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Great product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Humberto October 15, 2018
No more cramps when playing long tennis matches!

Life Saver for Preventing Calf Cramps!

Amazon Verified Purchaser choiaxo April 17, 2017
SportLegs has prevented calf cramps for me and has been a life saver during extreme heat, long tennis matches, and tennis tournaments. I've tried magnesium and potassium pills, pickle juice and mustard, but taking SportLegs was the best way to prevent cramps from happening. Remember to take before and after exercise for best results!

Highly recommend!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michele Gula December 20, 2016
I can't say enough good things about this product. I initially received them in a sample pack when I ordered triathlon suits for my daughters. My daughter actually took them after the tri and then headed to a week of volleyball camp. Needless to say...No soreness!!
I then tried them before my first half marathon and both my cousin and I took them & out other friend did not...our friend was sore???? So worth it & recommend for pre and post workouts. Even use them for tennis.

Love my Sport Legs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kim Deardorff December 19, 2014
Great stuff!! I have 66-year old legs & it works for me. I play tennis 4 times a week. I not only have "sport legs", but also happy ones!

Works as advertised.

Amazon Verified Purchaser Josh May 28, 2013
I was really surprised that it actually works! When I'm playing, my legs don't burn up like they usually do. I'm much less sore after playing the next day and recovery time is improved.

Great help for tennis legs!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kim Deardorff July 15, 2011
I am a true believer in this product! Take it before a workout or tennis and I don't have such tired legs afterward. It may be psychological but I think it is much more physiological! I'm 63 and appreciate any help I can get for a better tennis game...GREAT PRODUCT!