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The active ingredients are premium natural- source European lactate compounds of calcium and magnesium plus Vitamin D. (Lactate isn’t lactose. No dairy-source ingredients are in SportLegs.) Other ingredients to extend shelf life by preserving the delicate Vitamin D are gluten-free modified corn starch, sucrose, sodium ascorbate, dl-alpha tocopherol, vegetable oil triglycerides and silicon dioxide. These premium ingredients are packed into color-free vegetable capsules. view the label
Ordinary “cal/mag” supplements are typically carbonate, citrate, phosphate or gluconate compounds. SportLegs uses lactate (not lactose) compounds of these minerals. Lactate accounts for 86.4% of the capsules’ ingredients, and is the key to why SportLegs makes a difference you can feel in an hour, and ordinary “cal-mag” supplements don’t. tell me more
It’s not your imagination: The “burn” and the next-day soreness really do get worse with age. Just as your safe maximum heart rate declines through middle age, your Lactate Threshold (the “burn” point) declines by a percent to a percent-and-a-half each year. It’s the biggest reason people quit sports during their peak earning years. The older you get, the more you’ll appreciate how SportLegs lets you figuratively turn back the calendar. You don’t have to act your age.
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SportLegs’ ingredients have been Generally Recognized As Safe by our FDA for more than twenty years. At the appropriate body-weight dosage, the federal Institute of Medicine recognizes these ingredients as safe enough for a one-year-old. view the label
Take SportLegs one hour before sports or warmup exercise. Unlike ordinary vitamins, you don’t have to take SportLegs every day. And there’s no “loading” phase where you have to take it for a week or longer before you feel results. You’ll feel the difference in your performance an hour after your first dose. Re-dose your full weight-appropriate dose every two to three hours for sustained sports or tournaments. And a dose at the end of activity enhances recovery.
No. In fact, since SportLegs allows you to go harder, longer, it’s prudent to increase your intake of hydration and electrolyte products after taking it. We recommend Accelerade, Cytomax, or the many fine Hammer Nutrition products.
Most SportLegs users do. Even customers who are bothered by many other supplements find SportLegs is the exception to the rule. In the last nine years, only one customer has contacted us to report an upset stomach after taking SportLegs, and he admitted his symptoms just might have been caused by the liter of tequila (!) he had enjoyed the night before.

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