Improving Athletic Performance

There are illegal performance enhancers. If you use them, you’re cheating.
There are also legal performance enhancers. If you don’t use them, you’re cheating yourself.
Everybody wishes they were in better shape. Every pro athlete. Certainly every weekend athlete.
The standard metric of being in shape is increased Lactate Threshold: Being able to maintain a conversation while the other guys are struggling for breath. Being able to go harder without the agony of muscle “burn.” It takes weeks or even months of training to achieve. You can get a noticeable head start in half an hour with SportLegs. Training won’t feel as hard. You’ll be more competitive. If you’re out of shape, you can skip the embarrassment of struggling at the back of the pack. And if you’re in decent shape, you’ll be able to run with the leaders. Definitely a player.
You still have the moves, the muscle memory. With a little extra fitness, you can be back in the game.
Be the best you can be, legally.™ Take SportLegs. Prevent lactic acid. Outperform your age.™ It’s so healthy, there’s no reason not to.