Great product, I can’t believe everyone doesn't use it. Safe, legal ticket to hammer harder for longer. -Simon Quirk, East Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia

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Below, read reviews from REAL CYCLISTS, from racers to weekend warriors, who have tried SportLegs...

2009 Elite Road
National Champion, Individual Time Trial

2009 Elite Road National Champion, Road Race

2009 Masters Road National Champion, Individual Time Trial

2009 Masters Road National Champion, Criterium

"Thank you for a great product.  I could not have done it without SportLegs." -Michael Olheiser, 34, Huntsville, Alabama


Bought SportLegs for the first time yesterday, tried it for the first time today.  Are you sure this stuff is legal?  

I broke my best time on a short sprint hill that averages 11.2% grade the first time I used SportLegs.  I climbed that same hill two more times in the same ride and put up similar times.  My legs are usually on fire up that climb, this time they almost felt...numb.  It was a strange feeling to *not* feel my legs.  I usually push as hard as I can up that hill until my legs say "no more" then I sit back down and spin up the last segment.  Yesterday I was out of the saddle and maintained a perfect cadence up the hill each time.  A friend even commented on how good I looked.  He actually said "you handled that hill perfectly today."  


Still amazed later that night I couldn't help but feel somewhat guilty, as if I had some new kind of unfair advantage.  One point that I didn't see mentioned on your site (I may have just missed it as I only read about 2/3 of the testimonials) is how SportLegs can help with your training.  I noticed on my very first ride that I was pushing harder because my legs felt so fresh, that can really accelerate both fitness and strength.  -Chadd Biehler, Atlanta, Georgia

I had let my supply of Sport Legs deplete over the winter, but it's been so mild that I'm riding more than usual. I soon found that my legs would burn and I lacked finishing speed on training rides. Then I replaced the missing ingredient, and purchased a new supply of Sport Legs and I'm back up to speed and all is well. -Richard North, Tryon, NC

As a bicycling commuter for the last 18 years my commute was 24 miles roundtrip each day.  I never had a need to take a supplement.  Then 2 years ago I transferred to a different facility and my commute jumped to 46 miles per day.  By the end of the week my legs were sore and I was not looking forward to riding the next day.  A fellow rider introduced me to your product and I now take it each night when I get home.  My legs are not sore in the morning and I'm excited about riding the next day.  I don't normally endorse products but there's no way I could the miles i do without this product. -
Jeff Rich, Anaheim Hills, California

Customer review on Amazon.com, 9/12/11, 5.0 stars out of 5.
Younger legs NOW.  In capsule form, this is an easy to swallow product. Ingested about one hour before riding bike, SportLegs helps me maintain a vigorous effort for several hours of fast-paced, highly competitive group riding on the rolling hills of Southeast Pennsylvania. I'm very satisfied. There are no side effects, either, beyond the suffering of my riding companions as I jump from the saddle for another tough climb, smiling. - Karen Wenger, Elizabethtown, PA

"Times got posted really late, but I came in 2nd place! I cleaned the next two riders by at least 27 minutes and when checking times later I beat the times of all the ladies in 30-39 CAT3 and even a couple in 20-29 CAT3, so needless to say I was thrilled! Funny thing is that I was not tired, I felt I could ride a bit more. That would be related to continued use of SportLegs
!" - Kim Finch, Team MtnBikeRiders.com, US Cycling National Championships, Sol Vista Bike Park, Granby, Colorado

I just got back from an eight-mile ride during lunch.  I was off the seat for seven of those miles.  Thank you for giving me back the joy of being able to ride like this at 63.  When I first heard about SportLegs, I thought, oh yeah, yadda yadda, but I figured it’s worth a shot.  Boy, is it ever. –Richard Collom, Brooklyn, Michigan

I am 51, an avid road cyclist and a couple of weeks ago I saw "Sportlegs" sitting on the counter of the Laguna Hills Performance Bicycle store as I was waiting to pay for some stuff.  I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical but thought I'd give it a try. The first time, I took 4 of them an hour before my ride which includes some hill repeats up my favorite climb.  Up until then my best at the top was 5.5 mph, I normally have difficulty maintaining 5mph.  I topped out at 6.4 mph, which was amazing because I was able to stay out of the saddle for at least 50% longer, today I hit 6.9mph with zero leg burn, I can't believe it!  Then, a half hour later I was chasing another cyclist just to see if I could catch him.  I caught him half way up a climb, passed him and on the flat that came immediately afterwards I got up to over 26mph...again, no burn.  I feel now that I can ride like I did 20 years ago thanks to Sportlegs, thank you SO much for such a great product!! Us older guys need all the help we can you know ;-) -Peter Young, Irvine, California

All I can say is the stuff works- I get fatigued, but I definitely notice an increase in endurance and a decrease in pain....you know, the good kind of pain -
"dankilling", mtbr.com forums 

Used them on a 330 mile week long road ride last week and they were great. Never a burn
and still had kick to get the finish every day. My roomie was handing them out like a "pusher" and now I am hooked on them. Bought a bottle for myself now. Should be great for Laramie Enduro in a couple of weeks. Highly recommended from another semi old guy....35+ -"yetirich", mtbr.com forums



I wanted to let you know I won the Masters World Track Cycling Championship in the women 50-54 Pursuit in Sydney.  I am one very happy camper. SportLegs was my secret weapon.  Once again I used SportLegs one hour before my chance at the rainbow jersey. At first the lactate sting was palpable. SportLegs helped me hold on and not drop off one iota. The result is a World Championship. -Ann Marie Love, Fort Worth, Texas

Photo at left
©2007 Mike Gladu - velodrome.com

Bonk King no more:
I got a free sample at InterBike about 4 years ago and ignored it for about year, looking at it everytime I went riding, thinking "not another supplement, nothing works like I want it to anyway". One day I just did not have the juice to ride and tried it. OMG the stuff worked and I had it right in front of me for a year!

I wish I had used it for the Demo days at InterBike ...if you've been, you know what I'm talkin' about! Won't ride or do any sports without it! Get some today!!! - "BigBri", Clarkesville, Georgia, "Big dog off the porch/weekend warrior",  product review at rei.com

I have collected the SportLegs samples I got at Interbike for the last 3 years, but never taken them. Before last weekend's 100-mile race I was feeling really tired from too much training, so I decided to try SportLegs. I won the race!  And on a hard ride with my training partner this week, he was screaming trying to keep up with me on a climb, and I felt like I wasn't climbing at all. I wish I had tried the SportLegs 3 years ago.  We have to get it into our bike shop right away! -Hector Velez, Velo Bike, Bayamon, Puerto Rico

I have done the Matt Furey Hindu squats for years and have maxed out at 475 reps at my best. I had a sample of the SportLegs and wanted to see what they would do for me.  As recommended, I took them (4) exactly 1 hour before I worked out. I was amazed and felt like the Lactate Threshold was delayed (maybe even tricked) and I was able to do an incredible 615 reps (a 29.5% improvement). The burn started much later than it had occurred in previous maxed-out sessions. I also feel that my legs don’t get as sore no matter how hard I work out, whether I do bodyweight exercises or intense intervals on the bike. The Sportlegs are 100% natural and have no side effects and you only take them as needed for your resistance or intense workouts.   You've got to give these things a try. - http://www.thehappyathlete.net/, Dr. Joe Sheppard, Amelia, Ohio

I got a sample at the Sugar Mtn NORBA and used them in my race. Even with all the climbing, my legs felt pretty dang good throughout the race, and even the next day. I bought a bottle before leaving the event. I am totally sold on it.-"SeanL", mtbr.com forums

Freakin' Amazing!
I use the product before every ride. Before I used this product I was between 80-95 miles a week. Immediately after taking this product the first time I was able to blaze through a 55 mile ride no problem. I was slightly tired later, but I felt like I had just done a little more than my usual 26 mile ride. Also I can now ride about 150 miles a week (almost double) and feel the same as before. It's amazing!!! 
I have taken all kinds of stuff over the years like protein, creatin, vitamins, arginine, and various other products. Nothing compares to this...Buy this NOW!!! - Avid cyclist "Wadsy", White River Junction, Vermont, product review at rei.com

Hi, just wanted to let you know that after buying it for skiing, I started using your product for bicycling.  To be perfectly honest, its pretty amazing.  Even without Advil, which previously was a post workout given (and sometimes pre-workout), I experience much less soreness and quicker recovery.  This is besides the workout itself also being more intense due to the higher thresholds attainable.  To put it in terms that every avid cyclist would relate to, I can push about a cog or two bigger gear with the same perceived effort and lactic acid buildup.  To the same athlete, that is indeed very significant.  Are you sure there's nothing in there illegal or unhealthy?" -David Morris, Gush EtziyonIsrael

Forgot to take Sportlegs before Rock n Roll ½ marathon last weekend and suffered cramps and soreness several days later. Took regular dosage yesterday before Natural Bridge Caverns duathlon  and legs feel fresh. Will not forget again! -Ed Purvis, San Antonio, Texas 

I first discovered SportLegs for skiing in Utah.  Then I discovered how well it works for mountain biking in Marin County, California: One day I went for a ride which included 1200 feet of climbing, according to my altimeter.  I was really hurting afterwards.  Then I realized I’d forgotten to take my SportLegs.  The very next day, I took SportLegs an hour ahead, and I climbed 2000 feet during that ride with NO pain at all.  I’ve just organized a trip to Moab with my buddies, and I’m taking along a bunch of SportLegs single-doses for them to use, so they can keep up. – Kurt A.,
49, Mill Valley, California

24 hours after finishing a brutal Pocatello 50K, actually was a 60K due to re-routing for snow, I was able to put the skis on and rip 14" of Utah Pow for hours without even feeling a burn in my legs!  The day prior it took me 6.5 hours to run the race which had almost 8000' of climbing.  When I asked my friends who ran the race if they were were sore the common response was "I could use a wheel chair!  I can't even walk down stairs and you're out skiing not feeling sore!" 


Following the SportLegs instructions, I consumed 3 pills pre-race and then 3 every 2 hours with an additional 3 at the end of the race for recovery.  Before going to sleep I took 3 more and woke up fresher than ever!  Pretty damn cool. 


I wasn't a believer in SportLegs until March 30, 2010 when I was at mile 86 of the White Rim in a day.  This was my third ride of the season and I made it even harder by riding it clock-wise saving the Mineral Bottom climb for last.  At mile 86, laying on the warm sandstone, I threw down 3 SportLegs, consumed some water, waited 10 minutes, consumed 3 more and began to ride 5 minutes later with legs so fresh it wasn't even like I had ridden 86 miles!!!!  Although I hit the Mineral Bottom climb totally spent and walked it, I woke up the following day ready to ride 30 more miles on the trails of Moab without ever feeling like I just rode the White Rim in a day for the first time ever, solo. 


Thanks SportLegs!  You'll be with me at every long distance event! 
Alex Stoy, Park City, Utah

My name is Jason Schutz. I'm a century and ultra century racer. I have been riding off and on for the past several years now. Beginning this summer when race training in the heat of the desert, cramps were a staple in my every day schedule. I found SportLegs on a friend's suggestion and added the supplement to my arsenal. I can honestly say whether I'm riding a 60 mile, 7000 ft of climbing day at race pace or a 163 mile training ride on a Friday, I have not had a SINGLE cramp while riding since I started using SportLegs, even this summer climbing Bristlecone Pines Mountain in 114 degree temperatures.


10,000 miles on my bicycle this year and completely cramp free since I started using Sport Legs. I am a huge advocate of your product and don't cycle without it. Just wanted to say thanks...
-Jason Schutz, Carlsbad, California

I tried them during the state time trial championships last year. It may be all in my head, but my legs didn't have the usual "burn". They still hurt towards the end because I was trying to push beyond anything I've done before, but I would have to say there was a difference. -"LapDog", bikeforums.net forums

I’ve tried a lot of crap in my life, but SportLegs is the only stuff I’ve found that really works.  I’m a former marathoner. Since my total knee replacement, I’m a two-workout-a-day road cyclist. Before my local bike shop gave me a sample of SportLegs, I used to dread the “burn” I suffered in that second workout. Not any more. I tried the sample, and I couldn’t believe how well it worked. Now, I don’t ride without it. –Dave Tomsky, Asheville, North Carolina

Just to say that with a good bike and Sportlegs, I managed to win the District Championships in North Holland. Thanks for a great product. -Steve McEwen, Drenthe, Holland (pictured at right)

A friend gave me a few packets of sportlegs to try. I found on a 2000+ feet mountain bike ride, I still had legs to ride whereas previously I would have been turning back early. Noticeably improved abilities. Thanks, Peggy Kuhn, 58 year old biker, hiker, climber in Boulder, CO.

Yup, SportLegs is the real deal. I use it when I am guiding for many days on end. It really does what it says. First got turned on to the stuff on a multi-day mtn bike trip to Moab- was able to ride for 5 days in a row (very tired and drove day 6). They have smaller sample packs to give it a try. – “homemadesalsa”, Teton Gravity Research forums

add another vote to the "they work" pile. I started using them this season at mtb races. work as advertised. dont feel as much burn as climbing w/ these. -"used2Bhard", mtbr.com forums

I just raced the Crocodile Trophy Race (The hardest MTB race in the world), and your pills got me through the last 5 days of racing. I could feel the difference. Amazing. -Ryan Hawson, Australia

As a team coach, I need to personally test everything out there. As a former pro racer, I've tried every performance supplement available, but I’ve never found one that actually does what it promises like SportLegs.  I was blown away the first time I tried it.  On a familiar 16-mile circuit, familiar road bike, with a heart rate monitor assuring my usual training parameters, the reduction in "burn" was so significant, I thought it couldn't be just these little capsules.  But it is.  You know how it feels when the "burn" starts coming, and it grows until you have to back off or stop?  Well, the initial "taste" shows up, and then the "burn" just levels off.  Recovery after climbs or sprints is much faster.  We're seriously interested in getting our team on SportLegs. -Derin Stockton, Team Manager, Santa Cruz Bicycles/Intense Tire Systems race team, Temecula, California

I'll 2nd the SportLegs. Used the product on several 100 mile cycling events this year and was amazed at the difference when I did not use em. I actually felt better on an early season century when I used them vs a ride when I was much better prepared. I'll be using them on big days on the snow this winter for sure. -“Truth”, Teton Gravity Research forums

As a racer and coach I use them and recommend them to my clients. Less burn, less forearm pump on the downhills and they seem to help this old man recover quicker from hard workouts and races. Sportlegs are the only performance supplement that I have tried that lived up to their promise. -"BetterRide", mtbr.com forums

WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!  I am 45 and riding the best centuries of my life. I have never gone through a season like this one. I have done 5 centuries in 4 weekends with three more to go. My legs have been strong start to finish and I won’t ride a century (or any ride or workout) without SportLegs. Everyone that I have shared it with has been astonished at the results! –Robbin Lorenz, Bradenton, Florida

I used Sportslegs for the first time last weekend in a hill climb race, and my legs felt really good on the climb. I will be using again this weekend. –“ski  faster”, Teton Gravity Research forums


Sports legs is the sh*t. Both as a during the ride aid and AWESOME for a quick recovery! –“Rontele”, Teton Gravity Research forums


SportLegs....works. I swear.

I just used SportLegs for my last local race here in Folsom. I had 2 races under my belt w/o SportLegs and then did the 3rd with....and damn, my legs definitely did NOT feel as much of the dreaded lactic acid burn during this week's race as compared to the other two. Each race is 3 laps on a fairly flat course, but there are short climbs where you definitely begin to feel the burn on the last lap. And during this 3rd race, I felt none. I powered up the last hill with my legs feeling nearly as fresh as when they started.– “Tyrone Shoelaces”, Teton Gravity Research forums

SportLegs and Optygen are the ONLY two supplements I have EVER taken that made a difference I noticed.
-When I take SportLegs, I NEVER get "the burn" when climbing. No matter how hard I push it to the limit.
-My legs only feel tired, no "burn". They start to get fatigued with a lot of climbing. But I can really motor up climbs.
-I've also noticed that if taken after a long, hard ride... my legs feel fresh the next day. If I don't take them after a long, hard ride... my legs feel like concrete the next day. -"Spin" on cyclingcentralva.org forum

With SportLegs, the few races I've done in the last year I've noticed a MARKED difference - both in performance and recovery. For 2+ hour events especially, the supplement helped keep the engine running and the pistons pumping MUCH better than without. I'd be tired - but somehow could still rev up strong enough to punch it at the end. -"glenzx", mtbr.com forums

There is nothing like sportlegs out there. This products works. -"jeffken", mtbr.com forums

When I use
SportLegs, I'm able to push way harder. It's like I get to my redline later. I just started using them this season and I can say that at least for me, they really do work. A lot of times I get that "almost" cramping feeling but I never quite cramp. "HalomTano Biking", mtbr.com forums

Just a quick email to testify to the effectiveness of your product. I am a 51 year old physician, and did my first century ride yesterday. I did not have enough time to get in better shape, and was able to complete the ride with no pain or burning in my legs. For your information, this ride was in upstate New York with many many hills. Of course, your product did not make me a better rider, but it did help me to complete the ride with no leg discomfort. I believe that you are correct in using the lactate form of calcium and magnesium, and doubt that I would have the same results with other forms of the supplements.
Thanks again, I will continue to use your product on long rides, and have told other riders in my club of its' effectiveness. -
Dr. Syd Hochman, Queensbury, NY

I've had success with Sportlegs. Riding is still tough. I just feel like they take the edge off. -"historeeteacher", mtbr.com forums

I turned to sportlegs and man what a difference. They do some funny stuff though, my legs still come to the point where they are about to cramp up but they don't. It is a really strange feeling, it feels like any second I am going to have to jump off my bike screaming like a girl but I never do, I just keep on riding. This weekend I did a 24hr. relay and the sportlegs really saved me. -"robbby", mtbr.com forums

SportLegs for a week: What I got from it, was that

1) They work

2) They allow me to push harder and ignore/not feel the normal pain

3) I can hurt myself on long days, making the next day worse than normal for recovery

At the end of the day, I feel a little dirty. I don't even like taking advil unless I can't sleep without it. After a week of using SportLegs, I can totally understand the attraction of doping in sports. Having something that makes that noticable of a difference available made me start to feel like a junkie. Gotta have my sportslegs in the morning... "forkboy", mtbr.com forums

Sportslegs. Kicks. Ass. Love it. -"Christine", mtbr.com forums

has helped me tremendously. can't say I have had a bad experience due to the product.-"Tete De La Tour", mtbr.com forums

Yup. I'm on my eighth bottle.
Never race without them. -"Duckman", mtbr.com forums


I’ve done several races and have used SportLegs each time.  The results have been pretty good but I even managed to get a win at a crit!  Looks like I’ll keep using this product for the foreseeable future. -Danny Berry, McKinney, Texas

Hey, just to give you a little more feedback…….I’m a cyclist and did a hard ride this past Saturday.  Before Sunday’s ride which was also pretty spirited, I popped some Sport Legs and my legs felt really fresh.  No cramps during the ride like I’ve been experiencing lately.  I used to never experience cramps until lately.  Hopefully this can be the answer for that and I’ll find out in my races this weekend. --Danny Berry, McKinney, Texas

Sportlegs work great for everything from racing to nonstop top-to-bottom runs all SportLegs works for girls too... I've found it makes a big difference with fatigue and also w/residual pain the day following a big trek. –“valleygirl”, Teton Gravity Research forums

My first race of the season was in March in Macon Georgia, which could be considered the birthplace of humidity. With temperatures soaring, I took to the race course and proceeded to barely survive to a 5th place finish. I was very dehydrated by the end, and fighting hard to keep cramps from completely locking my legs down.
  I began my search that day for a product that would help boost my intensity levels and prevent cramps during the high intensity efforts of racing and training.  Thankfully for me I didn't have to look very long, as I was turned on to SportLegs by a fellow racer soon after. 


My first experience with the product was during the SERC race at Tsali trails in Bryson City NC. I took the recomended dosage and proceeded to tear the field apart, finishing second only due to a late race mechanical problem with my bike. At this point I knew that I had found the lightning in a bottle that I had been searching for.

  Now I won't even roll up to the starting line without using the SportLegs product. As a result of hard training, careful planning and use of your product I won not only the Georgia State Championship series (GSC) but also the South Eastern Regional Series (SERC) as well.  Here I am on the podium.

  I will be using your product in my efforts to win back to back championships next year. Matt Smith, Canton, Georgia

 Just thought I would drop you a line and let you know how pleased I am with SportLegs.  I gave SportLegs a try at the encouragement of a friend when my legs felt heavy and weary from the 12 hour road trip to the Masters National Track Cycling Championships.  I used SportLegs during a workout several days before the competition.  Man, the turn around was immediate.  I went from tired legs to solid legs after the first dose.  Wondering if my legs had simply "come around" I skipped SportLegs for the next day's workout and the weary, stinging burn of tired legs was back.  I had two days to go before my first event so I took the 3 SportLegs capsules before my next workout.  You know the answer....the legs were back.

I used SportLegs as directed before my 500m TT and posted a new PR and won my age group! Here I am flying towards home... note, no smoke coming off my legs.


Thanks for a great product, Ann Marie Love, 49, Fort Worth, Texas

I never do this... in fact, I've never done this.  But I had to write and tell you that you really have something sweet here.  I just went on a VERY hilly 41 mile ride in a hard headwind to boot.  I ate no different, I hydrated no different, I rode the same equipment, I changed NOTHING, except I took my first dose of Sportlegs an hour before I rode.  I even forgot about it!  I felt great on the ride.  My legs NEVER burned through even the toughest climbs!  I felt I could have done another 41 again!  This stuff really works... no doubt in my mind.  I'm a personal trainer with over 40 clients.  i WILL be singing your praises to everyone of them as well as the others in the group ride.... or, uh, maybe not?  Maybe I should keep my secret weapon quiet?  Naw... I'll tell em. Thanks.. for a great product.  You got me!
-Rob Goodwin, Lenoir, NC

I just returned from leading three successful bike tours in Ireland.  I brought enough Sportlegs samples to cover all the tours.  They were a big hit, to say the least.  I didn't give them out until day 3, after their legs were nice and tired.  Almost without exception, everyone thought they helped.  After that, they were asking me for more every morning and sometimes at lunch and after riding.  I brought enough for everyone to have a two sample pack and after that I used the 120-count bottles.  I thought I brought too much, but it was all used by the time I left.


Sometimes they'd ask me for "Crazylegs" or "Stronglegs" and I'd have to say, "It's Sportlegs, ya eejit!"


Thanks and regards, Brad Nichols, Bike Vermont Tour Leader at Large

I would like you to know that I just rode RAGBRAI [The Des Moines Register's week-long Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. 7-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong followed along for a day.]  I used SportLegs during the entire ride.  I bought some in Seattle and was given several samples while in Sergeant Bluff.  SportLegs works.  My legs were never sore.  I could take a lunch break without my legs getting sore and stiff.  I am sold on SportLegs and will recommend and did recommend it while at RAGBRAI.  Thanks again. -Brenda, Seattle Washington

My name is Rick Kalb, I'm a 46 year old road and MTB racer from Nevada City, California.  I have had major cramping issues for years and have tried everything and nothing has made a difference.  I tried SportLegs at the NORBA Championship race last month.  I was real surprised that
no matter how hard I pushed I did not even get the slightest twinge of a cramp.  This was great, but the big test would be the Downieville race.  I have done this race 3 times and have had MASSIVE cramps.  Last year I literally spent 10 minutes off the bike watching everyone go by as I waited for the cramps to subside!  The cramping takes place each year in the exact same spot at the Pauley Creek crossing.  This year I took my SportLegs 1 hour before the race and then an entire sample pack of 5 half way up the climb.  When I finally crossed the creek I was amazed....no cramping!!!!!!!!!!   I finished 2nd place in the Expert 45 race, the fastest time ever for me by 5 minutes.  I can't thank you enough and will be giving your product some major publicity in my Race report on MTBR.COM.

I feel compelled to give you my story: I'm 40 years old, and just getting back in to working out.  When I was 25 (to about 30), I ran about 100 miles a week.  A daily 20 mile run was not out of the question.  Now that I have some things behind me, I wanted to get back into similar shape.  Yes, I'm carrying some extra weight.  I started out in January on the treadmill.  After about a month, I was at the point that I could do about 5-6 miles a day, about 4 days a week.  My body, however, was not recovering.  In April, with weather starting to clear, I decided to dust off the bike.  Again, after about a month I was to the point I could do 25 mile rides about 4 times a week.  I could do 2-3 days, then would need 2 days of recovery.  Next, I bought all the biking magazines.  In the back of one I saw a tiny little ad for SportLegs.  I found a retailer and bought some.  Here's what happened next.  I easily went to 4 consecutive rides with then a 1 day break.  I thought, hmmm ok, this is better, but it doesn't seem like all that.  Then I didn't take it for a week.  I needed 2 days of recovery after 4 days on.  Then, the magic.  My ride is very hilly, so I decided to take SportLegs again, and this time dial it up on the hills.  That was today.  I rode 30 miles, and I shot up hills - not most of the way - all the way over every hill.  My AVS was up a full mile per hour - this is a common route for me, and I chart every ride including wind speed and temperature.  It was a little breezy, and one of the hottest days of the season so far.


It seems illegal - now that I truly know how to use the supplement.  I felt like what Lance Armstrong talked about in his books - he could ride as hard as possible with no effect on his legs.


I'm just looking forward to tomorrows ride like a crazed animal.


As a 40 year old, I'm very aware of my body's limitations - it's like having a new body in some aspects, I need to re-learn how to do some things.  Thank you so much -Ron Schonscheck, Parker, Colorado

They are great. I raced an XC race Sat, and a STXC race sunday using sportlegs. My legs felt just as strong on sunday, and I still had lots more in me after a 25 minute sprintfest. I've never felt so good! I could have gone for another one... "used2Bhard", mtbr.com forums

I tried some SportLegs samples yesterday, riding my single-speed with a buddy.  I hadn’t ridden in a couple of weeks, but when it came to the first climb, I dropped my buddy like a bad habit.  I got out of breath, but my legs weren’t burning.  I took another dose after the ride like the label recommends.  As hard as I’d ridden, I should've had bad leg cramps last night, but I had none at all.  And this morning, my legs feel fresh.  I’ve tried all the stuff out there over the years, and each gives a subtle nuance, but this stuff is not subtle.  I need a display of SportLegs in my store right away!" -Michael Johnson, Wheelfine Imports, Lambertville, New Jersey

Here's some evidence for you: I am now on my third bottle of Sports Legs. I am very sceptical of suppliments since the suppliment market is unregulated. These things work, but they aren't a magic no pain ever pill. If you take them will you simply NOT get quad burn? NO, but I have found when taking them that quad burn is significantly delayed and that I can recover better on the lift ride back up. When riding bikes, I can go harder longer when on SportsLegs and if I take more post ride, I am not nearly as sore the next day. –“snow slider”, Teton Gravity Research forums

I'm in physical therapy school right now and gave some to my exercise physiology professor to check out. He claimed that
the science behind it makes sense and after the sample I gave him he turned into a regular user of the stuff. Seems to work well for me, especially in the early season when I'm out of shape. –“taoslcl”, Teton Gravity Research forums


I've been using it for about three or four years and I think it works. The most obvious time for me is if I'm hiking, skiing, touring what ever and I start to get a hint of leg pain/muscle ache I take a dose and it aleviates that initial feeling and gives a couple of more hours of feeling good. Last year at JH I rode up Sublette with a woman that was a professional mountain biker and she had SportLeg stickers on her gear. She had been using it for quite a while and swore by it also. It is pretty cheap, I say give it a try. –“H-man”, Teton Gravity Research forums

After you've defeated cancer, you get really particular about what you put in your body.  You don't want to trigger a relapse.  SportLegs' simple, healthy ingredients make the cut.  And so does the performance.  I'd been trying to win a triathlon for four years.  This year, I added SportLegs to my training regimen.  And here I am on the way to my first victory in the Charleston Sprint Triathlon on July 10, 2005. -Charles Blackmon, 55, Kershaw, South Carolina

I have started the season with two big wins.  I won a 12 hour in Texas, and then I beat Tinker Juarez at 24 hours in the Old Pueblo.  I am a sport legs believer.  I will keep you guys informed as the season rolls on.  Look for big performances at 24 hour Nationals and Worlds.  Take care, Cameron Chambers, Great Bend, Kansas

I'm a competitive cyclocross racer, and I currently have a free product agreement with [a competing product].  I'm super skeptical, but I'd been hearing persistent good things about SportLegs, so I stopped taking the free stuff, and after waiting a couple of weeks to get it out of my system, I started taking SportLegs.  I have to admit I like SportLegs better.  It works at least as well, you don't have to "load" it for a week before it starts to work, and I like that you don't have to take it every day.  It feels easier on my stomach, too.  I still have some free [competing product], but I just bought my own bottle of SportLegs at Christy Sports in Boulder. I'm interested in a sponsorship agreement. - Dean Dealy, Broomfield, Colorado

I'm getting back into shape, and SportLegs has really helped.  I hadn't run since the Eighties, but I am now, and it's more fun than ever. 
SportLegs just feels like the right thing to be taking.  I heard about it from a bike shop owner in Cave Creek.  The guy was kind of grouchy, didn't have much much good to say about anything, but he did have good things to say about these pills.  Now I know why.  Sign me up for your 3-bottle deal. -Chris Beirne, Scottsdale, Arizona

I was sceptical about this product, but I took it anyway before a "c" at the end of the season.  I took second overall.  I took it again at another race.  I took second overall again.  I wish I had this at triathlon nationals.  I would be going to portugal.  Thanks for coming up with this product.  Racing doesnt hurt so bad anymore! -Alex Manessis, Scottsdale, Arizona

Underdog mountain bike race team DOMINATES with SportLegs.  Our race team was getting pretty tired of coming in second or third to our arch rivals for the last five years.  We started using (another supplement)  two years ago, but it didn't seem to do much.  And it gave some racers indigestion.  So we started using SportLegs for the Mid-Atlantic Super Series, and we led the series the first through the tenth and final race.  Can you say 'payback?'  We want to ensure our supply for the next race season..." -Jay Oleksak, Shirk's Bike Shop, East Earl, Pennsylvania

I just had my best 14-mile race ever!  My friend, trainer Joe Turner, said SportLegs would really help, but I told him I never try something new on race day.  But when he told me how safe SportLegs is, I figured what the heck.  And I'm so glad I did!  I beat friends I've never beaten before, by like five minutes.  And even though I ran faster than ever, I'm not nearly as sore as usual afterward.  SportLegs is as amazing as Joe promised!  I'm ordering a bottle NOW! -Alison Kyle, 32, Jackson, Wyoming

SportLegs has helped me regain my confidence as an athlete at 56.  It's funny, but it takes a while before you really trust what you're feeling.  It's natural to fear you're going to have to pay for feeling this good, and this strong, with some kind of agony afterward.  But you don't. -"Chip" Coakley, Shaker Heights, Ohio

Great results my first Cross-Country race with SportLegs.  Felt very good for longer than I ever have thanks to your product.  Gotta test more to make sure it wasn't a fluke. -VeloNews journalist's name withheld by request, Boulder, Colorado

I took SportLegs before a century ride.  After 75 miles, I was feeling so good that I attacked on the ride's longest climb, and caught the lead group.  At the summit, I should have been in agony.  But I wasn't.  In fact, I felt so fresh, I could have done it twice more.  That's when I knew
SportLegs really works.  I wish I'd had SportLegs when I was on the Olympic Development Team back in '83. -Cale Reeder, Cameron Park, California

My team coach, Derek Hermon, said it was OK to try SportLegs before my race this morning.  It was the best NORBA race I've ever had!  Third place in the Short Track Junior-X, and my legs didn't even hurt.  I was amazed.  It really works! -Trevor Downing, 16, Bear Valley Cycles team, Crestline, California

SportLegs really works!  It's incredible to race without the usual monster pain from your legs and arms.  You find yourself focusing on just your breathing instead.  So many racers and recreational riders need to find out about this stuff. -Gale Dahlager, Poison Spider Race Team (Moab, Utah), Steamboat Springs, Colorado

I don't remember feeling anything except my lungs.  And even though I lost ten minutes fixing a flat, I still placed 11th.  SportLegs is seriously good stuff.  Eric Peterson, Semi-Pro Cross-Country, UC Cyclery Team, La Jolla, California

I tried SportLegs for the first time this morning.  I placed third in my first race ever!  I had like no pain, and I felt really good. -Miguel Rubio, Beginners 30-34, Hawthorne, California

SportLegs makes a tremendous difference in how you feel.  I had almost no muscle pain, and took a 6th in my first race! -Lisa Lake, Adventure Bicycles team, Mesa, Arizona

Your pills really work.  I took a third, and I felt good.  I was really surprised! -Jason Rudd, "Mr. E" Racing Team

Proof in a minute and a half.  I've been taking SportLegs an hour before my fairly brutal 20-minute stationary bike workout in the morning, with resistance increases every two minutes.  But I didn't fully appreciate how much more bearable SportLegs has made my workouts until this morning.  Only a minute and a half into the session, still at the lowest resistance setting, my quads started "burning" and getting worse fast.  Over the next 30 seconds, my thoughts sequenced from "Hey, what's this?" to "How am I going to make the full 20 today?" to "OWW!" to "Screw this!"  So why was I such a WIMP today?  I looked into my SportLegs bottle, and saw the same six capsules I noticed after I took them yesterday.  I'd forgotten to take my SportLegs.  What an amazing workout aid this stuff is.  With it, I can ENJOY a kick-ass, productive workout. -Carl Holmes, Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Rode with SportLegs today (took them yesterday after my ride, too.)  Here are my initial thoughts:  yesterday was pretty hard, almost like moderate intervals.  i felt pretty good for the ride. took SportLegs afterwards, and woke up this morning with NO soreness whatsoever.  today, what i noticed after the first 10 miles or so was that each hard effort was followed by a much quicker recovery than how i felt yesterday.  after 28 miles or so my legs started to feel heavier on the uphill grades, but on the flats i was feeling pretty good, still maintaining good cadence and good speed.  i stretched after the ride tonight, and my legs have a slight heaviness, but not near what i would expect after 2 relatively hard days.  i'm going to try them saturday morning on a group ride and saturday afternoon in a hockey game.  i'll post more afterwards. -Sean Yeager, Glen Allen, Virginia on FeedForSpeed.com

A week ago I participated in the Wildflower Century, a 100 mile recreational ride up in Chico, California.  There was just over 5,000 feet of climbing, which is not that much for a ride that long, but most of it was gained in 3 climbs.  I took 3 capsules an hour before our planned start time and 3 more about half way.  I really think that the last and most demanding climb would have been much, much slower had it not been for the Sportlegs.  With the reduction in leg burn I was able to stay on top of the gear almost all the way maintaining a very quick pace.  I was especially pleased because I only started training a month before
when my girl friend told me about the event.  I was almost "off the couch" or in my case out of the office chair!
Then yesterday, I raced cross country for 1:18 in the mud.  I have been using the Sportlegs for a few weeks now and I definitely feel an improvement in anaerobic threshold leg burn.  I have not raced cross country in years, nor do I like to train.  I love to ride my bikes, but I have no desire to put on a heart monitor and a sport watch and suffer by the numbers.  So I expected some pain management work.  I took 3 capsules 1:30 minutes before the listed start time and felt pretty good on the first lap.  I had to keep focused on steady pushing as I am not used to that level of intensity and super hard breathing.  With the Sportlegs I never tasted the metallic breath of anaerobic/anaerobic threshold level work.  At the start of the second lap I was hurting pretty bad, then after a nice climb I seemed to break through to another level and my legs loosened up and I was hurting less and able to start moving up on other riders.  After the finish I did a long warm down and my legs quickly returned to a level that I actually thought about doing part of another lap for training!  My drive train was not working too well, but if I would have had another bike there I would have jumped on that, my legs felt that good.  Next time I enter a cross country race I will take the capsules 2 hours in advance and make sure I have a steady and long enough warm up to get the whole system balanced.  In the meantime I am sharing Sportlegs with others here in the community who are serious with their racing and training.  Thanks again for a great product. -David Turner, President, Turner Suspension Bikes, Murrieta, California

SportLegs are helping my girlfriend really get into sports this Spring.  Before last weekend's Bike New York ride through the 5 Boroughs, she'd only ridden ONE mile.  But after she experienced how easy SportLegs made late-season snowboarding this year, she bet they'd work as well for bicycling.  And they did!  42 miles, no pain on the bike, no soreness the next day.  We're telling everybody about SportLegs. -Les Saito, New York, New York

My spinning class instructor can't quite believe me.  I'm doing well, heart rate's pegged, and my legs are feeling great.  But she says, "John, you don't look like you're working hard enough!"  Well hey, that's why I take my SportLegs before every class.  Except yesterday.  I forgot to take 'em before class, and I thought I was gonna die. -John DeMasi, 20, Cornish, New Hampshire

I just got back from a weekend of bike racing, it was awesome!  I think the sporty legs (my pet name for SportLegs) really helped me in this bike race.  It was my first ever stage race and out of 27 girls I was 3rd over-all including pro racers.
  Just wait till I get in shape!!!

I got
second in the duathlon (first Master) and had the fastest bike split of all the girls which was cool.  My legs are just getting used to that second run after the bike.  I will keep you posted on the bike race this weekend.  I think the SportLegs helped me a lot.  We also went on a really tough, hilly, fast ride the day after the duathlon and I was keeping up with some really fast guys!!  Thanks for the product and I will keep testing it! -Sharon Sander, 40, U. S. Olympic Pentathlete, San Antonio, Texas

This past weekend was the Boston Marathon, at the Convention Center I used the SportLegs samples Glen Plake gave me for mountain biking.  I'm a competitive Mountain Bike World Cup Downhill racer, so I've been reluctant to tell my competition how well SportLegs works.  But I figure it's getting around, and they'll find out pretty fast.  Between holding a crouch at speed, pedaling flat-out, and absorbing huge jump landings, my quads would always burn.  Then there's the arm pump: On downhills, a lot more of your weight is on the bars, and your forearms are on fire from braking and just holding on.  SportLegs really tames the "burn" in your muscles and arms while you're riding.  That's nice when you're training, but it's critical when you're racing downhill.  Muscle pain can distract you and increase your chances of crashing.  THEN you're talking PAIN.  Even without crashing, I used to end my day with like a dozen Advil®s.  I didn't realize how much of that pain was lactic acid until I started my race day with SportLegs.  Now I can get by with one Advil®.  Or none. -John DeMasi, Cornish, New Hampshire

SportLegs works better for me than Endurox®, especially in road bike training.  My post-training recovery, which often resulted in substantial lactic acid build up, is now virtually pain-free.  My experience on the first training ride of this season says it all: I already knew SportLegs consistently cut my leg cramping by 75% during swimming, so I took three capsules before a very aggressive 50-mile group ride.  If SportLegs didn’t work for bicycling, I knew I was really going to pay for it with crippling leg pain over the following two or three days.  They worked even better than I hoped; I stayed with the pack while maintaining a good pace with far less "burn" than I would have expected.  Sure, I was tired at the end, but I did not experience the leg soreness and discomfort that would ordinarily occur either that night, or the morning after.  SportLegs clearly made the difference in my recovery.  Endurox® was adequate for short term recovery, but did not do the job for long term recovery. -Thomas "Chip" Coakley, Shaker Heights, Ohio

My own testing has been positive.  We just returned from the Sea Otter where I got to test the product for the first time and I must say that I climbed some hills that I did not think possible with a single speed (for me) when I was able to focus on pedaling and not excruciating pain.  I take 3 an hour before the ride and I can feel a notable difference with the lactic acid level in my legs.  I have been riding a single speed mountain bike on all the tests and if there is ever a time when the legs burn out it is when I cannot shift to a lower gear! -David Turner, President, Turner Suspension Bikes, Murrieta, California

I want to thank you for introducing me to your wonderful product.  I tried it on the first ride this season on my mountain bike.  Last year I rode Vulture's Knob in Wooster several times, and I could barely finish the course.  My first time out this year, I had no problems whatsoever.  I even exclaimed as I continued up one steep, long climb, "Where is this coming from?!?"  I couldn't believe it.  Even at the end of last season, I probably stopped pedaling 1/10th of the way up that hill.  On this ride I got almost all the way to the top and certainly over the steepest section.  Although my fitness level and biking technique have improved over the past several months, the lack of quad burn greatly contributed to my endurance, thus allowing me to be strong throughout the entire ride rather than limping to the end like I did previously.
     My experience with this supplement has given me the confidence to join my friends on a trip to Asheville, NC - one of the mountain biking Mecca's in the US.  I wouldn't have dreamed of going with them last year; now I know that I can keep up with them.
     Thanks again.  I can't wait to see what these pills do for me when the snow flies again, too. -Keith Bernard, Louisville, Ohio

When I’m between ski days I stay in shape by rollerblading and bike-riding.  Last weekend I went on a metric century (62+ miles) which included a steep 9.5-mile hill climb into 15-20 mph winds, among others.  A friend had given me some Sport Legs to take before and after the ride, but a last minute switch in cars to the event left the Sport Legs in the wrong car.  I experienced moderate leg cramping (quads and calves) towards the end of the big climb and I dreaded that lactic acid induced pain I expected the next day.  But as soon as I got back to my car, I took the 3 capsules (recommended dosage) and prayed.  30 hours then 36 hours passed and I escaped pain-free.  Nada.  Zip.  Nothing.  I was quite skeptical of any natural remedies (my mother having preached the virtues of herbs and vitamins for 30 years), but this first experience will definitely have me taking some Sport Legs before and after my next ski day.  I just wish I’d heard of it before my last attempt to “ski Everest” (i.e., 29,000 vertical in a day).  Sincerely, Dana Nitz, Las Vegas, Nevada

I'm a fairly serious non-professional 38 year-old athlete. My main lactic acid generators are mountain biking and telemark skiing.  As anyone who really pushes themselves physically knows, lactic acid build up is a problem.  It causes an assortment of unpleasantries: pain, suffering, cramps, decreased performance, increased recovery time, soreness- to name a few.  I've recently used Sportlegs while skiing and cycling, and it seems to really cut down on the lactic acid build up.  Taking a couple before, during and after activity worked for me.  I just started to get a feel of how many capsules to take.  The help in recovery after activity is where Sportlegs is most beneficial to me.  Now I have another arrow in my quiver to increase performance and recovery.  I'm not a big believer in "silver bullets," but the lactic acid decreasing chemical reaction that takes place in your body when Sportlegs is introduced is not magic.  It makes sense that it works.  Thanks for making a good product.  Sincerely, Brad Nichols, South Pomfret, Vermont

Besides using your product for skiing I have used it several times for long distance biking.  In fact I just used your product for a high altitude bike ride I did this weekend in the Sierras called the "Deathride"  (129 miles and 16,000 vertical feet of climbing) and it seemed to really help the lactic acid pain/buildup. -Steve McPherson, Campbell, California

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