Is SportLegs an electrolyte supplement?
No. Electrolyte supplements are balanced blends of the minerals lost in sweat, principally salt. They’re commonly used for hot weather sports. There’s no salt in SportLegs. SportLegs helps improve muscle efficiency year-round, helping you go faster, longer. So you may want to take electrolytes along with SportLegs to match your increased performance.

Does muscle “burn” really get worse with age?
“Burn” and next-day soreness really DO get worse with age. It's not your imagination: Lactate Threshold “burn” point declines 1.0-1.5% each year. So every year, the “burn” hits earlier, and harder. It's the biggest reason people quit sports during adulthood. SportLegs helps adults continue enjoying sports and exercise.

What’s in SportLegs?
SportLegs is simply premium natural-source European lactate (not lactose) compounds of calcium and magnesium plus Vitamin D, inside color-free vegetable capsules.  It’s 87% lactate, your muscles’ preferred natural fuel. No stimulants, pain relievers, sodium, dairy, gluten, GMOs or calories.

What does SportLegs do?
Taken before sports or exercise, SportLegs primes your muscles to make less lactic acid, so you can perform noticeably better, longer, with less painful muscle “burn” or limb “heaviness” during exercise, and less soreness the next day. It helps muscles perform more efficiently, just as if you had trained longer. SportLegs noticeably raises muscles’ Lactate Threshold “burn point.” Note: SportLegs is not intended as a substitute for training.

How fast does SportLegs work?
SportLegs works in half an hour. Other supplements can take weeks of daily “loading” before you feel results. You only take SportLegs before sports or exercise, not every day.

How much do I take?
For SportLegs to work, you need to take one capsule per each 50 pounds body weight, rounding up. So if you weigh 125 pounds, take three capsules. Taking more than this doesn’t make it work any better. But you have to take the appropriate dose for your weight for it to work as designed.

How long does SportLegs’ effect last?
For sustained sports or tournament competition, re-dose with your full weight-appropriate dose every two hours. As long as you do, you’ll be able to keep the “burn” away.

How safe is SportLegs?
SportLegs’ ingredients have been Generally Recognized As Safe [“GRAS”] by our FDA since 1984. They’re safe to take during pregnancy. At correct dosage, the federal Institute of Medicine deems our ingredients safe enough for a one-year-old. We source our premium-quality ingredients from Holland, France and Switzerland, and double-test them because we and our families, our friends and our sports heroes take SportLegs, too.

Is SportLegs legal?
SportLegs’ ingredients are legal for all competition sanctioned by WADA, USADA, UCI, IOC and NCAA authorities. Athletes have used SportLegs to help legally win state, National and World championships.

Can SportLegs upset my stomach?
SportLegs’ ingredients are FDA Generally Recognized As Safe, and most people take them on an empty stomach. Everybody is different, though. Over twenty years, three customers have reported mild stomach upset they attributed to SportLegs. We refunded their money.

Can SportLegs cause digestive problems?
SportLegs includes a moderate amount of magnesium. If you’re already taking a lot of magnesium, it could add just enough to cause problems. The federal Institute of Medicine reports individual sensitivity to magnesium varies widely. The current FDA daily recommendation is 420mg, as much as in 18 SportLegs capsules. Many adults can tolerate up to 1200mg supplemental magnesium, while others may experience digestive issues taking as little as 350mg. If you experience digestive issues after taking SportLegs, reducing your other magnesium supplements typically solves any problem.

Is SportLegs vegan?
Technically, SportLegs is vegetarian, not vegan. SportLegs would be vegan, except we use vitamin D3, cholecalciferol derived from lamb wool lanolin, because it’s better absorbed by the body than cheaper vegan D2. So SportLegs works better. We hope you'll find that acceptable.

What are the “Other Ingredients” for?
Stearic acid and silica are FDA Generally Recognized As Safe ingredient flow agents to help us fill capsules better.

SportLegs bottles will be available in early March.

We apologize for running out. International customers have discovered SportLegs, and they bought all we had for ski season. In the meantime, 5-capsule single-dose packets are available on this site for $2.49 each.

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