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Works good!

Amazon Verified Purchaser Eric T. November 29, 2013
It helped me max my pushups, situps, and score well on my run for the Army physical fitness test.
I purchased this product to give me a little edge for the PT test. I am deployed and have not had a lot of time to run and workout as I usually do. The elevation here is high and I knew my run will suffer and so will my run score.
I bought the pills and used them for a run, I noticed a little increase in my endurance and kept getting second winds. I am not a natural runner, so this is good for me.
PT test time. I took the pills along with some caffeinated energy chews and performed very well on my test.
Make sure you are properly hydrated two days in advance before any big event. I felt good on my run and shaved 40 seconds off my two mile run time in one week. I also felt less tired performing my pushups and situps giving me extra reps to max them both.
I will purchase these again.

Email from elite armed force instructor, identity withheld by request, November 5, 2008:

We have a command directive that we cannot issue and the students cannot utilize ANY supplement of any sort.  This just keeps it level and easy to monitor for safety reasons.  Even though SportLegs is natural, it is still considered a supplement and thus I was unable to do a study with students doing their workouts. 

However, I have implemented a training program in order to accurately assess the effectiveness of the product.  I began using SportLegs before workouts.  I am only 2 weeks into this month of training.  I was planning on going one full month in order to give accurate results, but realized quite quickly that results happen very quickly with SportLegs.  There is no "build-up" period or "getting used to" the product. 
Regimen 1
3.0 mile roundtrip (up and back) hike with 900ft. of elevation gain/loss; 100 lb. load; all other conditions the same (food, water, temperature, humidity, time of day, etc.)
Without SportLegs:  1 hour 09 minutes
With SportLegs:  54 minutes
21.7% improvement
Regimen 2
1 mile ocean swim/4.5 mile soft sand run (training race); (all other variables the same. i.e. time, conditions, surf, temperature, etc.)
Without SportLegs:  1 hour 03 minutes
With SportLegs:     57 minutes
9.5% improvement
Regimen 3
Bodyweight workout:  100 pullups, 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 squats (air squats) for time; (all other variables the same)
Without SportLegs: 18:37
With SportLegs:    16:19
12.4% improvement
Regimen 4
My favorite hill for interval running:  Unsure on the distance from one street sign to the top street sign.  It is a brutal training evolution. 
Without SportLegs: 3 hill sprints where my time is just around 1 min. 05 seconds to 1 min. 12 seconds. After the 3rd hill sprint, my time drops significantly and I go on a run from there.
With SportLegs:  5, yes, 5 hill sprints where I was able to keep a consistent time before dropping down.
Times: 54 seconds, 53 seconds, 53 seconds, 52 seconds, 54 seconds, then a drop down over a minute.  Approximate average improvement 18.5%. I absolutely crushed my time and interval PR's. All other variables were the same. Clothing, nutrition, temperature, time of day, etc.
Regimen 5
24 minute Versaclimber sprint/interval workout; with 20 lb. weightvest
Without SportLegs:  Total feet 1760
With SportLegs:  (and a 50 LB. WEIGHTVEST vs. 20LB. WEIGHTVEST) TOTAL FEET: 2520!
(All other variables the same; i.e. time, conditions, nutrition, hydration)
30.2% improvement despite the jump from a 20lb. weightvest to the 50lb. weightvest! Again, another evolution crushed by the addition of SportLegs.