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Muscle “burn” and soreness get worse with age.
When you were a child, sports and exercise didn’t hurt. But as you got older, you started feeling muscle “burn” during sports, and soreness the next day. They bother even young competitive athletes. And especially recreational athletes and weekend warriors after age 25. They’re why adults quit sports after their thirties. It doesn’t seem fair. Just when your favorite sports are affordable, they aren’t fun anymore.

The answer: U.S. Pat. No. 6,699,906.
We discovered that taking just the right amount of the compounds your muscles naturally exchange for energy just the right time before exercise can literally turn back time for how well your muscles perform. SportLegs capsules contain natural-source European lactate compounds. Taken a half-hour before exercise, SportLegs primes muscles to make less lactic acid in the first place. Healthy SportLegs works so well, you’ll be able to put your pain-relieving drugs away, and save them for actual injuries.

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