per 50 pounds of body weight one hour before you are going to need it. Then after you abuse yourself in whatever sport you are pursuing :) take an additional capsule per 50 pounds of bodyweight for muscle soreness. This product really helps with lactic acid build up during exertion. I weigh 180 pounds so I take 3 capsules at a time.

Highly recommend

Amazon Verified Purchaser Janice July 8, 2013
My husband and I cycle a lot - century rides twice a month, lots of mountains and hills in Vermont and New Hampshire. Since we are in our 50s we are not the jackrabbits we once were but Sportlegs has definitely made a huge difference in our endurance and ability. I would not be without this supplement!

Amazing product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Daniel M. Katlein March 3, 2013
Sportlegs is amazing. I tried it during a week of helicopter skiing. No more lactic acid build up in the legs at the end of the day. Sportlegs is like the "fountain of youth" for legs.

Big help for the Sports Geezer!

Amazon Verified Purchaser cycleze January 9, 2013
After some weeks of use, I definitely approve of how these help my riding/cycling efforts and also my skiing. I get less 'lactic' burn over an extended ride (40+ mi.), especially if it's a hammerfest with a lot of much younger legs in the pack. 3 tabs, 90 min before, seems to work best for me. Helps me tenaciously hold the wheels of guys half my age (64).

Takes twenty years off your legs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser NewOwner March 5, 2012
This product is amazing! When the old legs just don't want to cooperate any more, whether it be running, walking, or in my case skiing, a dose of Sportlegs takes the pain out of whatever it is you do. On a recent ski trip to Switzerland, even the combination of long ski days and high thin air didn't result in any thigh burn after using Sportlegs. And if it works this well for us older folk, a young pup should be able to run all day. A great find that I've been using for years.

Thank you Amazon!

Amazon Customer Gina Jones October 28, 2011
I've been using Sportlegs for about a month to help with leg fatigue I experience when I do a long run one day and cycle 25 miles the next day. I'm 53 and, to be honest, don't recover from workouts like I did when I was 30...or 40. It really does help! I discovered the difference when I forgot to take them one day before a ride. My first bottle was purchased from the local bike shop but the owner didn't restock so I'm really thankful Amazon has them and can get them to me quickly...before my next ride!

Younger legs NOW

Amazon Verified Purchaser Karen M. Wenger September 12, 2011
In capsule form, this is an easy to swallow product. Ingested about one hour before riding bike, the SportLegs Supplement helps me maintain a vigorous effort for several hours of fast-paced, highly competitive group riding on the rolling hills of Southeast Pennsylvania. I'm very satisfied. There are no side effects, either, beyond the suffering of my riding companions as I jump from the saddle for another tough climb, smiling.

Helps so much

Amazon Verified Purchaser Supergirl July 7, 2011
It seems too good to be true, but honestly, it really does work. I have a habit of signing myself up for the most brutal exercise classes I can find and with that comes some pretty intense muscle pain both during and after the workouts. I do find that the burning in my muscles is significantly reduced when I take Sportlegs. I do still get sore the next day but my workouts are far more intense because I am able to stay in the exercises longer and therefore get much bigger benefits from them.

Works Great! customer Don E. 2010
It is not that often that I've found a product that does exactly what it says it will and this is one.
Yes, I recommend this product.