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Best product for removal of lactic acid that TRULY works LOVE THEM!!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michelle July 20, 2014
I bought these to have on my 230 mile trek on the John Muir Trail. What a lifesaver!! Never will hike without them ever again! They added extra weight I didn't originally want to carry but I'd ditch a day of food before I'd leave these behind on a hike ever again.
I hiked 16 mile days every day with a 43 pound pack and NEVER once did I wake up with sore legs!
I hiked the Grand Canyon rim to rim for 22 miles with a 25 pound pack, didn't know of sport legs at the time so didn't take any and couldn't move the next day or the day after, not joking.
Honestly, I thought it was another gimmick but thought I needed to give them a try after a fellow hiker recommended them and they turned out to be my best purchase for my trek.

very happy with this product

Amazon Verified Purchaser Kwolf August 18, 2015
Sportlegs work! My wife and I recently did a 1-day trip hiking down the South Kaibab trail, up Bright Angel Trail (Grand Canyon). A total of just shy of 17 miles with about 5300 feet in elevation gain. We took Sportlegs throughout the hike and I'm not kidding you I have never seen my wife hike so fast up a trail. We were hiking with other couples and she was dead set on getting out first and boy did she ever. All that considered, these won't turn you into Superman but they will up your threshold for endurance, very happy with this product.



Great product!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Sven J Svenson March 27, 2018
Works as described. I get a lot of lactic acid build up in my legs when I hike so when I go on a long hike, my legs ache. If I take this before the hike, there is no pain or aching. I also take it after I finish my hike to prevent that next morning soreness in my legs. Works great. It is worth the price.

Incredible stuff

Amazon Verified Purchaser Foxy Pullet March 14, 2018
I've been using this for years for pre-, during and post-skiing and hiking muscle fatigue and soreness. I've tried to understand the mechanics of how it works but the explanation is beyond my comprehension. All I can say is that it makes a huge difference for me so I don't rely on NSAIDS. My husband just used it for post trainer workout soreness and really liked it. He wanted to know if it worked for his arthritic back pain, too. :) It may not cure everything, but it really helps reduce muscle soreness.

They help

jensonusa.com customer February 27, 2018
They help! A must for the crazy trail days of 20 miles or more.

I really like (love) this product and would buy it again

Amazon Verified Purchaser youts January 19, 2018
I really like (love) this product and would buy it again. I am a 77 year old, active hiker, trying to be trail runner and the Sportlegs supplement has helped me tremendously. I find it hard to believe. I don't have the fatigue I use to have while trying to increase my mileage. I will be buying more when my present supply is gone. Helps me with my charley horses a bit. I still have to drink my electro mix water.

Five Stars

Amazon Verified Purchaser Amazon Customer September 11, 2017
Love this stuff! Saves me from cramping on long bike rides and hikes! Great stuff!!

Science for the win

Backcountry.com customer Kyle Smith July 2, 2016
Upon first reading about this product I was not convinced that it would actually work... I was certainly wrong. I am a firm believer in these now and keep them around for long rides, backpacking trips, and peak baggin’. A worthy item to keep around in your riding bag or to bring on every biking trip.

Needed edge

Amazon Verified Purchaser EOidem June 6, 2016
Huge help with hiking 10mi in 95deg sun.

Zero leg cramps

Amazon Verified Purchaser Spoonman May 25, 2016
I was surprised actually, that after an eight mile walk without any previous 'training' I had zero leg cramps. I sure could have used it in Thailand when I was dragging my luggage from the skytrain to the hotel. The was a night I'll never forget! Thanks Sportlegs for having a product that works!

The Best!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Glenn Robinson December 12, 2015
The Best!!! Will not ski, run or hike without them!


Amazon Verified Purchaser KAREN E KELLY December 22, 2014
Fabulous for sore muscle recovery while backpacking!!

Works for Soccer and Hiking

Amazon Verified Purchaser Semoon Oh October 4, 2013
I am a 59 year old male playing in an over 57 soccer league in New England. I have been plagued with leg cramps all my life even back in College. Leg cramps most often affected me during the second half of the games. By taking Sportlegs, I am now able to play the entire 90 minutes without substitution, which is a huge feat at age 59. It was recommended to me by my older brother who had the same leg cramping issue and was affecting his beloved activity of hiking the Sierra of CA, until he discovered Sportlegs.

Surprisingly good results

Amazon Verified Purchaser Michael J. Perkinson October 20, 2010
I ordered this product in hopes it would minimize soreness during some high-intensity backcountry hiking. To test my tolerance I used it during some stairmaster/bike training sessions. Wow, I have been very impressed at how much less soreness I feel! It also seemed to help me recover more quickly.
Consider this - I hiked steep mountains w/ a 30 lb backpack for 6 hrs one day, then 9.5 hrs the next, and the 3rd day I still hopped out of bed w/ no soreness. Wow!
I now take a few of these any time I want to push my body to new limits. It reduces the tired/burning feeling in my legs, seems to speed recovery, and certainly reduces post-workout soreness